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Thursday, September 30, 2004

There will be anymore beach volleyball!!!
Hello everybody! I'd love to say there's been a great reason for me not blogging, but the truth is that I haven't been arsed. Yep, I'm well and truly a student again! Cannot say I've been the most productive whilst I've been in Liverpool, but nevertheless I'm having fun. Knackered, but fun. Anyway, here's the excitement I've been having.

  • Last week was the party. Quite disturbingly, I voted to dust off my bra from Hull, and dress up once again as a school girl. Hell, I needed to make an impression with the freshers, and I needed to use it at least once more. Luckily the plan was successful, as I offered a "You can feel mine if I can feel yours" stipulation on my boobs (rolled up socks). You wouldn't believe how many times it worked.
  • Got up ridiculously early on Sunday (half 11) to try and recruit freshers to the bowling club. We got about 140 people interested, of which, 40 people turned up for the bowling day on Wednesday. Unfortunately, 0 people came for the social. Miserable bastards.
  • Apart from that, my life has been spent drinking, studying and playing Tiger Woods 2005. I'd love to say "I've been living the hedonistic life as a student" (which, I think I did say to Jake when he spoke to me online), but I really really havent.
  • Oh, we did get wireless in the house this week. That's pretty cool, if slightly disturbing that the hub er.....pulsates.
  • Want to know where the title comes from? Click here for the Cheat Commandos!
  • Right, certain people had been pestering me to blog, so I hope your happy with this. It was just a quickie to say I'm not dead. Yet.

    Keep the faith.


    Sunday, September 12, 2004

    Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF, I have got a serious, Geek issue
    "Rhys!" They said, "You cannot have a girlfriend and Linux. It's unheard of! One or the other, you decide!".

    Guess which one I got?

    Yep, Linux.

    Okay, not quite that level. Yet.
    Red Hat to be exact.

    Yep, sorry to be a geek. But I had to get it. The Computer Science classes in uni was going so far over my head it was almost in orbit, talking about /root and -ll's and other technological bullcrap. So I thought, hell - I can't beat them (pity), so I'll join them. I'll join the guy with the ponytail covered in grease. The 21 year old with a beard you could get lost in, and the ULEPS ("University of Liverpool Extreme Programmers Society").

    Hell, my romantic life is used to it by now. It went downhill when I went to watch WWE, when I rejoined IRC. It can take one more blow for the team, I suppose.

    So is it worth it?

    Well, unsure. Been playing around with it for a bit, but it seems a little too airy fairy for me. Too much faffing around. Oooh, this is pretty. Does fuck all, but it's pretty. That kind of thing.

    Anyway, doesn't matter, because I'm dual booting.

    Incidentally, if there is any woman out there who is turned on by a man with a dual booting PC, let me know. Please.

    Other Random Shite
    As you can probably tell, either I've been ridiculously busy or couldn't be arsed updating. Well, it's (for once) the former. What with work and a few little side projects dominating my time. Unfortunately, I don't get paid to blog, and these side projects are slowly lowering my overdraft. So this site has taken a back seat. However, next Tuesday is my glorious return to Liverpool and - with the added bonus of a dual-booting system - I will be all about blogging. Why? My life will be more exciting. Here are a few things I want to do this year in university.

  • Curteosy of b3ta issue 150:-
    "ICE-CREAM TRICK - play ice-cream van jingles loudly in your car whilst driving through an estate, filming the resultant confused children who flock to the roadside."

    - b3ta Issue 150

    Is it only me who thinks this is a great idea?
  • We were talking about doing a mural to the legendary Karl Vain painted on our student house. Wouldn't mind getting that started.
  • Oh, and I really should do some work somewhere.
  • Anyway, think what I'm trying to say is that the updates for the forseeable future will be sparodic. Like you care.

    Keep the faith.


    Friday, September 03, 2004

    The Wanderers Return
    Again, my life seems to be stuck in a rut at the moment. So instead, some more random funnies and stories I've observed over the last few days.

    My sexy new phone!
  • I've bought a new mobile phone, a Nokia 3410. Regular readers would remember my old phone, a Nokia 3510i, bit silicon dust after the England vs. Wales game in the six nations. Nevertheless, I still managed to flog it on ebay. I so rule. Anyway, my phone is not quite upto the same standard as my old one (for one, no colour screen, or MMS capabilities, which suddenly became a major feature a few days back, what with Rick going to Leeds. Arses). Truth be told, it's just a stop gap before getting a new phone.

    Why am I telling you all this? Well, with new phone came sim card, which is now on eBay. Make me a rich man.

  • Speaking of eBay, I've become quite a sad eBay stalker. I've started getting usernames of friends and family, and seeing what they have been buying. I don't see anything wrong with this, au contraire, I see this as useful. For one, it avoids any potential embarrassing 'oooh, I've already got one of them' Christmas deals. It also is handy should I wish to borrow summit off me mates, which they've got. So, in the guilt of the world vs. Rhys Wynne, I'm innocent. Ebay stalking is - until further notice - not illegal.
  • Random phone call we got in the Welsh Mountain Zoo yesterday: "Hello, is that Aberdeen Football Club?". For those of you who are unaware, she (yes, she. You think a man'd mistake directions that much?) was this far out
  • DVD's I have been watching recently: Coupling. Basically, it's Friends but British. Which makes it cool, as I must be the only person on this planet who hates Friends. It's shite! I'm sorry, but when the 4 most used words on a sitcom are 'Like....oh my gawd!', it's not worth watching. Coupling is Friends done good.
  • It seems blogging is cool once again! Not only did yesterday herald the much waited return of Max, but - completely out of the blue - The Imperial Doughnut - returned. Excellent!
  • Finally, I'd like to make an apology to a Mr. Wayne Rooney. He is not - as I have said on many occasions - an ugly twat who is vastly overrated. He is a quality central midfielder/forward, and will go onto great things. May I wish him the best of luck at Manchester United.
  • Right, I've got quite a busy but exciting day today, so I'm off. More info about it soon. Aren't you lucky?

    Keep the faith.


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