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Monday, September 30, 2002

A Lost Sense of Belonging
Today was very tiring as the 5am start proved. I havealso been very hungry. However, that was put right with a double beefburger + onions. Now, I am so full that I have been drifting off to sleep in many of my lectures today. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Something I did notice on my return from work today was the proud sense of belonging many people have in this place, and how I don't share that. There are T-Shirts, Jackets, Hoodies, Airtex tops, fleeces and other articles of clothing featuring the Liverpool University Logo. However, while these are cool (and rather expensive) the best (and I think the cheapest) are the Airtex tops with what department they are in, be it Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics, Sociology, Crap American Studies and many more. What I want to know is why CMMS students don't get them. Admittedly, there are well over 200 of us, but that's beside the point. They do look really smart. Weird isn't it? Spend your first 18 years of education wanting to get out of your school uniform, the minute you leave, you want one (literaly! The day we arrived were holding a ball in Mountford Hall, needless to say Asda's George label did swift business on shirts + ties before the evening).

That leads me to what I have been thinking. Wouldn't it be cool if I ring Sibley or Mole and see if they have similar tops for Nottingham or Leicster respectively. Then, come Christmas, I get one of those tops in exchange of a UofL top? Major hilarity!

Also, the JJ72 tickets arrived on Saturday, so all that is needed is the exchangement of £13 from me to Goz for me to have them. Excellent.

Speak to you all soon


Guess Who's Back...back again?
Hiya everyone! As you know I've started university in Liverpool, so I'm not sure how well I can keep this up. But, since I've finished freshers week where, contrary to Goz and Fletch, I haven't spent shit loads of cash and time getting drunk, I should have a little more free time well, not free, just time which I could be out, but due to my bank balence, it's time just sitting in my room drinking water. As I cannot remember much on my arrival, I'll talk a little bit about it, then onto any events I do. This is because I don't know when I'll find a disk that works with both this computer (a state of the art P75, nonetheless), and the one's more importantly connected to the internet. I suppose I could type out the whole of my posts in the computer room, but that'd mean I'd do it in HTML, which I can do, but I just cannot be arsed. Posts will be in chronological order in this post.

Freshers Week
Tuesday afternoon arrival, and sure enough no sooner had I arrived then I saw Simon in the dinner hall. Food is pretty good, but they don't give you too much drink to drink besides water. Eating all sorts of junk at mealtimes but not really too much during the day. I spend more time in the R+G (R+G is another hall on the Greenbank campus, ours is the D+R, both are pretty much the same) bar than in our D+R bar, as I prefer it there. Went out Saturday to a place called Fudge (I think), wasn't too good a place but it was free entry. I think that now I'll spend my evenings in the student guild in Liverpool, as I much prefer it there. People are incredibly nice on our floor, but they can be a bit noisy late at night (and don't they know I hate that). Haven't signed upto anything yet, and I haven't pulled or even come close to pulling. Quite frankly, I couldn't care, as I am enjoying myself. A fact that Dimps and Sibley would be pleased to hear is that I have become a bitter drinker, due to it being rediculously cheap down in the bar. Anyway that's all I can think of to talk about Freshers, so I'll shut up, but believe me, I'm having the time of my life.

September 25th 2002
Yesterday, Tom came over from back home. This meant that we had to go out the old Colwyn Bay lot, as well as a few other people. We went to a club called R.S.V.P., which wasn't too bad. Much better than Broadway, and a hell of a lot cheaper. When we were there, my best mate from my course, and probably in the university (bar my ex school mates), who is coincedentally also called Tom, it was his birthday as well. Also, I have been sleeping all day due to the fact that I probably won't get too much sleep tonight as it's a student night out and my floor is notorious for noise. Last night I slept from 2 until 7 and I considered that one of my better nights sleep I've had since I've got here. Although, I'm begginning to think Ivona (our hall monitor) is begginning to cotton on to the problem and is taking action. I haven't decided what to do about it, as it's driving me insane. Either one or two of these things:-

  • Swap rooms: At the moment there are no spare rooms, although I think I've found someone willing to swap rooms, only problem is that he himself hasn't been in much, and I don't think he's warming to the idea too much. He did at the begginning, but now he's being a little more apprehensive. However, looking at his room, he loves the size of mine, and I think his room is great just for the location (quiet area, overlooking the playing fields, which are dead at night).
  • Commute from home: Possible and a hell of a lot cheaper than the £83 a week I'm paying for this room. Only trouble being is that I need to decide by this Friday if I am to take that option, otherwise I will have to go through a long administration process to get me out of this room. Also, on a personal reason, I don't really want to do that, as it means that I will lose the important social aspect of university, and also some days (like today) I only have one lecture. It seems a bit pointless therefore to come from home for one lecture. However, the way I feel at the moment, and should it fall through my deal of swapping rooms, it may be my only choice.
  • Complain. Yeah, I have been to various people, and last night security did come out and sort out the music problem (even before I had gotten in from my night out), but it still continues. I don't want to complain too much as people are beggining to wonder if any one of my purposes on this earth IS to have fun, and not to ruin everybody elses. I do like the music they listen to, however, not at approaching 5 in the morning, and at full blast.
  • Sit it out until Christmas. I've given an ultimatum to various people. Either the noise situation improves or I'm leaving at Christmas time. Quite a funny ultimatum mind, as the way some people around here are going I cannot see them still being here at Christmas, through one reason or another.
  • Go home most weekends. A possibility and probably one of the most logical. By leaving here most weekends, I can pick up some much needed sleep at home, get as much washing done as possible, and save a little bit of money due to me not going out as much through the weekend (usually, and last night, it is about £10-£11 a night out, back home you can do a cheap night out on a fiver, although it's not always possible). Also, weekends here are very quiet anyway, and you usually spend vast amounts of money just looking for something to do. By heading off home, I can be with many friends who haven't gone to university, and also guarentee at least 8-9 hours of sleep a day. Come here during the week, study hard, go out sometimes, and repeat until Christmas. However, I don't think my dad would warm too much to that idea mind, but I don't care.

However, it's not all doom + gloom. I love the course I am studying, it's great. Also, I have met some nice people (even on my floor) and I do get on with a lot of people. Only trouble is really noise, and it's affecting both my social and academical abilities at this university. Reason being that many of my starts are 9am (except for Wednesday and Thursday) and therefore I usually (and I did it today) don't concentrate as much as I'd like to in the lecture. Tomorrow isn't too bad (we got a 2 hour lecture then a 1 hour lecture on "Internet Skills", it's going to be Friday, with it's 9 until 5 lectures (8 hours!) that will probably kill me. Plus, I am going home this weekend, so I can get much of my washing done, and also see my family. Although I've spoken to them every day, it'll be great to see them, as I miss them immensely.

September 26th 2002
Today was seemingly a repeat of everything I've known for a long time. Today we talked about programming in HTML in the "Internet Skills" lecture, which is okay if you haven't done it, but seeing how I have spent nearly the last 5 years designing web pages (starting in Year 9 on the Atari ST.), it was relatively straightforward. Only problem being the homework, where I had to define HTML, tags, web browser, and a few other terms. I haven't really thought too much about it mind, just concerned me a little. Anyway, it should be in a big book we got today.

Tomorrow I'm going home for the weekend! Yeah, I'm packing my bags (of washing) and leaving the Uni to it's own devices for the weekend. I am actually quite looking forward to going home, as I need a bit of a break. Quite by sheer dead end irony, but it could be that this post may be posted AFTER the one where I am at home, due to it being a bugger to find a 3.5" floppy (don't say anything). Anyway, it seems like most of the Bay lot are going home, as Fletch is heading back tomorrow and Debs has already gone home (that's what you get for finishing on a Wednesday, think she may have a job at home also!). To be honest, I think I'll spend most weekends at home, because I do get a bit homesick at times, plus on Saturday I miss Time Tunnel, so therefore I DO get some sleep!

Keep the faith


Sunday, September 29, 2002

Buggering Sundays....
I had a blinking long post about Europe's excellent win in the ol' Ryder Cup, however, and I know this a likely story, but as I was posting it, Windows and Freeserve Anytime decided I hadn't seen the fabled "Blue Screen of Death" today, and proceeded to display it. Bugger. So this is a temporary (although it probably will be permanent, as I cannot be arsed to write it again) post about the Ryder Cup.


I think that's got my point across, don't you think?

Right, I must be off now, as I have a train to catch tomorrow at 6:40am, and then 3 lectures and a tutorial. Woe is me.


And Just when you thought it was all okay....
Bleeding Popstars are #1 again. I liked the Pink song, as she is the sort of "Pop" I like. Artists that are NOT forced down our throats 24/7. While I have no problem with Messers Young and Gates, I'm sure they love their mothers and wouldn't eat babies, but when compared to the might of the gods amongst men Oasis, they are not fit to drink their piss. Sorry, but as far as I'm concerned, Little By Little is justifiably the second best song on Heathen Chemistry (behind "Stop Crying Your Heart Out"), Songbird is a simple but brilliant track and My Generation is an excellent cover, and example to how songs should be 'covered'. Not 'murdered'. The Long and Winding Road was a hell of a song for the Beatles. It should of stayed that way, not ruined by wannabees who voices are NOT suited to that type of song. They can sing, but not as good as their record bosses think.

By the way, I've decided to jazz up my page with a little picture here + there, although probably not too many, as when in uni, I doubt I can't browse for pictures than I can do at home.

Finally, I have become addicted to the Ryder Cup. I have found myself screaming "GO IN THE WATER! SHOW THAT TIGER WHAT'S EUROPEAN GOLFERS ARE LIKE!". I am watching it out of the corner of my eye at the moment, and I don't know who's won, so please, don't spoil it.

Back to Uni I go tomorrow.

C U All


You don't know what you've got until it's gone
God bless the internet. Without it, a lot of people's talents would go unnoticed, yes there is a lot of shit out there, but sift through it and there are some varied people. Without the internet, people's talents would go unnoticed. Be your talent music, writing, poetry, art, cartoons, designing web pages, programming or the rather untalented ability to have sex in front of a camera without blushing, the internet showcases all of this talent (although as previously mentioned, the dubiousness of the last one cannot be ignored). Of course, you only really notice a small part of this unless your interest lies in that field (and if you're interest lies in the last one, get out more), but should your talent be the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop, then by god you will be noticed. Like I was when I programmed Donkey Kong VP (man, that was scary), or any other of my games that seemed to get recognised. Which brings me to the point, I miss programming games because, by god, I wasn't half bad at them.

What brings me to this impromptu post? This morning I have been playing The Square Game, for those of you who don't know, it was my most complete game. While making it, I grew to annoy me at times, and when released, I was happy to see the back of it. However, after playing it this morning, I realise why I started it, why Sibley (who has only once E-mailed me from Nottingham, GET IN TOUCH MATE! I WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU ARE DOING! Probably enjoying himself too much) boastingly has every single version of it on his computer (I haven't even got all the versions on mine) and why numerous "1000 Great Windows Games" shareware authors are gagging me to put it on their disks, because it is certainly my most professional game, and most complete game ever. Nobody's heard of it in Uni, which is a shame. Although I am dying for people to find out about it. Oh well, major pimpage time is upon us!

In a few short hours, I'll be back in Liverpool University, after thoroughly enjoying my weekend at home. Back to work I guess. Still, it should be fun, and I (should) still make it to the student bar tonight, to catch up on what's been going down (and believe me, with so many students in one place, a lot of things will be going down!). Also, I go back safe in the knowledge that many people who I am friends with who aren't going to university with are planning to come and visit us. Happy days ensured for all concerned!

As previously mentioned, I am going to post my freshers week post either today or tomorrow.

With Arms Wide Open.


Saturday, September 28, 2002

Back So Soon....
Well, I've decided not to go out tonight, for the simple reason that hell I am a student, and also the train strike means that I maybe not get a ride home tomorrow. I think I will, but it's probably going to cost me a bit. Haven't really worked out how I should get home (hell, I'm a student, I'll jump that hurdle when I get to it). Plus forsaking a night out tonight means I can go out next weekend when everybody is going out.

What? You misheard me?

Yeah, I'm probably going to try and get home every weekend (at least for the time being). The reasoning behind this is simple, even someone doing a BA in C.A.S. could understand it (heh heh).

Why give it up ALL in one go? Maybe I need a little bit of security. Even though it was only for a few minutes, I thoroughly enjoyed my phone call to Wiz, catching up a bit on all that's being going on (mainly with me to be honest), I liked the fact that Tom stayed for a night up in Liverpool, I love the fact that Goz, Fletch, Debs and Nez are up in Liverpool with me, and a few other people are in and around the city (my brother said that he spoke to Huw, one of my old workmates, and he said he saw me yesterday). I was wrong with my analogy a fortnight ago saying about how I won't know anybody in Liverpool, because I seem to been bumping into people I know all the time. I love the security of familiarity. Sure, one day I'll know Liverpool like the back of my hand, but I don't at the moment, and seeing as how life around here is still pretty cool, why change it.

I would of loved to go out tonight, but not in the small group we were planning today. We needed at least about 5 or 6 of us, not 3. When we do oh ho....have I got some stories to tell. Although, I'm sure Fletch will relay them to Tom and maybe Sian tonight, in his own little degrodetory-towards-me way.

Finally, I bought some 3.5" floppies today, so, although using a floppy disk to back up data is like Russian bleeding Roulette, I will get my rather large post up about Freshers week and the few days after (although I cannot seem to remember much about the week, I did speak a lot about a few days). So jobsa goodunn!

Speak to you all soon


I have survived freshers week, and wrote a bit about the last two weeks. Only problem being it's on my university computer rather than this one, so I have been unable to post about it. This post is letting people know I am NOT dead, and I am coming back to the blogging world. What capacity yet I don't know. However, it's bound to be good, isn't it?

Soon to be back


Tuesday, September 17, 2002

A dedication
This post is dedicated to all my friends and everybody who I have shared the last two years of my life with. If that doesn't include you, please move on.

I am writing this close to tears now. Maybe it's the alcohol, or maybe the two years of not showing my emotions has finally caught up to me. Either way, I am an emotional wreck at the moment. I cannot write more than two words without bursting into tears. I'm terrible at the moment. Why? Probably because of the apprehension of tomorrow, but more likely that the last two years have been fucking incredible. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and I would gladly go through the torment of results day and also A Levels just to go through the social life aspect once again.

Maybe it's just me, I'm terrible at moving on, meeting new people, but I've envisioned this night for many years (since about year 9 actually), where I'd have to take all my friends, put them to one side, and get on with my life. Although now it's happened, I'd never picture it to be like this. To be honest, you would all be completely different people. Also, you are all twice the people I envisioned.

So this is it, goodbye. I know I'll see hopefully all of you at Christmas, hopefully all a bit sooner (I've got a sleeping bag so if you'd like to sleep on my floor, you'd just let me know). But I must finish now, what looks like a 2 to 3 minute read to you has taken me half an hour. Every single one of you who has at least spoken to me in the past two years (bar a few exceptions, though they'll never read this :D) is a wonderful human being, and will go on well to do whatever you'd love to do. I just wish I could spend more and more of my life with you all, as after all of the trouble in the world, you all shine a light into my life. I hope I've done the same to you. This is the first time I've cried since my hamster died in year five in primary school, and it certainly is the most emotional moment for me ever, although maybe I'm acting stupid, knowing me.

Tomorrow I start university, and if I can find one person in the sea of humanity tomorrow, who is a tenth of the character of any of you here, then I know that I will be just fine.

All I want to say is for all of you who have enhanced my life with your presence, thank you very much, and I hope to see you again.

Goodbye my friends


Monday, September 16, 2002

In a bit....
If you've been following my blog closely, you will know that tomorrow, I am off to university in Liverpool. While I am apprehensive, I understand that it needs to be done. However, this does mean that I am unsure of what sort of computer facilities there are there. This does mean that I am unsure when (or indeed if) I can update this blog anymore.

Hell, don't feel bad, out of all my online exploits, this blog is going to be the one I will continue with out of them all. I've stopped programming in Blitz, and pretty much fell out of all the forums I have been in, out of pure necessity (bar two forums, the blitz one because of all the friends there, and also a private one with all my mates on it.). I am probably going to quit going onto IRC, and also online gaming (although I would love to get a network game of Civilization going :D). These last two years especially has been a massive roller coaster, in it I have made loads of good friends, and had ups, and downs. Some times have been enjoyable, some have been upsetting, some hard times, and other times (one in-particular, but that's for another time) downright scary. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute, and I'd do it again if I had the chance.

I'd like to think that either in my programming, my thoughts in this blog, or just being bloody weird, I have touched as many lives as possible, and I know I've touched many, with the joy that my games bring to some people. To be honest, that gives me more satisfaction than any amount of money ever would.

At this time, I'd like to thank anybody who has supported me either in my personal life (especially Sibley, Mole, Goz, Wiz, Tom, Fletcher, Sian, Dimps, Elfy, Balti, Clare, John Boy, Dickson, Katie, Nez, Nat, Rach Lee, Rach Nye, Debbie, Ruth, Jason, Adam and Noel. I know there's more, but I've just scanned my MSN List at this time! Anyway, every single one of you are great), or anybody who has took the time out to write me an e-mail of encouragement or support. You all have helped me learn and program quality games. Every single one means a lot to me, and I have printed out all of them and stuck them into a folder, so that should I need encouragement, I read a couple.

To be honest this may be an anti-climax. I hope it is, I'd love to talk about the university life, and how I am getting on, with (on the whole) a new group of people to share my life with. Of course, I'll keep in touch with many people as possible. But I you cannot have enough allies. However, this is just covering the worst in that I will never post in here again. I hope I will, it may be every few weeks when I'm home for the weekend, it may be everyday. I just hope that I can do so.

Anyway, goodbye for the time being, and I'll see you all sometime.

Keep the faith


Saturday, September 14, 2002

When will I, will I be famous....
Just thinking a lot about university at the moment. Quietly contemplating what it is, and what even could of been. To be honest, I am sort of like that apprehensive, disillusioned 5 year old sprog who has been messing about all year, and while waiting for Christmas to come, is worried that Santa would leave him a lump of coal. I am excited yes, but I don't lose sleep over it, and it is scary to think just what might happen. It's very different than from round here. In the North Wales areas of Colwyn Bay and Llandudno due to the distinct lack of pubs (about 4 or 5 major ones) and also the total population, everybody knows everybody. I was in Llandudno Weathers where the guy who lives across the road from me tapped me on my shoulders and said hi. While you organise to go out with friends, should they be late, or, horror of horrors, not show up, doesn't mean we have a crap night out, as you are bound to know somebody who is out who you get on with and you don't mind tagging along. 

One of my better nights out of the last year occurred in Llandudno, and was completely unplanned. We were planning on playing snooker, and there was six of us. There were no tables left so we went into Llandudno. Me and Sibley didn't get in anywhere, but we sat outside the Cottage Loaf (an old style pub near Weathers, with a totally different atmosphere, as it usually has music playing and such). It was where we met Laura and Jill, who are in the year below us, and we know because we did prefect duty with them. I drunk quite a bit, and they vouched for this, I was on form as far as comments and witty remarks go. 

However, this will be impossible in Liverpool due to the number of people living in the city. Though the cultural aspect is much much better, I do believe that the chances of meeting people on a night out is slim, thus sticking you with the same group of people.

However, I could be very, very wrong, I really don't know what to expect.

The other thing that worries me about university is that everybody seems to have very high opinions of me saying "I am going to make so much money" etc. A lot of people in Londis said that to me today, and quite honestly, I'm not so sure. While yes I am going into a business hopefully that's rich and I do enjoy sitting in front of these things, I'm not sure that quite correleates into a couple of million quid. You need a little bit of luck. So please, if anybody is going to say "I am going to be the suprise millionaire of the world" please don't. It's quite embarrassing and I'd hate to dissappoint you.

I would love to prove you all right mind ;)

Today, in work, I found Rick to be a bit of a piss-head at the moment. Whilst I was in Chester, he was in Llandudno having the time of his life. Although his liver hasn't adapted yet to the adequate levels of yours truly, apparently he pushed the boat out and had two Smirnoff Ice's. However, by doing so, he has forever signaled him to be a puff, by drinking girlie drinks. I have therefore spent the evening trying to wean him onto bitter or lager. None seems to be working. However, he does like cider, so that's a bonus. Still makes him look like a Tom though :D.

Speak to you soon


Big ups about nothing
Yesterday was my last day working in the Zoo. As previously mentioned, I have been asked back next year, so I'm sure I'll see some people again next year. One of the main topics (besides the very morally destroying fact that I am the only person who was working there yesterday who is NOT going to see Oasis today) was my impending trip to Chester, and any good places to go.

In the end, we went, and I wasn't enjoying myself much. Sure, Weathers was okay, and we found a shot bar called "Off the Wall" which was an fun and happening place, which was fantastic. However, after that, the last three hours went a bit pear shaped. We went to the Loaf (same club we went to the time before) and it wasn't half as good as before. Also, some people (who I DON'T care to name names) did spoil the evening for everybody else, that's all I'm prepared to say in this blog.

Also, the driver was terrible on the way back. He was swerving. Now, I know I may seem like a little hypocritical, after all, I am unable to drive myself. But we paid good money for that coach, and seen as we were dropped off about a mile away from home, I felt a little ripped off. Especially with two cripples in our group, one with a broken ankle, the other with a recently surgically repaired knee.

I felt last night I learned quite a bit about myself, and what I like and don't like. This will stand me in good stead in university (3 days away!) as I now believe I am set in my ways, and cannot be pressurized into dong something I don't want to. I am set in my ways, and, although I will try everything once (except drinking varnish, and about a dozen moronic things) I will not be forced to do anything. So help me God.

Finally, big ups to Sibley. He has a house now in Nottingham with two other people. I am so happy that he has it all sorted, as he deserves a degree and everything running smoothly for him more than anyone.

Speak to you soon


Thursday, September 12, 2002

We (don't) have a winner...
The results have been announced for's stupidest game competition. My entry, Lizzie's Jubilee Manager, I had relative high hopes for. I thought it could maybe creep into the top 3.

It didn't.

Shame, as I would of liked a Blitzcoder T-Shirt or poster, to further increase my nerdy image. Why I didn't win? Well, put it simply, LJM was crap. I freely admit, it's way down my favourite game lists. I thought it would be a good idea, and it didn't come through. Never mind.

In other news, after a long day in work, I was asked if I can come back soon. I'm leaving the job in the Zoo tomorrow, and despite some early reservations, I have thoroughly enjoyed. It is so much easier than Londis, and the people are friendlier. I've gained not only a much better financial base for university, but also a lot of confidence, and overcome my fear of washing dishes ;). When she (Kim, my boss) asked if I would be willing to come back next year or in October, I accepted with open arms. So, not only have I got a few hundred in the bank, but next year, if I start early enough (say June for example) I will have a nice amount for my much harder second year, hopefully earning enough to put me in a similar situation I am in now, and that is where it is unessential for me to work during term time, so I can concentrate on my studies, and more importantly, my social life. Job security, and the offers are flowing in for Penfordd Deg, things are looking up for me.

Tomorrow there will be a distinct lack of posts. This is due to me going to Chester with my mates, in the usual minibus hiring night out. Fantastic, if only for one reason. Some (by no means a lot) of the people on that bus tomorrow I will never see again, so Rhys' rise into maturity continues.

There are some people that I wish to never see again (none on the bus tomorrow), mainly an annoying little twat by the name of Jamie, who is scally as scally can be, and begs me to "Buy booze", or "Get him into clubs". He also says that I "Don't get any" and I "should consider thrashing off". Usually, I don't let it get to me, but he is a moron. He is a year below my brother, and he is a Certified, Grade-A, Paid With Privileges Asshole. So, Jamie, if your IQ of 50 can get you to switch on the computer, and you stop looking at the porn long enough, and somehow stumble your way onto this, let me just say this. You are a prick.

Sorry bout that, before I leave not only do I want to burn bridges with him, I want to burn the cheap and nasty shell suit he lives in, with him in it.

Sorry once again people. Just wanted to vent my spleen.

See you all around.


Preceded Reputation
Last night, I did the time honoured tradition of heading out to Weatherspoons, and (thankfully, I wasn't tempted by the fruit machines) had a very good, and cheap night out. Although I didn't spend much money (maybe Dad's penny saving nature is coming out in me, at last), I still had a few drinks, and had a blast. One thing I noticed that seemed to emphasize how fast news travel.

There was a guy from Rydal who knew both Simon and Tom. He was called Owen. He was dead friendly and had a brilliant sense of humour. However, this was our introduction:-

"And you are?" Pointing to me.
"Oh, aren't you six doors away from Goz?"

And there you have it. I have a reputation not as being "Excellent programmer", "Bloody Nice Bloke", "Two time PCW Award Winner"e, "Former =FP= Regular" or "Creative Genius" but as a "someone who's six doors away from Goz". People were coming upto me in Llandudno last week and asking me "are you REALLY eight doors away from Goz?". To be honest, I've been in the Zoo for the last week, and I get the same questions over and over again, so I am used to repeating myself. Almost to a fine art. However, this question annoys me, I AM NOT A REPUTATION! I AM A HUMAN BEING! (No disrespect at all to Goz I should mention at this time, as it's not his fault at all. He I feels doesn't like this labeling as much as I don't, although we do like it out.)

Speaking of the Zoo, something at the Zoo makes me sick to my stomach. No, not the peeling of forks from left over cold Yorkshire Pudding rinds, not the removal of the Oil under the chip pan. No no. The one thing is the way that some (not all by any stretch of the imagination) treat their kids.

We sell Ice-Creams and lollies. Varying prices of ice creams varying from 55p (Mr. Men lollies) to £1.50 (Mega Truffle Ice Creams). What really makes me ill is mothers demanding (quite forcibly) that their children should have the cheapest ice-creams so they can have the more expensive ones. It does irk me a bit. I'd understand if the mothers had similar or cheaper lollies, but to go ridiculously expensive (relatively) it just doesn't sit with me. I am a fair man, if someone buys me a drink, I'd buy one back, so seeing this just doesn't agree with what I stand for. It's not everybody, just a very small minority. I dunno, it's probably just me.

I've actually got about a thousand and one things to write about, but today has been busy for Dad (he's started getting offers in from Penfordd Deg) so I'll probably write it when he goes off to bed or summit.

Speak to you soon


Wednesday, September 11, 2002

May the world be peaceful soon.
I guess it would be wrong if I didn't post a little about 9/11. So I'm going to talk about this day last year......

September 11th 2001, I remember waking up early for me (about half 6) and switching on the TV. Breakfast News was on and Richard Branson, who was planning to go to mainland Europe on the UK's behalf to campaign to the European Court of Human Rights about the prices of cars in this country. In the end, I went down to the train station in Colwyn Bay, as I was ready to go to Leeds University, to have a look around.

I arrived at the station at about 7:30, and Goz was already there, the train arrive, ironically a Virgin, and we left for the trip to Leeds, with one 1/2 hour stop in Manchester. To be honest, the journey was pleasant, I just sat and read the paper that Goz bought (Daily Star, an unusual choice) while he listened to his minidisk. The train from Colwyn Bay to Manchester was nowhere near as packed as the one from Manchester to Leeds. Probably due to the open day.

So the open day started, my first talk was at about midday, where Goz's was at the same time. I took my seat in the lecture hall. We basically got gist of the course, and my ego went through the roof when I was the only person in there with prior C++ knowledge beforehand (although very little, I may add). To be honest, I don't think I'd like the course there. Some of the people in that room scared me. After the lecture was finished, I took a seat on a bench and had my packed lunch. Feeling my ego could do with a bit of a battering, and also that Goz doesn't finish his talk until 2, I decided to sit through the Mathematics lecture. Some Asian guy sitting next to me made a lot of notes about the course and details, and the lecture lasted for about 1/2 hour, and after we got "fun sheets" to fill in for about quarter of an hour. Luckily, about a couple of minutes into these sheets, I got a text off Goz, telling me to come to the bus, we're going to the station. I gladly oblige. We stopped the bus outside the station, got off, and immediately went into the adjoining Wetherspoons for a bite to eat. Goz had a bitter and Chili and Chips. I played safe and stuck with Coke and chips [Edit: Nowadays I'd join Goz with a pint :)]. After that, we decided to head home, as it was 3.

On the way, we heard in the four seats opposite us that one of the World Trade Centers towers have been hit. Although details were sketchy at the time (we were overhearing another conversation) it seemed pretty definite.

"You hear that Rhys?"
"One of the Twin Towers has been hit by a plane"

Me, pretending that I wasn't overhearing the conversation, went all wide eyed, and my mouth opened. To be honest, I don't watch the news much, as it at times depresses me. Couple that with my lackluster knowledge of Geography, History and Current Affairs, I hold my hand up and admit that this time yesterday, I didn't know what the World Trade Center was. Such level of ignorance I have.

Gozzard then proceeded to speak to me about the Towers, giving me an education in them that only an A Level Geographer could, saying such things as "I cannot imagine the New York Sky without them". I, being me, while shocked, didn't think it was too big of a deal.

Only when we got to Manchester did we understand what had happened. People were listening to radios in the middle of the station, talking to people they'd never knew before existed, all talking about the attacks, and shaking their head. Goz and I, I had started to accept them a bit more, talked about what the attacks meant to the world, and, more importantly, how we could stop them again.

I always look at the bright side of things, I am a very optimistic person, who believes in the "Schroder's Cat" theory (nothing is dead unless it's seen dead). However I was struggling to see anything good at all about this, only thing I remember saying was "They're gonna get them", a lot. The train from Manchester home was awful for me, not only because it was hot, not only was that it was 2 hours, but everybody was talking about it, from high flying businessmen to old ladies. In situations like that, sometimes I'd like to just curl up, and hope everything goes away.

It didn't, so I just stared out of the window, for two hours.

Finally I got to Colwyn Bay, and Aled said "You've heard the news.". I didn't answer. Mum said "You wouldn't believe Alun (Mum always called Dad by his first name), he's acting like an idiot. He said to Al that he wouldn't be alive at Christmas". I broke my silence. "That's a bit sick, isn't it? I mean, who's going to attack Colwyn Bay?". I found my optimistic area. I had something to talk about. No matter what has happened today, I'm safe and everybody I share my daily experiences are safe. Little consolation for over 1000 dead, but it was something that helped me regain my voice.

I arrived home at about 6, and immediately sat down in front of the TV. Dad, ominously, gave his "You won't be here at Christmas" which is complete baloney. Dad, unlike me, is a pessimist as they come. To him, everybody he cared about had a big nuke over their heads, and the rope was breaking.

Dinner, understandably, was a solemn affair. Mum tried desperately to break it, but my Dad wouldn't have none of it.

"Maybe now I can see a change of scenery on the net" I thought. It's not that I'm insensitive, just that whenever things like that happen, and I run out of things to say, I generally just try and find means of escape, or signes of normality. To me, the Internet seemed like one. Yahoo, 9/11. E-fed's, 9/11. Blitz, 9/11. Fantasy Footy, 9/11. I almost gave up, when I went into my IRC rooms. Notably the clan's [EDIT: "The Clan" referred to =FP=, a bloody good Team Fortress clan I was in for a time being late last year, something like 20th in the UK. I managed to fluke my way into it, as I was nowhere near as good as any other player there, I just was a regular as clockwork, and they let me joined. Although I resigned around Christmas time]. Finally, my sense of normality was found.

"Hey Rayven [EDIT: My handle in the clan]. We got a game tonight, want to play?"
"Sure, count me in"

Anyway I'm off to play DDT in a few minutes, so I'll be off. See you all later.

May the world be peaceful soon.


Okay, so it was by no means the most sensitive 9/11 post ever (and it is edited), but I found sensitivity hard. Today made me think about the whole day again, and more importantly, see how much has my life changed. I feel I am more compassionate person directly because of the attacks, and nowhere near as shy, and that I feel IS a direct result of the attacks.

Today I felt that I was more emotional than when the plane's hit. I don't know. 3000 is just a number, but reading out every name, and remembering all their families, friends and colleagues were affected, it almost broke me into tears, and believe me, I haven't cried in ages.

Also, what is important to remember is that it was a year ago, and the eventful year I have had. This time last year I had a BBC in A/S, hadn't started to play the guitar, still getting chucked out of pubs, hopeful to going to Leeds University, and my Taid was still with us. This year I have BCD in my A's, okay on the guitar, legal in most pubs, and I am off to Liverpool Uni in little over a week. Life changes, and moves on. That what I liked about Smackdown, although criticized about the show after 9/11. It was a good show, because not only was it poignant and sensitive in remembering, it was an act of defiance, telling the terrorist world that "We won't stop, nothing can prevent us from normality".

The scars of the attack will probably never heal. All who have lost will be missing something from the rest of their lives, but by showing that we CAN continue in life, and are ABLE to leave relative normality is one sign of defiance that shows that we cannot be beaten. As the saying goes, "What doesn't kill us can only make us stronger". Yes, remember 9/11/2001, 1:36 GMT as the moment the world changed forever. We must remember things like that, it hurt every sane, diplomatic person in the world. However we must continue in life for all it's worth, as if last year's events have taught us anything, Life is for Living.

Remembering you all.


Tuesday, September 10, 2002

We don't need Oxygen....
It's official, I have just gotten the text message off Goz and I am going to see JJ72 in Liverpool on October 5th. Happy days!


Talking the lingo
Today, in work, something happened to me that I thought I'd never see the day of. I had a pretty fluent conversation with a customer in Welsh. Although it wasn't perfect, I understood what she said and vice versa. Goes to show you doesn't it? You can learn the subject for over 10 years, attend various "Jambori's", end up with a GCSE A Grade in the subject, and STILL have no clue on it. Yet, when it comes to the crunch (don't say NOTHING Sibley), I can speak pretty understandable Welsh. Result.

The dentist that I saw today was nice, I liked him. He didn't intimidate nor offend me, or hurt me. Yes, he put something in my mouth that could of give Mankind's "Mandible Claw" a run for it's money (not n pain, but for uncomfortable-ness), but he made it seem alright, and what very little pain I had went very quickly. The only thing that intimidated me about him was that he went to Liverpool, and while we could tell he was reminiscing, he said that he got beaten up quite a lot, and the food was terrible. Joking aside, he was brilliant, cool, calm and collective.

Basically, I need one tooth removed (a baby, not the said awful one) and a brace fitted to move the other tooth down. It should be done early next year.

Speak to you all soon.

The Real Rhys (Despite what ANYBODY says)

Monday, September 09, 2002

Back to Reality....
None of you'll will actually believe this, but at about midday today I actually had something interesting to talk about. You know, in work, where I do nothing for 3 hours? I think about a lot, and sometimes think about things to write in this. However, today I had a REALLY interesting story to tell, and no I've forgotten it. Bugger.

Also, I've had a look at this site's stats, and LOADS of people access this site for ring-tones, and it's not even funny no more. Can I go on record by saying the following:-


Thank you.

Finally, tomorrow I'm off to the dentist, and I'm not scared, which is unusual. As many times when I go, I cack it, but tomorrow shouldn't be too bad.

Speak to you all soon.


Sunday, September 08, 2002

100 things that you don't want to know about me.
This is 100 things that you may like to know about me. Or then again, maybe not. It's part of some guy's fantastic idea to do. Anyway, I'm game.

  1. I can see me stopping this list around 50.
  2. I am far too shy.
  3. Pure Vodka makes me sick.
  4. Vodka slammers don't.
  5. I quite liked the Police Acadamy movies.
  6. I waffle too much.
  7. I once gave up chocolate for 2 weeks.
  8. I am not liked by the North Wales Police :).
  9. I am addicted to the internet.
  10. I have no idea what sort of jobs are on offer after my course.
  11. I never regret my actions.
  12. I have a "vampire" tooth.
  13. I have had enough of this crap lists.
  14. I hate my new speakers.
  15. I have only ever searched on the internet for porn, and that was only to test my firewall (it did work).
  16. My favourite city is Exeter.
  17. My least favourite city is Bir-ming-ham.
  18. I still have my original hips, teeth, tonsils and appendix.
  19. I know what you did last summer.
  20. My room is a tip.
  21. I haven't bought a CD for two months.
  22. I was born on a Wednesday.
  23. I am Piscean.
  24. I am running out of things to say.
  25. I hated sandwich fillings, for years I used to go to school with just a bread roll.
  26. I used to say I had "Invisible cheese" in my sandwiches.
  27. People believed me.
  28. I haven't had any major injuries.
  29. My hero is Mick Foley.
  30. Once a girl said I looked like someone out of pop group "5ive"
  31. I haven't ever seen Friends.
  32. I haven't ever seen Titanic.
  33. I only jumped once in "The Blair Witch Project 2", and it was during the trailers.
  34. I never drink coffee.
  35. My boss reminds me of Fizz off Corrie Street.
  36. My favourite video game ever is Civilization.
  37. I've met former president Bill Clinton, and Tony Blair.
  38. I have also met Roy Walker off Catchphrase in Marks + Spencers.
  39. My first time pissed was 31st December 2001.
  40. One of my dream jobs is to be a play by play commentator for WWE.
  41. I never go out without knowing how I can come back.
  42. I love that song by The Calling, even if nobody else does.
  43. My friends read this. If they do, HIYA EVERYONE!
  44. I cannot down pints.
  45. I once drunk a two litre bottles of coke in about a minute, whilst jogging.
  46. I haven't been out of the UK.
  47. I have never been to Scotland or Ireland.
  49. I have reached minor levels of fame with my computer games, appearing on many sites.
  50. I'm half way there.
  51. Donkey Kong, my most famous Visual Pinball table, has once appeared on German TV, and is the most downloaded table EVER!
  52. My cousin has appeared on TV, on "Eggs + Baker" on CBBC.
  53. I know two people who have appeared on "Fun House".
  54. I want you bad.
  55. I cannot envision me living alone.
  56. I cannot envision me living with someone.
  57. I am pretty good at drawing Simpsons characters, but never do it.
  58. I am crap at playing the guitar, but I do it all the time.
  59. I got through my GCSE's doing no revision whatsoever.
  60. I started programming when I was 8.
  61. I have a cousin who works for MUTV.
  62. I have a cousin who plays for Southport FC.
  63. I have a genetic condition whereby there is an above average level of fat on my back, which means I'd make a hell of a stuntman.
  64. I'd hate the thought of being a stuntman.
  65. I couldn't punch my way out of a wet paper bag.
  66. I don't mind getting beat up, as long as it isn't too bad.
  67. I was born in the middle of an earthquake.
  68. My middle name is "Alun".
  69. I hate being called a "Sheep Shagger".
  70. About half a dozen keys on this keyboard don't function as well as they should, which is due to either food falling down the keys, or too much Counter Strike.
  71. I love talking about myself.
  72. I hate seagulls, and they hate me.
  73. I never liked football until I was 15, but now I love it.
  74. I drink tea, no sugar.
  75. I hate coffee.
  76. I'm very impressionable.
  77. I'd love to see Oasis.
  78. I once worked as a paper boy, but was sacked after not delivering any leaflets.
  79. I once had a fight with an idiotic twat in year 8, and when returned to the class, the whole class gave me a standing ovation, and the teacher said "good on you".
  80. I once lost the vision in my left eye for about a weekend, due to an incident in school involving an elastic band.
  81. I never moan about being physically hurt, or emotionally hurt, only if something is boring.
  82. I've never picked my nose, or anybody elses for that matter.
  83. I cannot dance my way out of a wet paper bag.
  84. I hate people saying they are "Horny".
  85. I hate people saying they have "creamed".
  86. I'm hopefully going to see JJ72.
  87. I have never smoked a cigarette.
  88. I have a unique smell, so I have been told.
  89. I get called "Johnny Vegas" a lot.
  90. My earliest memory is my first day in school.
  91. My best ever memory was my 18th Birthday.
  92. Before my voice broke, I was not a bad singer.
  93. I have been described as being "stiff", and to this day I still have no idea what it means.
  94. I get more junk mail than I'd like to.
  95. I hate Radiohead.
  96. I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!
  97. I've never had a Valentine's Day card.
  98. People call me "Geeky".
  99. And I don't care.
  100. I'm finished!

So there you have it. Bloody interesting wasn't it?


Pushing all the right buttons
Yesterday (yes, I know, I haven't written about Friday yet, for the simple fact that it wasn't nothing special, and people complain about this diary being boring. So, for the benefit of those nasty-sayers, I won't talk about it. Happy? If not, sod off) was interesting on two accounts, one being me falling out with the North Wales police, the other was my ego being kicked while it was down.

In work yesterday, it was slow business. We mad a little bit of money, not much mind, but a bit. Nevertheless, I was sorting out the post office, whereby I brushed my elbow against a button.

The alarm went off.

Without realising it, I had pressed the panic button that leads straight to the HQ at North Wales Police. Needless to say, they and my boss weren't best pleased. But, while I fretted over it a few minutes, I remembered (have no idea why, even though it is one of my favourite books ever) a quote in Mick Foley's book "Have A Nice Day" on his last day in WCW.

"Yeah, I screwed up, what were they going to do? Fire me?"

Which echoes truth to my situation, as this time next week, I will officially be a student once again!

Last night was the usual trip to Weathers and Broadway. If last week was enough to end my ego trip from pulling the time before, last night proved even more considerably that the "pulling" (as Tom still is refusing to accept it ever happened) in the Litten Tree was nothing more than a chance fluke. Oh well, such is life. I don't care no more. I know someday I'll find an attractive girl, nice personality, and sub 16 second lap on Daytona (because, as far as I'm aware, NOBODY comes close to me on Daytona, as I am the fucking king on that).

Anyway, enough of my "Woe is Me" rant, as last night I did enjoy myself immensely. Although I spent quite a bit of money, I don't care. I drunk a fair bit, and I was very, very merry at varying points of the evening.

Speaking of money, a couple of people doubt my gambling addiction. Although "addiction" seems to be the wrong word. I just want to stop it that's all, before I spend astronomical amounts of money.

Also, nice to see that the Welsh got off to a winning start in the Euro 2004 qualifiers, by beating Finland 2-0, with goals from John Hartson and Simon Davies. It's just a shame that the English media focuses more on the draw in a meaningless friendly with Portugal, and the Bruce and Kieran Dyer state the Scottish national side is in. Not like the English to gloat to the Scots, is it?

Finally, I have been handed a link, which redirects you to a random diary that people around the world write. Bullshit. I find it links to certain "blogs" (These journals, for those who aren't "in the know") more often than not. (Drag the highlighted text to your "Links" bar, and you'll have endless fun!*)

Keep the Faith


*If you are interested in Lesbians, Bible bashing Evangelists and bored ugly middle aged women...If not, then you'll find it very very boring.

Thursday, September 05, 2002 very, very tired.....
Yesterday, was a long 8 hour shift at work in the zoo, and I'm beginning to warm to the idea of working there. Also, yesterday I went down to weathers with my mates, and I broke the cardinal sin.

I put some money in a fruit machine.

I've tried hard to stop gambling. I know it sounds pathetic, because I hardly gamble much now, not as much as some people I know. Anyway, all I know is that I've wasted more money than I'd like to, and I've nipped it in the bud.

Speaking of gambling, I have decided Greece is one fucked up country. Bloody morons cannot distinguish between gambling and proper fun video games. What am I talking about, read an article about it here. Major screwed up country or what. One funny quote I read about the whole situation is this:-

"The Daily Mail, in their infinitely high moral ground, thinks Greece politics are messed up and videogames are responsible for every single murder, rape and robbery since the dawn of time. I wonder what side they'll take in this arguement?"

Major LOL I think you'll find.

Finally, I have been suffering a 1 day depression at the moment, so I'm a little unhappy, (sort of: listen to Radiohead unhappy at the moment), not really about anything, just cannot be arsed with owt.

Speak to you all soon.


Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Decisions Decisions...
I have one CD to take to university (bar all my albums, which I'm taking neway), and I don't know what to include on it, 14 tracks, so I'm going to make a list.

Currently It's the following (in no particular order):-

1. ACDC - Highway to Hell
2. Aurora - The Day It Rained Forever
3. Coldplay - In My Place
4. Cooper Temple Clause - Who Needs Enemies?
5. Faithless ft. Dido - One Step Too Far
6. Feeder - Home For Summer
7. Feeder - High
8. Greenday - Basket Case
9. Guns 'n' Roses - November Rain
10. Hoshal - Around The Stars
11. Idlewild - American English
12. My Vitriol - Always your Way
13. No Doubt - Don't Speak
14. Oasis - Headshrinker
15. Oasis - Idler's Dream
16. O.C.S. - Better Day
17. OMD - Walking on the Milky Way
18. Pink - Just like A Pill
19. Powderfinger - Thrilloilogy
20. R.H.C.P. - Californication
21. Smashing Pumpkins - Today
22. Smashing Pumpkins - Untitled
23. Starsailor - Poor Misguided Fool
24. Stone Roses - This is the One
25. Suede - Beautiful Ones
26. S.F.A. - It's Not the End of the World
27. The Calling - Wherever you will go
28. The Offspring - All I Want
29. The Strokes - Last Nite

Please note the following:

  • This isn't my all time favourite song list, it's songs that I would like to burn onto CD that I own on tape (if that makes sense). If you are wondering where all the Oasis and Feeder and Creed songs are, they are already on CD, so I don't need to burn them onto one.
  • This (obviously) isn't the final List, it's just the last 29 songs that I need to fit down to 14, for a CD for university.

Any help please?

Keep the faith


The first cut is the deepest...
I admit it, I am very judgmental, and it's one of my faults. I have been known to turn on people just because I find out some shock horror truth about them (not always mind, but I do let other people's opinions of someone I haven't met form an opinion of them). Another fault I have is I can moan about things and are a little half assed at times. Produce a bastard child from those two facts and add the combustible elements of the general public, first day at work and scorching temperatures, and you can bet your ass I will be in a mood.

Today at work was much better, except for the fact that my dinner didn't start until 4:00, and therefore meant that the medial task of coming back for the afternoon for little over 1/2 an hour, but apart from that, it was an okay day. Nowhere near as busy (which is most definitely a good thing for me). So I ended up pretty pleased with myself. To be honest, the only reason I'm going in is for the £30 a day I am seemingly earning, and the big neon sign saying "Welcome to Liverpool University: Please get pissed". Okay, maybe not neon, or indeed big, or even a sign, but I'm liking the sound of it. This is what my dreams are made of.

Speaking of getting pissed, I hope my friends haven't left me at home while there is a big footy match going on. If they've gone down the boozer without me, I'll scream blue frigging murder!

Speak ta ya'll soon


Monday, September 02, 2002

Cream Knackered
Today was the first day of my two week job at the local zoo. It was the longest hours I have worked in my 18 years on this planet, and to be honest it was a rude awakening. Nevertheless, the job itself is okay, and the pay is okay and the people are really nice. However, I am really shattered at the moment, and too tired to write in more detail about today. Sorry


Sunday, September 01, 2002

The dream is over....
Yesterday was fun. Work was hard, but fortunately everybody was in a good mood, including me. So I was happy. Plus, I had £28 for the night out, which was nice.

So the night out came, typical Llandudno Weathers then Boulie combination. But people begged the question, will I equal or, shock horror, better last weeks performance?

The answer is no.

Not that I'm disappointed. Sure, my week-long massive ego trip is no more, but what the hell. I'm not like other people, I'm not desperate, I don't need to pull, I don't care if I pull or not as long as I have a good nights out, which is what last night was. Good lads night out. That's not saying that pulling's bad. It's just that I can have a good night out without it.

That's not to say it COULDN'T happen. In one of many conversations with Sibley and Goz, they did vouch that a white topped woman did have my eye on me. Although I will probably say conspiracy (for the pure reason that they sad she tapped me on my shoulder, and I couldn't feel it....but that was probably the alcohol), I did go searching for every white topped woman in the building. No luck mind.

However, I do prefer Broadway on a Saturday than a Friday. Friday's music is, well, crap. Hard core dance crap that gives you a blinding headache and makes you want the ground to open up and swallow you whole. The people in there are of a younger and more immature generation. (I'm looking at YOU Mr. Doodson!). Whereas on a Saturday, the crowd seem more sensible, and the music is a lot better, with far less "drum beats", and actually some pop (oh, get your camera's out, me like pop? Get outta here). So I enjoyed it more.

Tomorrow, I start a two week job at the Welsh Mountain Zoo. The reason being is that if I do two weeks, I can double my bank account. Which is nice.

Keep the faith


(Legal Crap: Everything I said in this post is perfectly true, and was how I recollected the previous nights events. However, I WAS kinda drunk last night in varying intervals, so if any part of this post isn't true, then so be it, and you don't need to point it out (Sibley + Goz especially :))

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