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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Richard Wynne

Support the "Know my brother" project at
Fear thy name, for I am Richard Wynne
One popular pastime by many web and computer system contributers (and by many other people) is "ego-surfing", that is, the process of searching through one of the major search engines for your name, and therefore increasing your ego substanially. I do it about once every two months, and it's great fun. Of course, there are not many "Rhys Wynne's" in the world, so I feature substantially in the top 20 listings.

It was during a bout of ego-surfing last Sunday whereby Richard walked in, and demanded for him to find his web presence. Richard is a "trainee me", and does run his own website (of sorts). He is also fairly big under the handle "biggy" (or summit like that) in the newly reformed "Call of Combat"; forum, as he is the UBG's webmaster. So anyway, I expected to find him on Google.

Sure, there were plenty of "Richard Wynne"'s, but he had about as much web presence as Urika Johnsonn has dignity (ie. zero). He was crestfallen, almost in a state of tears. Seeing him in that state, I have deciding to do something about it. So starts the "Know my Brother" project.

So, you have heard the story, you may as "well, what can I do?". Simple my friend. Below I have included some HTML code, which, when copied + pasted into your website, can display the fact that you know my brother, thus increasing his web presence, and make him happy once again!

Much appreciated mateys!

Fight the just cause!


Sunday, October 27, 2002

Only 60 shopping days to go now!

And the Bells Were ringing out for Christmas Day.....
Dunno why, but all of a sudden I feel dead Christmassy. Not even (just) yet out of British Summer Time and already I'm itching to put tinsel up. To be honest, I am already really excited. Not just for the presents (the PS2 with Tekken 4 sounds mighty tempting), but for the true meaning of Christmas. Family, friends, all the crap they preach to you in school, that when you finally move away from home you really do believe. Anyway, I know it's not even November, but what the hell, it's less than 8 weeks away. 8 weeks have flown. I still think that University is still a holiday, and I am still working for the zoo. Neither are true. Christmas is just around the corner, you mark my words. Get ready.

I am already taking steps to insure Christmas Survival on a student's budget. I am half-way through my Christmas shopping already (isn't that smart?!), and saving just a little bit a week ready to go out. This Christmas, as Todd Flanders in the Simpsons once said, will be the "Best Ever".

Don't mess with the Cajun....

Today, I went to Bangor, and for the first time for nearly a year, I bought a computer game! Dreamcast, £12 on the nose, the excellent "Marvel vs. Capcom". M.V.C. (as I love calling it) is in my opinion one of the better versions of a okay-ish genre. I thought both Marvel vs. Street Fighter and X-Men vs. Street Fighter were a bit, well, not too hot. M.V.C. brings in the Capcom back catalogue, and they work fantastically. 

We are Venom!

Street Fighter characters (on the whole) are a serious bunch, and by not including some of the Blanka's, Dan's, Sakura's, Honda's etc., the more fun characters, in previous rosters, is a little weak. Guys like Cammy, Bison, Rolento, Akuma etc work better on the SNK vs. Capcom series, and the affirmably mentioned characters are better for the Marvel vs. series. By adding guys like Morrigan, Captain Commando, Megaman and Strider to the M.V.C. was a good idea, as it made the Capcom side more equal in terms of spectacularly with the Marvel guys. All in all, M.V.C. is the good games of the series. Only problem is that they could of used more Darkstalkers series of characters, and I suppose more characters overall (a good Hulk player will pretty much walk the game) on both sides, namely the following: -

  1. Juggernaut
  2. Blanka
  3. Sakura
  4. Sabretooth
  5. Cyclops
  6. Rogue
  7. Cammy
  8. M.Bison
  9. Vega
  10. Jon Talbain (Dalkstalkers)
  11. Devilot (some Robot fighting game Capcom made)
  12. Ibuki (Street Fighter 3)
  13. Alex (Street Fighter 3)
  14. Any number of the Fantastic Four (Marvel characters)
  15. Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers)
  16. Dan
  17. Shuma Gorath
  18. Mike Haggar (Final Fight)
  19. Cody
  20. Jedah (Dalkstalkers)

By adding these characters, what is already a good game would be made even better. Although it would push up the usual "vs. series" roster

Am I making sense here?

Probably not.

Speak to you all soon...


Thursday, October 24, 2002

Oh dear god

When starting this course I thought I'd seen the last of Microsoft's paper clip "buddy". Admittedly, I thought I'd write out a couple of reports in Word, and asp might need to use Access, and a few presentations in Powerpoint, but nothing that I hadn't done before. I thought I would have it relatively easy on that front, and get down to the nitty gritty of programming applications and doing cool stuff with microprocessors. I assumed that because my mother did a course in Word/Excel/Access etc, that I (with a vast background knowledge I may add) would not have to sit through those lectures.

How wrong can I be.

Okay, I'll be honest, I've got nothing against the subject. I understand that I may be a little ahead of everybody, and I have nothing agiainst the lecture, lecturers, etc. What I DO hate are speadsheets. They send me to sleep. Granted, I understand if you are, say, doing a financial course, then maybe they could be useful. However, for me? No way. Dull as dishwater. Boring as Bir-ming-ham. I want to get programming, networking, microprocessing, and all the other cool stuff that the Conwy LEA are paying £1,075 a year for me to study (cheers guys :D). The task however is made even more repetitive by the blinking paperclip thing. Nothing is more irritating. Microsoft, sort it out!

Oh well, I'll shut up, they know what they are doing.....


Wednesday, October 23, 2002

An Invitation
Dear All

You are all cordially invited to the singing spectacular of the year. Next Tuesday (29/10/2002) at the Derby + Rathbone Student bar is the famous Karaoke Night.

Featuring the Following Artists:-

  • Christopher Fl*tcher debuting (with backing singers of Rhys Wynne, Simon Gozzard, and a mystery individual) with his version of the classic Madonna (and the totally bullshit Mad'house) "Like A Prayer".
  • Rhys Wynne sings the few indie classics on the list.
  • And about 20-30 other people doing shite songs.

In any rate, reasons for coming: -

  • Vodka + Redbull for the low low price of £1!
  • Chance to win 24 bottles of beer! (like yours truly did last night)
  • Audience participation! Prove you are a better singer than Fl*tcher! (to be honest, YOU WILL BE!!)

So that's Tuesday 29th, D+R,7:30-11 Liverpool. Be there!


Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Oh dear god
Murphy's Law: The only time properly pissed at uni = the time roving camera's for semi big websites are out

Hands up who saw that coming....
Okay, someone please explain to me this. A few weeks ago I reported on my night out in Blakes. I documented on the important features (notebly the first pulling of my Uni stature, and the large quantities of alcoholic beverages intook), I included a pretty good photo (curteosy of Goz), but it seemed like Simon wasn't the ONLY one with a camera, oh no. A far more professional individual was present, and was snapping up photos left, right and centre. Now, dispite the fact my face is behind John's hand, even so. Why the bleeding hell am I on the Radio City website?!?

Oh well, enough complaining

For those of you mad enough to see it, Cliques Ici.

Keep it real


Sunday, October 20, 2002

It's Hip to be Square.
First printed review time! This 'review' is for my game, "The Square Game", printed in Computer Center (unsure of country, don't think it's British) magazine. Anyway, should anybody have a copy of this review, let me know please? Anyway, this review found today must be the first English non-submitted by me review, found at

It’s Hip to Be Square

For a different takes on puzzles, try the Square Game, a strategy game in which you have to knock out all the squares and make it to the exit–all within a strict time limit. It’s trickier than it sounds!
Square Game     E-mail a friend

See? It's a rave! Anyway, what are you waiting for? Get it now!



And the award for the biggest disappointing game of the year goes to...
Oh Dear....

Oh ho that's disappointing....
For those of you who know me, they know that one of my (fairly) secret talents is my uncanny ability to throw about my shade under 180lbs frame around on the old "Dance Dance Revolution" video arcade game. Over the past three years, I have developed quite a talent for this game, and I love the game. It was with eager anticipation that in Paignton over the summer I saw the poster advertising "Dancing Stage Euromix 2". Oh. My. God. Sure enough, in the Dancing Stage capital of Britain, Rhyl, there it was, standing there, today. Student budget or not, I had to play it.

What a disappointment. Sure, it's playable, and is still good fun. However, comparing the songs to the Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix, it doesn't come even close. There are a few gooduns, but none fantastic. Also, a lot of songs were on the first one. All in all, 7/10. Good, but not great.

Oh Baby....

Friday I got a big shock. My brother (who has the musical taste of F*etcher (ie. terrible) :D) has bought the Avril Lavigne album "Let Go", and it is bloody fantastic. Not Alanis Morisette standard (to be honest, she's nothing like her) but still amazing. Sk8tr Boi is my personal favourite track, as are some of the later, melodic tracks. Plus she's gorgeous, and, amazingly, has some (sort of) weblog going, although there isn't much in it, it's a nice touch, however, not as good as this very site :).

I've started Christmas shopping! Yep, today I bought my first present for a family member (Rick). As a poor student, I understand that I should shop cheap. And it was cheap. Brilliant idea (I may just keep it myself), and I know he'll love it.

Right I'm off to play Popcap's Psychobabble. Bloody good fun. Best word game since Acrophobia. I don't think I'll be able to write too much this week, as I have loads of work to do (what? work? In uni? Get outta here).

Stay True


Thursday, October 17, 2002

Another picture from last night, for the pure and simple reason as that we cannot get enough ;)

Oh what a night...
Oh. Fucking. Hell. 2-1 to the "Sheep Shaggers". To the minority (and I do mean "minority") of Welshies here in Liverpool last night was fucking incredible. Two fucking one. This leaves us in a fantastic position and chance for qualifying for Euro 2004. Two points ahead with a game in hand. Now, I am not being cocky, but I kind of fancy our chances. We can go to Italy and lose, and Yugoslavia and draw, and still get through. It's great. However, we will not plan for the future. We live for now, and now we're a'r ben y byd. We are on top of a difficult, unpredictable, group. And, by god, our chances of winning have improved considerably. Today, I have been literally walking around displaying the kind of arrogence we have come to expect from the English. Oh, the irony.

This week has been an incredible week. What with Monday night, getting paid, Wales winning and a large proportion of my work done, it's fantastic. For the first time since I've got here, I believe what Aunty Meryl has written on my card, in that "University days are the best days of your life". I haven't really had any downs (except from my bet on all the home nations winning falling through. Thanks a lot England..) this week, and it has showed. This week, I have been really hyperactive. Some may say embarrassing, some may say it's the real me. Naturally, I am kinda hypo. I jump about my room playing air guitar whenever a song I love comes on the radio, I sing, I (try to) dance, just when I go out, I kinda go all sorta shy. However, and I have no idea why, but I have been on a bit of a roll, and therefore I have finally come out of my shell here in university, and now I have, it's an incredible ride.

Tomorrow, I have a few things to buy, these are the following:-

  • Wales flag
  • Wales shirt
  • Paper (to read about the quality outcomes)
  • Wales memorabilea.


Quote of the day:-

"That's not a window, that's a fucking avalanche"

- Brummie James (the only Englishman it seemed who watched the Wales game)

Keep it real Boyo's


**NOTE: Please note I am not trying to promote racism, or being racist myself. I wanted England to win last night, as a lot of my friends and family are English. But, just once in a while, it's nice to see one of the minor nations grab the headlines for a change. I don't mind England, the English, or any part of England. I don't mind the football team. Just sometimes, I like to see them get humiliated. It's not racism, just a rivalry, like Spain-France, Canada-United States etc.

Pictures Talk 1000 Words

Get in there my son

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Passage To Manhood
Well, studenthood anyway. For the first time since I've been here, I've eaten tinned crap. Cheap, tinned, crap. Oh well, nice to know before my £550k a year job I live in the gutter for a few years. Hell, I am happy, I guess..Anyway, Asda does good work!

Yesterday it was Double Vision, and it was a brilliant night. Goz and myself went to the James Brown bar (commonly referred to JB's), which became known as "The Indie Room", then "The Room with Oasis and similar shit", then "The Room with good music on" then "Fuck All Rooms, this is fucking fantastic" at various stages [of drunkeness] during the night. It was good, fantastic music, although me and my belt were losing a war with gravity for most of the night. There was a live band also, and although they were nothing to write home about, they were listenable to.

My rooms a tip. One thing I am not (just look at my writing) is too clean. Sure, I am clean enough to be hygienic and my rooms habitable, it's mainly my totally unorganised drawers full of letters, walkmen, expired vouchers, club fliers, pizza menus, paracetamol, underwear, food, beer etc. My desk isn't much better. And I complain I don't recieve any mail.

Only one day to go until the showdown. The irresistable force vs. the immovable object. Wales vs. Italy, in Cardiff. In one corner, Italy, the irresistable force (although decidedly weakened with a number of first teamers out), former multi time World Cup Winners. In the other corner, Wales, unbeaten for 13 months, with the opponants the like of Argentina and Germany. This is going to be good to watch.

Or so I thought.

Why the fuck is England vs. Macedonia being shown by the BBC? Sure it is the "BRITISH Broadcasting Corperation"? England are going to qualify (relatively) comfortably, if not first definitely second in their group. Wales are the underdogs who might, just might, qualify for the European Championships.

Oh well, readjust the areal to S4C methinks


Sunday, October 13, 2002

Intruder Alert 2: A game that shouldn't really of been made, but I'm glad it's here

What a difference a day makes
Yesterday, I said in no uncertain terms, that I preferred Java to Blitz. Today, and lo and behold, I have a brand new Blitz game! Yes, Intruder Alert 2 is sequel to Intruder Alert (another one of my games) and the series are classic games with the roles reversed. In Intruder Alert you played a ghost and you had to stop Pac-men invading your home. In this one, you play a lone space invader who survived an attack, and all your species were wiped out. You've come back for revenge.

The head honcho you play asYou may look at this game and think "Oh, it's crap, look at the graphics", the answer being "it's supposed to be". I have entered it for the 8 Bit Game Competition on Blitzcoder, in order to win a smart prize, a C64! Why Krylar (the guy who runs it) wants to give it away is completely not my business, but major kudos in doing so! Not that I've got a hope in hell of winning it.

Anyway, as someone who had a C64, I never made any games for it, which is such a shame, as those who did were very famous in the circle. As a previous discussion on Blitzcoder revealed a programmer on the Atari ST, and I bought one of his games. People are known for their games, and I can name of the top of my head certain programmers for the C64 and their games. I missed all that. Such a shame. I was only 10 at the time.

Anyway I am glad I made IA2, it was good fun, and it is no way finished yet....

Live long and Prosper


Saturday, October 12, 2002

The stuff old school dreams are made of...

Weird isn't it? You spend all your time working in Windows, and how "User Friendly" it all is, and sometimes you don't want it easy, you want to go back in time, back to DOS. Why, I cannot explain, but after all my achievements programming in Blitz, I am thoroughly enjoying programming in DOS. As I said, I cannot explain it. Probably the same reason Noel installed a version of Windows alongside his XP version so he could play half his games again. I love DOS, it's weird, but it's great. I suppose it's a little like what computers are perceived in Hollywood, as big large un-user-friendly things that only techno-nerds and one attractive female can make head or tail out of. Although I can hardly program my way out of a wet paper bag in JAVA at the moment, I feel as though I am "more at one" than when I was programming in Blitz. No disrespect to the Blitz guys, they've got more important things to worry about, such as making quality games (and believe me, some are excellent), just I feel more comfortable in Java.

Right, enough geeky stuff, you can wake up now.

I haven't written for a few days for the pure + simple reason I couldn't be arsed. Thursday I went out to Walkabout (which absolutely rules as far as I am concerned) and on Friday it was Llandudno Weathers once again. Yes, I am home for the weekend. I'm happy here at weekends, so I don't mind coming home. Anyway, that's all I want to say today, so I'll be off.

Seeing You Soon


Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Big Duncan FergusonOh my God....
If you missed a post about Monday night, sorry, just that I cannot remember too much about it. So use your imagination.

Yesterday was a simple 6 hours worth of lectures day, even if I did fall asleep through the PBL lecture. Although, to be honest, it wasn't for long. Anyway, that sleep, and another hour and half doze later in the afternoon did me good, as I was well up for going out.

Anyway, we hit the D+R bar, and it was kareoke. After last weeks dissappointment, I was (not very) determined to do my "Drugs don't work". However, I was to be persuaded. Unfortunately, the CD broke, so I decided to do Travis' "Why does it always Rain on Me?". I was shit. I really sucked. A few people said I wasn't bad, but I thought I was terrible. In any rate, I'd probably do it again. Anyway, I alienated Fletch by shouting "hunchback" quite a bit.

Speaking about Fletch, I know you'll read this, and I know how much you love being in my blog, so, just for you, there'll be a post all about you later on ;).

In the end, we went onto RSVP, and, I had even more compliments about my singing (okay, only two, but one was quite nice looking). It's compliments like that that keep me singing, whether you'd like it or not.

It was in RSVP however where I saw Everton [injury] legend Duncan Ferguson, and relatively famous Evertonian Alan Stubbs. Anyway, I didn't say much to him (as a staunch Manchester United fan, yeah, sue me), in fact, I didn't say owt. But I saw him. So I feel now it is time for an updated famous person league that I've met.

Pos Name Met in Interaction
1. Bill Clinton London, Downing Street Shook my hand (get in!)
2. Tony Blair London, Downing Street None
3. Duncan Ferguson RSVP, Liverpool None
4. Chris Moyles Paignton None
5. Roy "What's Mr Chips doing?" Walker Marks + Spencers, Llandudno Spoke to me + my mum
6. Alan Stubbs RSVP, Liverpool None

So there you have it, a top 3 position on my "Famous People" messageboard. It's about the only top 3 position that anything associated with Everton is going to get this season. Alan Stubbs finishing there also, in a more dissappointing, more like Everton, bottom. Anyway, what really suprised me was that he was drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney. it suprised Fl*tcher (who had a drunken death wish by chanting 3-0 over and over in front of his face) also.

I think I'll give Mr. Moyes a call.

Kindest....summit or other


Monday, October 07, 2002

The Day(s) we caught the train....
To be honest, when people complain about the trains, I am not one of them. Usually the trains are okay (apart from one instance where I was stuck at Chester station for 45 minutes for no apparent reason. when I had the recently purchased "Final Fantasy VII" burning a hole in my rucksack), and no major delays....until today (you'd think I'd start a post like that without majorly flaming the rail network).

It was okay up until Chester, one stop really for a few minutes, but nothing to complain about. However, on the Merseyrail train to Liverpool Lime Street, we came to an abrupt halt outside Rock Ferry. No explination why, just did. We stayed like that for quarter of an hour, when we started moving again. No big deal. One station later, approaching Green Lane, we stopped again. Okay, this is getting annoying. We stopped for about three quarters of an hour, with little explination except for a "Train Failure" outside Hamilton Square. In the end, we moved, albeit very slowly, into Birkenhead Station, another half hour passed. Any remote chance of me getting my 9:00 ELEC101 Digital Electronics went out the window, as it was now 9:00, and still a few stops away. We remained in Birkenhead Central for another half hour, when over the PA system it was announced that there would be a "Curteosy Bus" to all those wishing to get to James Street. Hmm, not Lime Street, but hell, it'll have to do. I got off. Only then did I realise that we weren't the only people disrupted by the dodgy train.

I walked out into the centre of Birkenhead (don't ask me why, but it reminded me of Rhyl), and there must of been at least 500 people waiting for a bus, must of been closer to 1000 mind, and I was at the back of the queue. There was one bus every hour, a standard double decker. You do the maths.

In the end, I walked off into Birkenhead city centre, where there were a queue of about 10 or 15 buses, all heading to Liverpool Bus Station, good enough, and better than James Street. So I got on it. Sure enough, it took me to my destination, although I had missed my tutorial.

Train Colwyn Bay to Liverpool (average) = 1 1/2 hours.
Train Colwyn Bay to Liverpool (today) = 4 1/2 hours.

You read that? 4 and a half hours! That's over a sixth of my day, wasted. If I don't wake up tomorrow morning and God asks me what I spent my last day on this earth doing. I won't be spending time with my family, or friends, or a 24 hour sex/drinking session. Oh no, I am going to say "I was sitting on a train". Mazdas.

Anyway, needless to say, I wasn't really too focused today, and spent most of the day pen dissecting. Anyway, the only lesson I attended today was Basic Engineering Analysis (or, rather humoursly, shortened to "Basic Eng Anal" on my timetable), which I have done before (think GCSE Maths, and you are half way there).

Finally, a few days ago I complained that how my post is always marked "Miss R Wynn". Anyway, just so happens to be a Miss Rosemary Wynn from Abertawe in this hall, that has been moved from Carnatic (another hall catering for UofL), so therefore isn't on the halls records.In any rate, I have been opening her (junk) mail for her. Bugger. Oh well, I screw up, so sue me.

Keep on Rocking


Sunday, October 06, 2002

Breaking the Language Barrier....
This is going to be a constantly referred to post, as my trawl through the dialect changes between home and uni is ever increasing. Any interesting words I come across will be placed in this table. I thank you.

UofL Word Meaning Where I heard it Closest CB alternative
"Talent" Members of the opposite sex . Read it in the "Be Streetsafe" book we got, about contraception Dunno, probably Nigel's "Jack and Danny" (cockney rhyming slang)
"Cheese" Music that is so bad it's good. A lot of the clubs play the sort of music, and they advertise it because of it. None, Broadway doesn't "do" cheese
"Giraffe" Laugh (again, cockney rhyming slang) Actually, Nigel + Jace used this quite a lot, but I have heard it used by quite a lot of people here. Giraffe, I suppose

Also, I have had the grand total of 2 emails asking about the sprites. Yes, I did make them! It was due to me starting a 2D Graphics section in Multimedia section of work in Uni, so I'd thought I'd practice. It looks pretty good, don't you think?

Keep it real


Cruel Fate, why does thou mock me?
It's weird how you miss things, and how attitudes change once something is no longer with us. Then, strike just to prove that you cannot forget, you mustn't forget.....

Okay, I've lost it you must think, but let me explain.

When in Liverpool, I miss lots of things. I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss my computer, I miss home life, I miss TV, I miss my electric guitar, I miss the area. However, one thing most notable by it's absence in Liverpool is seagulls, especially in the city, and especially near the guild. Anyway, I have lowered my guard. Burgers, salads, sandwiches, chocolate, everything I have learnt to eat without it's wrapping. Why? Because the bloody seagulls are nowhere to be seen.

Until today, Llandudno, the seagull capital of the world. More seagulls per square metre than oxygen particles (hey, don't quote me on that, I assume it). In any rate, I had purchased a BK hamburger (which isn't a patch on the burgers from the shop outside the guild, but the BK ones don't sit on my stomach), when all of a sudden a big, white, monstrosity lurched down onto my shoulder, and took a bite out of my burger. The bastard! I dropped the burger, and got a glimpse of the crippled piece of meat sandwich before the said vermin took it in it's beak and flew off into the sunset. I don't think it was the said seagull I have had past troubles with, but even so, they're all cut from the same cloth. All I know that I will get them all, eventually, on a good day, with a bit of luck. If I was made undisputed god of all things for all eternity tomorrow, I would make the seagull population extinct. Just cos I can.

Live the dream


Avril Lavigne - For no other reason except she's fantastic.About this site
You see, being a blog, you write about stuff and it's varied. However, when Google, MSN, Lycos and Yahoo come crawling to you, begging on their knees to include you in their search engines, they trawl through all the text on all my archives, and should they find any word when John Q. Public searches for what ever he's interested in. While I do appreciate all the visitors, I do think that searching for stuff is annoying, and it turning out not to be there. So, this post is showing what we have, and have not.

We Have....

  • An 18 year old rambling on how crap life is, and how he's perfect
  • Fun graphics of the author to further fuel his ego.
  • Sometimes links to quality sites.

We do NOT have...

  • Mobile Phone Ringtones
  • Lesbians kissing on video
  • Message boards
  • Information on Llandudno and The Litten Tree.
  • ACDC Drum Beats

So if you are looking for them, you have come to the wrong place, sorry. Stay a while, put your feet up, and have a paned. Hell, you might actually like this place.

Keep it real.


Saturday, October 05, 2002

Popstars, for all it's worth, is crap. Crap crap crap crap crap. However, due to the fact that I am not at uni at the moment, I am at home, which means that three of us (mainly) have to share the Internet. Tonight, Aled was on Counter Strike, which meant I had to take my 330ml widget including can of Worthingtons into the lounge, and see, once again, what all this pop idol crap was all about.

It was crap, as beforehand was this excellent girl on Stars in their Eyes kids who WAS talented, who COULD sing. To try and emulate the now no longer with us Eva Cassidy's angelic voice is nigh on impossible, but by god this girl came incredibly close, and being second to her is no mean feat. She was good, really good.

The good thing is however she won't fade into obscurity, she may not as be as big as the hyper-emotional nobodies on the Popstars programme, but she will have more staying power, be it in the charts or on the stage (I think Matthew Kelly said that she was auditioning for the lead part on "Whistle Down the Wind"). Anyway, in my book (and yes, this is the closest thing I'm going to get to writing a book) she good, popstars bad. End of story.

Anyway, back to the point, I was watching it with my mum, and she seemed to predict whether if one of the talent-less wannabes were or were not going into the house, no, not by quality of voice (because, lets face it, they ARE making a pop band here, heaven forbid someone with talent getting pushed down our throats), but by the type of door they had. Below is a table of what door types people had, and which ones were "successful".

GOOD (Successful, going to be everywhere we turn come Christmas)

  • PVC
  • Double Glazing
  • Beveled Glass
  • Windows divided by metal/plastic strips
  • Coloured Centerpiece

BAD (Unsuccessful, going to go hysterical, leave, and get a proper job)

  • Glass windows
  • Frosted Windows
  • Wooden or metal doors
  • Single Glazed

And sure enough, it worked! So, anybody who says that Messer's Waterman, Halliwell, and t'other one can recognise talent please, show them this web page, as I do believe the final 10 are decided by the quality of they doors.

Enough of the experiment.


An Appeal
Viewing my blog, even if it is fantastic (which it isn't), I notice it is very text heavy. If ANYBODY has got any sites etc. where I can get the following:-

  • Pictures
  • Cartoons
  • Graphics
  • Webrings

You know, the usual crap people put on blogs. I remembered a site where you created your own "Trooper", but I found that has shut down :(. So any sites so I can find crap, please comment this post.

Muchos Gracias Mateys


Because We Need Each Other....
Hiya! Yes, I'm back home in the lovely town of Colwyn Bay, for the weekend. Last night I went out with Wiz, Natalie and Sian to Llandudno, first Weathers, then The Buzz Club. The Buzz Club is the other nightclub in Llandudno, which many people rate below Broadway. However, looking at it, and due to it being cheaper, cleaner and better music, I have to say that maybe (for me) that The Buzz is better than old Broadway. Sorry, I know a lot of people who disagree with me. But Broadway is nowhere near as good as the Buzz.

Either way, Blakes, RSVP, Walkabout and most clubs in Liverpool shite over both of them from a great distance.

One thing I have noticed about the Bay is there are a lot of banners about. Apparently, Colwyn Bay has won "Wales In Bloom", come again? Did the judges actually visit the place? It's a dump! Good god almighty, Llandudno is attractive, Bangor aint bad, and when you look at places like Conwy and Beddgelert, they are very attractive. I kind of wonder what towns entered. Probably us, Rhyl and Penmaenmawr, as maybe, just maybe, we'd win then, but it is a dump. I can't understand it, how the bleeding hell did we win. I'd love to take the judges down Greenfield road, where the only plants growing are mold, and maybe a couple of cannabis plants (hell, I'm speculating here, don't hold me on that). But that's it. Oh, the world baffles me.

One more thing, my 16 year old brother Richard inexplicably, and took me by suprise, announced he is coming up for a few nights in half term week. So that should be interesting. Major piss up time is upon us!

Anyway I'm off for a bit, so I'll be around, maybe a post tomorrow, or later tonight.



Thursday, October 03, 2002

Ever get the felling of dejá vu?
Yesterday was supposed to be a quiet night for me. However, it wasn't. I suppose that since I slept in the afternoon I could go out. So I did. I went with Debs, Jim and Andy to the Athletic Union's "Tarts and Vicars" party (yes, the same one that was in Bridget Jones' Diary). Now, despite the fact that I am neither Althletic or in a Union, I didn't really belong. Also, as it was on a whim, I strutted out in my Brazil shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers in a desperate attempt to look athletic. Unfortunately for our quartet, we seemed to be the only ones who looked athletic. Everybody else was either a tart or a vicar. Some were even both. While us four of us were struggling to be either, as we looked decidedly out of place. Now I know how Bridget Jones felt, except t'other way round. We were dressed normally while everybody else was in the dress code. Major embarrassment.

Hell, wasn't really too bad. Most people there were so drunk they couldn't tell that we sticked out like a sore thumb, they were either dancing on/with tables or sticking their tounges down some vicar/tart/extractor fan (I kid ye not).

Well, I have a lecture in about 45 minutes, and the bus is coming soon, so I am heading off. I may write tonight, gives me something to do, dunno what about mind. I'm sure something will piss me off enough to write

Live the Dream


Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Pop Culture
As I'm celebrating the downfall of Queer'Gay, I was shocked in a discussion I have had with other campus-mates. How they say that a game like Max Payne is worse than FIFA. And how both of those games are excellent compared to Sonic.

I'm sorry. But if you say FIFA (any incarnation) is up there with the best games in the world, then you seriously need your head looking at. FIFA isn't bad, it represents the beautiful game fairly well (not as good as ISS mind), but rating it above games like Quake, NiGHTS, Counter Strike, Sonic, Mario, Championship Manager (the best football related game ever), Final Fantasy, Civilization and Street Fighter is a cardinal sin.

It seems like, while the music industry is (finally) coming to it's senses, the video game industry is in a rut at the moment. Currently, great graphics, big licenses and bland game play seem the order of the day. Sure, get great graphics (Tekken 4 shows a good game with fantastic graphics), get big name licenses (there have been some fantastic Star Wars games, and the Marvel/X-Men (Capcom) games), but please, make the game fun to play as well. That way, you're going to get more acclaim, and stay in business longer.

The other thing that irks me is graphics. People see good graphics and automatically thing "Oh shit, this is great". Very few games out now with white hot graphics I would be seen playing, yet I still have my SNES plugged in at home. All because technology is advancing at a rate of knots doesn't mean that games a few years old aren't as good as the ones today (Mario Kart anyone?).

Anyway, that's enough of my ranting, just needed to get it off my chest. I'll shut up now.

Keep it real


It turns out now that the blonde chick mentioned in this post DIDN'T have my eyes on me. I am a little gutted (ego trip over), but I am pleased in a way. Now I can read Goz's mind and tell (even if I was in an unbelievable drunken state) what is true and what is as believable as the job prospects outside of the C.A.S. degree. So, I guess that's summit.

Keep the faith


Raise The Alarm
University, for all that it's worth, is fantastic. I'm loving it in my room, city and course. However, I wasn't always like this. Little over a week ago, I was depressed for one reason or another. One reason was due to noise. However, both the noise and my complaining have settled down, and I am (relatively) tollerant. As it the main instigators of the noise. I do get plenty of sleep also, so that's okay. Last night I got in about 1 am, and fell straight to sleep. I thought I was going to get undisturbed sleep, right?

If I did, why the hell am I writing about it?

Wednesday morning, 4am, fire alarm went off. Needless to say we evacuated the building, and stood outside in the cold for half an hour, while the fire brigade come out and stop the alarm. I hate it, and it wasn't just me. Although I think they have found who set it off and fined them, it is very annoying. I do swear, next time, if someone sets it off, I know of about half a dozen people who may like to pay the individual a visit. It's not funny, it's not clever, and it pisses people off.


Last night I was meant to be going to RSVP (the student night out in Liverpool, apparently) in Concert Square. However, due to unforseen financial circumstances (ie. in the student bar beforehand everybody seemed to call in the drinks I had owed them), I couldn't be arsed. Instead I stayed with Debs, James, Jim, Lisa and a few others who I can name, but by doing so, making my blog more boring that it already is. We stayed in the D+R bar, where it was Kareoke. After a while and a few drinks, I decided that I wasn't a half bad singer (better than most that were singing last night anyway) and put myself up for the timeless classic "The Drugs Don't Work" by Verve. Hell, I had a chance of winning 24 bottles of lager, I wasn't going to turn it down. I prepared with another brewski. Then I went to the toilet and sung the first verse to it, just to prepare. I was ready. Unfortunately, due to bloody favouritism, about 3 people repeated the same songs over and over again, which meant I didn't get to sing. Bugger, as I was prepared. I hope that the people who were in the D+R bogs when I was singing cherished it, as it was fantastic. Shame half of the campus didn't share that really.

Another thing that irked me was the rather large amount of mail I get addressed to "Miss R Wynn". Now, I have checked and I am the only R Wynne, and there are no R Wynn's. So this mail is bound for me. To say the least, it is junk mail and not important, just nevertheless, I am as male as they come and it annoys me that they seem to think I am a girl. Oh well, suppose there are more important things in life to worry about

Finally, yesterday was a good day for two reasons:-

  1. United have all but advanced in the Champions League with a 4-0 win last night
  2. Here'sy (I think) have splitten up. I'm not sure about this, as I was watching it in the bar with the sound turned down, but it seemed to suggest that. Any conformation on this. If they have, it is a moral victory for quality music.

Right I'm off to bed, as I'm shattered.

Keep the faith


Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Student Life #2
One thing about being a student is that you campaign on stuff. When you are an educated student like myself you realise everything is wrong with the world. That's why they campaign for everything. They campaign for third world hunger, debt, bombing Iraq, not bombing Iraq. However, none of these would force me to get up from my hangover induced lie in on a Sunday morning. Oh no. I need a cause close to my heart. And I think I have found one.....

Hell, I haven't bought a video game this year (MAME, Blitz and Alcohol have taken care of that), and one week isn't going to make any difference. However, I'm not going to buy a video game with a purpose. No more "I don't have a PS2" excuses now, oh no. Proper, world changing, valid, excuses.

Where the bleeding hell has my blog hot or not box gone also? It's seemed to dissappear off the face of the earth!

Anyway, I'm off to change the world.

Keep the faith


Student Life
I don't think I've ever felt as bad after a night on the town as I do this morning. So much for my quiet boy reputation who's more into his course than going out. Yes, last night, for about two hours, I was absolutely trollied.

I can remember a little about the night. I remember the lesbians kissing (which, somehow, someway, worked its way onto my desktop as wallpaper), I rememeber saying "Oi Oi!" a lot, I remember shouting at the top of my voice whenever the DJ spoke, I remember speaking to people from LJM in the bog, arguing why UofL is better than theirs (I hope Mike D from Imperial Doughnut isn't reading this, else he'll hunt me down about what I said), I remember asking the DJ if he would give a shout out to "Hunchback", and I remember the jealousy (well, maybe not) of Simon, when he said that the rather attractive blonde in the white top was giving me the eye. Although I very VERY much doubt it would occur, Fletch and John seconded the motion (as Gozzard's prone to joking, Fletch was totally pissed, and John was probably just going along with the flow, and see what'll develops). I also remember giving away Andy (a friend of Fletch who was also quite drunk) last bottle of Reef. (In Blakes, the bar we were in last night, it was free entry, free shot of Vodka, and 8 bottles for £8) to some girl, who promptly showed her appreciation by flinging her arms around me, and giving me a nice long kiss on the lips. (That is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE! I haven't told anybody else about that because they would either:-

  • Laugh in my face and deny all knowledge.
  • Call me a lying bastard and deny all knowledge.

To be honest she was too short for my liking, and it wasn't the blone in white. Nevertheless, you take what's given to you.

Next week, aparently, they are filming a show called "University Uncovered", which (like the predecessors "Ibiza" and "Ayia Napa") will probably be shown on Channel 4 in the UK. Like "Ibiza" and "Ayia Napa" before it, it will probably chart the seedy underbelly of student life. Unlike them however, are the following reasons:-

  • We are all learned types here in Uni, so we make better conversation than the trouts on previous programs
  • It's bloody freezing here, and nice and warm there.
  • The seedy underbelly is not so seedy after all, as I don't think too many girls would walk around topless in the middle of October (hey, I could be wrong, I just doubt it).
  • We aint got no foam machines.
  • Alcohol is cheaper, and you know that it's clean.
  • Taking a wiz is limited to the toilets, where in the dance and party regions, it's anywhere.

Anyway I probably wont go down. I may, but only just to see what's happening. I certainly wont be getting drunk mind, as not only that I cannot afford it, but also it's going to be on telly, and I am a very proud man, and I would shudder to think what'd happen if anybody I knew saw me on that program. In that case, next Monday, I'm not drinking.

Mind you, I said that I wasn't going out and drinking loads to Debs yesterday afternoon, and look what happened to me then.

Talk to you later


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