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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Welcome to Data Structures...hope you've all brought a sleeping bag?
Just A Day...doo doo doo doo...doo doo doo doooo.
Today has been quite a boring day. As this is my blog, it is my honour, nay, my duty to pass on information about my blog to you, my twenty million hits a day audience.

Firstly, Data Structures. Lucky us. It's probably the most boring thing that has ever existed (well, certainly now, now that "Scavengers: The second worst thing John Leslie's Done" went off the air). I bet when The Big Bloke Society for Stereotypical AssignmentTMwas looking down on Earth, and thought "How can we stereotypically label people who study computers?", I'll wager they were looking in on a Data Structures lecture, and thought "I know.....nerd! That'll teach the boring bastards". In the end, all I remember was while lecture bloke was ranting on in a semi-senile state about Arrays, I fell asleep. Not good, no, but anybody who has ever studied the fun fun fun world of Data Structures would sympathise with me. Whoever teaches it, whatever form you teach it in, even if you write it across a woman's knockers in felt tip, it would still be boring. Yes, it's essential. Yes, it's 80% exam. Yes, it's pants.

A bit of an embarrassing "I shouldn't be here" type situation also occurred in our usual block, the good ol' Leccy Engineering block. Now before I relate this tale of mirthful woe, that will have you rolling about on the floor in such a way only previously achieved by alcohol, I must tell you this:-

  1. One of the lifts, for the past few weeks, has been a bit poo. It's also been on the blink for the past few days, and today was the first day this week that it has been fixed.
  2. I hardly ever use the lifts, not now on my training programme.
  3. I got into the dodgier of the two lifts.
  4. The two main floors I use are the third (leading to the computer labs) and the ground (leading to the bar).

So, 1pm arrived. As it was the end of a long day, I decided that I would forsake my training programme, and go back to the ground floor using the masterful machine work commonly called the lift. I got in, the doors shut.


I waited a few seconds, still nothing. Was the pants lift not working again? Or was I forgetting something?

It actually turned out I was, I forgot to press the button. Oh, snooker loopy nuts are we.

Wait! This could be an intresting assignment! What's it in? Data Structures? Nah, forget it.
Finally, now that you've picked yourselves quite literally off the floor after the fits of laughter you've experience, our last lecture of the day was Software Development. This is turning out to be a deja-vu-stroke-quite-interesting type situation, and there is an added bonus of the project, unlike the Data Structures "Make an unfun text only version of Transport Tycoon in Java, that'd make Chris Sawyer roll in his grave, if he was dead" Assignment, is actually quite interesting. Basically it involves all the people in the lecture (and there are loads, if we all banded together, we could probably start, and win, a war with Lichtenstein or some loser country like that) to basically produce a fully functioning website that would make Mr.Yahoo, Mr. Google and Mr. MSN wet their pants in humbleness. Even theough I am proverbial veteran to this web development mullarkey, there were a bunch of people in there who didn't have a clue, despite one coming from "I know, I'll impress the lecturer by shouting out random acronyms, even if I don't know what I'm on about" school of web development. Anyway, I'm sure that mine will be excellent.

"Aha!" I hear you cry, "What's this 'It might be fantstic, it might be pants' site going to be all about?". Well, in truth, I don't have a bleeding clue. It's being kept a suprise until Friday. Us being pathetic gamblers of Michael Owen calibre, we've already taken bets on what it is going to be. Odds on favourite is German porn. Whatever it is, if somehow this site is fantasitc, and generates so much intrest from industry bigwigs that we can call fuck our degrees, and retire on £20 million and beautiful trophy wives, then you'll hear it here first! (unless if you are in the lecture, in which case you'll hear it here second).

Keep the Faith


PS. Four weeks until Feeder. You know you want it.

|EDIT| Due to me spending a long time down the Dovedale (a bar on Penny Lane) yesterday, I forgot to post this. So it's a case of switchy-roony with all "Today"'s to "yesterday"'s type situation. Now don't say I don't make you work for this fine piece of webrature.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

HIS ASS IS MINE #2: Lance Armstrong. American bloke who can ride a bicycle like nobody's business
The Village Bike
Yesterday, the "Training Programme" (as it's been so eliquently dubbed) continued. Swimming for another hour, followed by about 40 minutes on the exercise bike. However, quite suprisingly, I under-estimated my fitness. I proceeded to go on "Level 1" resistance. However, I hardly broke up a sweat. I did however cycled 16 miles (for all you geographers out there, that's the distance from me in Colwyn Bay to my nearest known website on GeoUrl) and burned off 170 calories (about half a pint). Result! Lance Storm will be quaking in his boots, fearing the king of the swimming pool and now the exercise bike.

I'm having a day off from "Training" today, because I just cannot be arsed.

Hi....I'm Bill Gates...and, uh..welcome to Jackass
It snowed today as well. That was pretty cool. Not for long though, but long enough for me to get half the antartic shoved down my back. Oh, aren't Computer Scientists just so hillariously funny? I'm sure Bill Gates is not adverse to doing stunts that would make Johnny Knoksville and his mates wince in pain or lighting his farts when he's had a few.

Speaking on Computer Scientists. Apart from being so funny they make people that Dave Gorman bloke seem as funny as cholera, they also must ALL be wearing glasses. Their monitors have such huge text it's unbelievable. That, and beards. You must have a beard. I think it was COMP105: Beard Growth and Tweed Jacket Fashions.

I knew I had to slip on one module.

Keep the Faith


Monday, January 27, 2003

Get in! (part 2)

The Great Phil Neville. Not a hint of sarcasm there, oh no.

Manchester United 6 - 0 West Ham. A lot of people are happy for this match (if you are a Man U fan, that is. West Ham fans are a little degected. And understandably so, I've seen rugby teams win with less points scored). But I'm not. Sure, four players scored: Giggsy twice, RVN twice, Olly once, and Phil "The Greatest Player in the History of the World" Neville with one. However, seven players didn't. We should of hammered (no pun intended) them even more. Six - Nil? Even Liverpool wouldn't even beat Crystal Palace by that score.

No wait, Liverpool wouldn't beat Crystal Palace.

Right, that's my last post for the day, I've spent so much time on this today, and I'm going for some tea.

Keep The Faith


Get in!


Really not much else to say about that. It's not quite 15k or 20g's, but it's a start.

Keep the Faith


Cryptic Messages
Again, much to the unequivial delights of students of the "long posts? give me short sharp stories" school of blogging, another bitty post, with a few shorter posts compressed into one type situation for your ease of enjoyment.

The weekend in Liverpool (only my third) was good fun. Now, over the weekend I did have a bit of a row with my orangeade bottle wielding mum about last mondays events, which she read on this very site. So that all you reglar readers could be enlightened on the events of saturday, here it is:-

The night began in a bar at 8 O'Clock. After one or five drinks of Jack Daniels and coke, we were quite drunkenly happy. We later went to the guild due to their cheap drinks and rather expensive salad bar. I cannot remember, but shortly before 11 o'clock, we went to the Time Tunnel because it had a late licence and their music is fantastic. We arrived home at 2. After all, we had been drinking since 12, after spending under ten thousand pounds. When at home, we continued drinking before we fell into a deep, drunken sleep. I woke up at least 11 hours later allowing myself a little lie in because it was Sunday. And I was hungover.

Anyway, in all seriousness though, it was an excellent weekend. I had a really good laugh on Saturday (I really didn't drink that much. Honest!), and it didn't end too late.

I think I've become somewhat of a pioneer. No sooner did my swimming escapades hit this blog, that not one, not two, not even three oh no, four people immediately started swimming (in a pool, not just jumped into the nearest puddle or summit). This beats the previous trend-setting record of 3 people who started programming after I released Penalty Prize (the first one, not the one released this summer). Admittedly it's not quite Mahatma Gandhi levels of pioneer work, but Rome wasn't built in a day.

I've remained in the top 5 reader opinions on The Weblog Review for most of the weekend, beating my previous record of six seconds. A very nice review could soon be the order of the day, n'est pas (ooh top appealing to other cultures)?

Finally, I was intrested (no really, I was) reading the beginnings of a blog by Tom Barton, for the pure and simple reason that he went to the same school as me. Top Eirias posse type situation!

Keep The Faith


Saturday, January 25, 2003

Like A Phoenix from the Flames
A bitty post, with a little bit of an update so you can quite literally keep abreast of what I am up to.

It mine, and all is well with the world again.

The "Make Rhys Loose Weight So He Doesn't Look Like That Peter Kay Bloke In That John Smiths Advert Project"TM has come to an abrupt halt. Not that I want it to, oh no. It's just that today, when I went, I was planning on using either the running or cycling machines. However, you needed like some sort of card before you could use it. This card (due to the fact that I'm still not 'on the system' yet) I still have no idea of getting. Being sports centre workers, they're not too bright, and anybody I asked "How to get the card?" said to ask someone else. After half an hour of asking people who were 1/116th my IQ (To understand that joke, I have an IQ of, apparently, 116) I decided to give up, and go swimming. Unfortunately, there was a canoeing class on at the time (bleeding canoists), so instead I headed off to town (which I'll talk about next) for a few hours. When I got back however, the blasted place had shut. I left dejected, with the only form of exercise I had done was

In town was pretty successful, to further advance "The Project" (mentioned above) I had a very healthy baked potato and beans from Spud-U-Like. Excellentay. I also got another Avril Lavigne poster and more importantly........DOOM! Not just Doom, oh no. Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom. All together in an orgy of CD-ROM related DOS games type situation.

You think that I'm strong...well, you're probably right.

Oh, and for those of you who read the title and thought "Hey Rhys, is that title in any way honour to that ex-Take That bloke from Stoke who has just signed a $80 Million contract dispite his latest album being a bit poo". Well I'll answer "No. Silly.". The title is infact reference to this very weblog which in fact has (for a few hours at least before the critical yanks and the very critical Canadians creep onto the site) creeped back up into a respectable third on The Weblog Review's site. Top self-voting!

And finally, a big slap on the wrists goes to either Blogger or Blogspot for the fact that not only is my site (and a few others) slower than a paraplegic tortoise on 56k, but also the appearance of what could only be described as a pop up ad. Either that, or the Uni is watching me on this site.

Keep the Faith


Rhys? You been lighting your farts again?
And I don't Want to Miss A Thing
Yesterday was actually quite an important day for everybody on this Earth, yet nobody picked up on it. Y'see, yesterday, for the umpteenth time in the history of this planet, was supposed to be the end of the world.

For all those religious types don't go repenting just yet, as it's now th 25th, and I'm still here.

I remember one time when I was actually scared (and really convinced myself) it was the end of the world. The year is 1998, David Beckham became a national hate figure by booting over some Argentinan bloke, students were given a rough time by introducing tuition fees, and the Spice Girls dominated the charts with their blend of manufactured shenanegans, broken only by Boyzone and Aqua (remember them? I'm sure you don't want to). Anyway, there seemed to be a lot of hoo-haa whereby Nostradamus (some old bloke who predicted so much, that some of them were bound to come true) had predicted that the world was going to end on the upcoming Saturday, in an orgy of fire and blood and shite like that.

There was actually quite a bit of press coverage around that time for some reason, and all that (because you always believe everything you read in the press), along with me being a little depressed at the time, meant that I was seriously worried that Saturday was my last day on this plannet.

Nostradamus: If only the bugger predicted the winner at the 2:50 at Newmarket, then I'd be on easy street.
When Saturday came, I was almost resigned to the fact that the world would end. What to do with my last 24 hours. Firstly, I drew 20 quid out of my account (when you are an unworking individual in full time education, with only £2 pocket money a week, it's a lot) and blew it on a couple of WWF videos. "Over The Edge" and, painfully ironic, "Armageddon". However, unbeleiver Dad hijacked the TV, meaning I was unable to watch the videos (at this time we were poor, had one TV, one video, and lived in a cardboard box). Undaunted, I decided to go with my Mum to the local school's Summer Fayre. I'd love to say I blew all my money fighting little kiddies on the bouncy castle, but I didn't. I just sat there and helped mum rake in the money for the local youth club. At 5 o'clock, we packed up and left for my 'last supper'.

This actually was a pretty good meal, classic Fish and Chips and Peas, so that was pretty cool. Nevertheless, 8 o'clock rolled around, meant that there was just 4 hours left of planet Earth. Everybody who I hung around with went out to (I think) the local astroturf for a kickabout. However, what did I do? I spent twenty quid on two videos! I'll be damned if I didn't get to see them (although, looking at the way I lived my life, if it was the end of the world, I'd probably be damned anyway). So I sat down with a couple of beers and ended up watching about half of one video. I finished the beers off, and in a drunken state I fell to sleep on the couch.

Now, the fact that I'm still here sorta gives a bit of an indication that it wasn't the end of the world, I woke up on sunday by Mum, who had very kindly shifted me off into my proper bed (either that or sleepwalked), and had not very kindly decided to hoover at some ungodly hour in the morning.

"uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh" was my rather generic reply.

"What's wrong?" said Mum, oblivious to the 24 hours of utter torture I'd put myself through.

"Drunk too much." I answered. This was the time where my liver was still in it's infancy, and only a couple of cans could test my wellbeing.

"Oh well, it's not the end of the world."

And there you have it, the only time I had actually be frightened that the world was going to end. In heinsight though, I can see (as a predominately scientific individual) that my reasoning behind this 'end of the world' was nonsense. Even when the new milennium, I wasn't at all bothered (as a lot of sane people were convincing themselves that the world was going to end). Never the less, we've got a long time to wait for the next world ending. Apparently note it down in your diaries, as it's sometime in 2450. I can hardly wait.

In other News
If you noticed the distinct lack of swearing in the last post, it's because we have a new reader of this blog (bringing the grand total to err one). My mum! Maybe it is the end of the world.

|EDIT| Added a GeoURL thing to the bottom of the site, but unfortunately I got the latitude and longitute the wrong way round. So instead of saying I was in a North Wales, I said I was somewhere near Nairobi. Oh we're snooker loopy nuts are we.

Keep the Faith


Friday, January 24, 2003

Right, which bugger had a camera on me swimming yesterday?
Going Swimmingly
Since when I was knee high to a grass skirt, I have always shunned exercise. With the exception of Dancing Stage, Snooker and Darts, I have hated all forms of "working out" as it looks more trouble than it's worth. It shows as well, in primary school, people were collecting awards from sporting achievements in the school assembly. Being the arrogent bastard that I am, I was jealous but, being the lazy bastard that I am, I wasn't prepared to do owt about it. The other trade off is that I've got a rather large wasteline. Not massive, and a little unnoticable (due to baggy clothes) but it's there nonetheless. I've always avoided exercise, until now.

Yesterday was the first time I've been swimming since primary school, and the first piece of serious exercise for at least six months (excluding the old snooker and darts). I thought it was time to finally get myself into some sort of respectable shape.

As previously mentioned, the pool is massive. There are three lanes, slow, medium and fast. Despite the fact that I looked like Peter Kay, and noticed the safety risks of all the lifeguards were stationed at the shallow end of a pitiful 0.9 meters, and the fact that half the students in the pool were probably peeing due to the night before's alcohol, I decided to jump in.

Ian Thorpe: Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day...HIS ASS IS MINE!
As it's a massive swimming pool, loads of people use it. One group of people who do are local primary schools, who use it to get their kids upto speed just in case they fall in the Mersey or summit. Anyway, there I was doing length after length with about as much grace as a drowning spider, whereas these kids who probably weren't even born when I started swimming were kicking my proverbial behind after doing length after length.

After two hours of swimming around in circles at a speed that wouldn't make Ian Thorpe loose any sleep, I decided to leave.

Will I do it again? Course I will, the speed and the laughing at by half of Liverpool's under 12 contingent did nothing to hide the fact that it was a good time. However, I'll probably stick to something else, probably ride an exercise bike for a time. The reason's are:-

  1. They make me sweat (riding them).
  2. Like everything that is great in this life, I can do it sitting on my arse.
  3. I can go at my own pace, which is nice, because you could be going slow and people will think "Oh look, there's that Welsh bloke, he's going slow on an exercise bike, he's got it on mountain setting, what a bloke" type situation. It would also be technically correct. It'd be mountain setting, except going downhill.

Sey what you see...
Later on in the day, I went to town and stayed out until two. I pulled many times with fit ex models*, and then went to the chippy. Of course, I obstained, but the chippy was called "Mr. Chips", which, in my semi-drunken state at the time caused me to shoud in a bad Roy-Walker-from-Catchphrase-accent to shout "LUK AT MR. CHIPS, WHAT IS HE DOIN'!!" (only UK people with a knowledge of tea-time quiz shows would even find that remotely funny, if you want to try and achieve a snigger from the above, click here for more Catchphrase related funnies).

Right I'm off, dunno what to do now, just piss about.

Keep the Faith


*Regular blog reader but hates to admit it Fl*tcher said to me last night "Now, if you write in your blog that you pulled today, then I'm going to do something." I want to see what that is, being the inquizitive little blighter that I am.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

We're On Our Way To The Milennium Stadium

Paul Scholes. Not bad, for a ginner.

Manchester United 3 - 1 Blackburn Rovers. For those of you who didn't see it, Manchester United, with the help of Paul Scholes (2) and R.V.N. Anyway, we're through to the final to meet Liverpool.

To be honest, it'll be a great game, two of the most prestigeous clubs in the country meeting for the world's most un-prestigeous cup competition, in a stadium which is not even in the country of the cup's league. My, the English game is a little fucked.

Predictions for March 2nd (2 days before my 19th! Write it down in your diaries, with a yellow pen, and a blue box around it.)? Well, as far as Liverpool goes, they are struggling for European football after a Bruce and Kieron Dyer season so far. They'll hold back (as usual). Manchester United have nothing to gain except the Worthless Cup. They'll play a very attacking game with R.V.N., Olly, Scholesy and Diego. I can see them sneaking it.

In other News
Due to the catastropic bonding between joining the gym yesterday, and all my lectures have been unfortunately cancelled, I think I may just go swimming for a few hours. I'll grace the poolside with my fat, pale body that is seen nowhere else except, well, wherever you've got a large following of England fans.

Keep the Faith


Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Just When I've Bought A Snazzy New Jumper...

Right Lads...All together now.........FUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!!!
Now, one thing that I love about the site is that I distance myself from the news and current affairs. You'll never hear me talk about Iraq, Terrorism and shite like that because, quite frankly, it's a bit boring. However, the British Government anounced that we will have to pay 'top-up' fees to Universities in order to go. Well here's my take on it.

People take money from me. This is bad. I'm unhappy, and when I'm unhappy, I give people Chinese burns.

Metal Slug: Now appearing at your local sports centre (if that happens to be the one in Liverpool)
In Much Better News
I have now signed up for a year at the Sports Centre at the University, hopefully to start swimming. Included with my £24 a year signup fee, I also got a free tour of the centre. Included in the sports centre are the following perks and niceities:-
  • A big, and I mean huge swimming pool. In size terms, it could probably give the Indian Ocean a run for it's money.
  • A weights room. Complete with students that have graduated from the "Degree? Give me big huge arms instead" school of Uni Life.
  • A five a side/badminton/basketball/exam hall place where you can do most ball and ball-less sports (except handgliding).
  • A chocolate machine, that sorta nullifies the purpose of the sports centre.
  • A "Neo Geo 6-sation" machine. With Puzzle Bobble, Metal Slug, Super Sidekicks, and three other games. What they are will forever remain a mystery.
  • More lockers than Parkhust
  • Not sure when I can access it yet, when ever I get put 'on the system' (which sounds a bit dodgy). When I do, it's going to be bye bye to big belly (well, hopefully some of it anyway).

    Right, I'm buggering off home. That's your lot today. If you want more of me, well check out here. This is my old blog. Five entries before I got bored. It's stale, it's got a pants layout, it's Livejournal but, what the hell, it's me.

    |EDIT| Actually don't bother clicking on that link. It's a bit like one of those tapes of you in the Nactivity play. The more you look at it, the more you cringe. I was young, and I was foolish.

    Keep the Faith


    A DIY Chippy.
    This is not the greatest blog in the world, NO! This is a tribute
    Unlike the fish in the mankey fishmongers on the monday market, I am quite literally gutted at my unbeliably unbelivable lack of inclusion at the "Third Annual Weblog Awards". As far as blogs go (cannot be arsed concentrating on all the catagories), they are all (with the exception of C:/PIRILLO.EXE) a bit pants (they all seem a bit corperate). However, I blame that my lack of inclusion isn't due to lack of votes, oh no. It's politics, yep. Politics.

    What did he do wrong?

    I see that cheeky little bloke from Star Trek is destinctantly noticable from his absece in the final catagory. Are we maybe seeing a shift in popularity of blogs? Could the big players in the game be falling by the wayside? I don't know, and quite frankly, I couldn't care less.

    Finally, Scaryduck wasn't voted. Surely the best blog in Britain be there? Oh well, who am I to judge popular culture. Vote for whoever you want.

    In other News
    I'd like to welcome back the first week of September back to this site, as it's decided to behave itself and not be more annoying than that advert on TV where that bloke says "NEXT TIME YOUR ROOF LEAKS, DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU!" (caps only present for effect). University life is okay, although I have a distinct ability of waking up at 4am with no prior reason, which is a bit of a bitch.

    Those of you who read the last post and thought "Oooh, I wonder what how funny that guy falling over at West Ham was", well, aren't you in for a treat! Yes, curteosy of Sky Sport's Third Eye, there is a video of it right here labelled "Kevin Phillips Falls over whilst training". Don't I treat you so well? Now imagine seeing that live, and it was like Christmas come early.

    Finally, I've found the only use of java ever in the world ever here. Who here would love to do that? (raises hand higher than a man pole vaulting on everest). Only problem is I can see myself being a bit pants at it. Even with my first semester of University Java course behind me.

    Keep the Faith


    Tuesday, January 21, 2003

    T'is may-zin what you can do wit computer and t'internet.
    A First
    As a regular blog reader would notice, you have had the honour (or not) of reading firsts (and lasts) that occur for me. You've seen my last day in schooling, my first ever time pulled and first days at university. All those have been proud days, however, last night was a first as well. The first time I've vomitted as a direct result of alcohol.

    Now half of you will scream at the sound of this, but I actually don't drink loads. I am quite weak when it comes to alcohol, but last night, I drunk like a thing that drinks a lot. Not beer or lager now, just spirits, Jack Daniels + Coke all night long. I cannot remember much about the actual night, except me re-aquainting myself with my burger and chips lunch, so I cannot really talk about it.

    Those of you who don't want me to physically destroy myself via alcohol and food will be pleased to know that I'm heavily considering joining the Liverpool University sports centre. What will I do? I'm probably going to just swim, rather than do any sorts of resistance training (see? I know the lingo. Not just a pretty face me!). The only problam with swimming is that when wearing swimming shorts, I look like Peter Kay in that John Smith's advert*. Yes a pain, but if I didn't, why would I start swimming.

    Keep the Faith


    *For those who don't know, the John Smiths advert goes like this. Canadian bloke with tight trunks does great dive into swimming pool, scores highly. Aussie Bloke does the same. Then Peter Kay (who is a fat funny bloke from Bolton) with fat belly and hawaiian swimming trunks does running bomb into pool, causes massive splash. Gets 10.0 average scores, rises from pool with arms aloft and builders bum. One of the funniest things seen since that time that that bloke ran across the pitch at West Ham, and fell on his arse.

    Monday, January 20, 2003

    The personification of my lecture timetable.
    Organised Chaos
    Like Anthea Turner before it, my Second Semester timetable is proving to be a bit of a bitch. Not much drop in the amount of lectures I have, and they do seem to be spaced out more (which is a pain, as I have two two hour slots where I have nothing to do). The lectures haven't kicked off yet, just a few introductory courses.

    That's if we could find them, that is.

    It all seems very last minute, like they took each lecture, wrote it on a piece of paper, stuck it to a dartboard and threw darts at it. Nobody has a clue where to be, and that's just the lecturers. We just seem to be walking around in circles.

    Couple that with the fact that we have lectures in the Computer Science block, and that's about a half mile away from our block, and we're going to be a bit scuppered. When we did arrive, we were greeted by this German guy who was grinning with the kind of arrogence we've come to expect from the Germans living in the UK (hey, if you don't believe me, look at Didi Hammann of Liverpool), and sat through a really, really boring Data Structures lecture. It's a wierd sort of lecture. It's like eating with your hands tied behind your back, it's made harder than it actually is. Also, we actually have to take notes in the lecture, rather just getting them on sheets of paper, and underlining the key points. Couple that with my weak wrists, then I'm going to be hurting this semester. I'm so glad I didn't do Computer Science. All in all, I'm a little miserable at the moment, but nothing that a little alcohol and cheesy wotsits wont fix. Roll on Software Development in an hour.

    Keep the Faith


    Sunday, January 19, 2003

    Sticking to the Script
    If you would be bothered to read that post that was the size of Wigan, and about as interesting as Wigan, you would notice me talking about Bandwagons, and how with a bit of luck, you can make lots of moolah in short space of time. In any rate, I was thinking that this blog is on the bandwagon of Weblogs.

    You see, Blogger recently announced 1 million users. Now, discounting blogs that are no longer updated, but including people hosted on other things like Livejournal, there is quite a lot of people out there who are quite literally writing whatever they feel. With the introduction of templates, people are making all similar blogs. Very few stand out. Those who do, are excellent, and are well known. You've got bloke from Star Trek, Britians Second Best Blog, bloke who appears seemingly on everybody else's blog, bird who writes for that weblog website and bloke who works for the company that makes the blighters . All in all, a mixed bunch. With many blokes, birds and possibly even aliens writing blogs, it can be difficult to stand out. Of course, if you have a little gimmick, it makes it even easier.

    Up steps regular reader of this site bloke Max, and not even seen this site, but sure he'll like the traffic generated from this link Chris, what they've done, in a mire of technical experise and some free/expensive/pirated software is digitised they're handwriting into the computer, saved it as a font, and uploaded onto the computer. For thick people, this means is when they write their blog, it's in they're actual writing. I was a little apprehensive, but it is a visual treat. So, why don't I join in?

    I don't write much. If I want to write, I use a computer (with the exception of shopping lists, and crap like that). Usually if I write more than a couple of pages, my phenomanally weak wrists for a male who's been through puberty ache like hell. Also, there is one more disconserting fact. The fact that my handwriting is about as legible as a drunk two year old writing on a bus, in the middle of an earthquake:-

    My Handwriting: Only decipherable by MI5. On a good day.

    Could you imagine this blog written in this scrawl, it'd make even less sense than it does now. Nice try guys, and your blog looks great, but I'll stick to plain old verdana thank you very much.

    In other News
    Yesterday, I was planning on going back to Liverpool today, however, thanks to a long running punch up between the train drivers and the people who pay their wages, the train drivers are striking. They are running a "Skeleton" (or "We'll be damned if you can actually get anywhere") service. This means that to get to Liverpool I'd need to travel first to Manchester, then back. Also, it's also a bugger trying to get a bus back to my halls, so that my journey will take far to long. Couple that with my lazy boy attitude, I've decided that I cannot be arsed. I (probably) wont miss any lectures, just the D+R pub quiz. F Block will be struggling with the only person with any grasp of sciences missing from the team.

    Keep the Faith


    Moraff's Summit or other Johng...pants.
    Hopping on the Bandwagons...
    WARNING: There are a few links to some of US's Big Businesses. If you are from some Arab nation, or one of those people who just loves Linux, you may like to skip this post. Likewise if you think I'm fantastic, and not a geek at all, as this may destroy your myth. Ta.

    Bandwagons are incredibly fickle things, and are seemingly around to lure me on, then the second I do, I either join it too late, or far too early (almost to the point that it doesn't take off). You need luck in this game so that you join a movement as it's just about to explode into mainstream media situation, then leave just as it's about to die, so you are remembered for it.

    For example: Look at Steve Moraff. The year is 1995. Musically, a war was fought between the Spice Girls manufactured pop and hardcore Brit Rock from the likes of Oasis and The Priogedy, the war in the former Yugoslavia was just kicking off, and the single biggest reason for William H. Gates III to print money* is released on the world stage. The unsuprisingly titled Microsoft Windows 95. This fact is important, as, with major operating systems, comes majorly operated hype. Although it seems hard to believe today, but Windows 95 revolutioned the world in the way we write documents, play minesweeper, and search for porn.

    So where does our cheeky blighter Moraff come in? Well, if you've been down to any Shell Petrol Station and picked up one of those "100 Games for Windows 95", you would be familiar of his work. He releases shareware games that are usually a barrage of multimedia frenzy and end up slowing your computer down to a crawl, before choking up his "Hi. I'm Steve Moraff. Please purchase these games". He was quite good at making copies of Mahjonng (that wierd Chinese tile game that takes ages to set up, which I cannot play for the life of me), that's it. Despite all this, he was very successful.

    How? Simply being at the right place, at the right time. Moraff released his first shareware Windows 95-Only disk days before Windows 95 came out, so he got such head start. Soon his software, for lack of better replacements, was all over various "Windows 95 Games" CD's. When mainstream media reared it's ugly head, it saw lots of cheap games, and then the multimedia extravaganza that is Morejohnng. He, with his MIDI Music, 256 Color graphics and lacklusture gameplay impressed millions, he made a bit of cash, just for being at the Multimedia ripple, and riding the whole wave.

    My Donkey Kong Visual Pinball....not pants.
    So why am I telling you this? Well, as previously mentioned, I'm crap at hitting the right time with bandwagons. I've only done it once (with Visual Pinball, where Donkey Kong was featured on some German channel (at it's peak). As for everything else. Quake? Missed it. Blitz? There, but not too big on the scene. Everything else has either been a damp squib, or I've refused to get 'into'. Harry Potter being the prime example for that one.

    Anyway I'm pretty sure I've bored you all into a brain haemorrage, so I'll shut up. Like my shirt when it's -20 outside, and I'm drunker than an Irishman, it's just something I want to get off my chest. Plus, next time I stumble into a Moraff game, and Steve comes up on screen with "Hi, I'm Steve Moraff, please purchase these games", I'm not likely to put my foot through the computer scren.

    Keep the Faith


    * I'm quite aware that Windows 3.1 sold more copies than 95, but look at 95 onwards. Every Windows is looked on with baited breath of being the saviour to all computing woes. It never is.

    Friday, January 17, 2003

    If you think you know trivia games, it don't mean jack now....
    Flickerpiss Breastbum
    Oh lordy me. I am literally itching to get programming again in Blitz, as I am chock full to the brim of ideas that I probably have a good bash at making. One which I would love to do is a remake of Sierra's "You Don't Know Jack".

    For those of you who have never played it, it is one of those games you either love or hate. Fronted in the UK by Dennis Pennis (although the cheesy US voice in the America's version is infinitely better), it's a gameshow on your computer, where the 'contestants' (you and two mates) battle it out for (fake) cash prizes. It avoids the trap that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and The Weakest Link, by being absolutely hilarious. If you like Trivia games, or Monty Python/Fawlty Towers style humour, it's well worth getting.

    So anyway, why don't I go back to Blitz? Well, like minded Computer Engineers and programmers will know, it can be a bit of a bugger to get motivated. Being naturally lazier than a tranquilized sloth on his day off, I often have trouble motivating myself to start something new. Knowing that also I will need to motivate myself further after Sunday (as I am going back to university for a few weeks), I'll be a bit scuppered. So, until the day when Fat Rich Bloke can offer me large sums of cash to make fantastic game, I'll be struggling to get anything finished, or indeed started.

    Keep the Faith


    Thursday, January 16, 2003

    Fit right in to the busselling metropolis that is L.L.P.G. with this guide!
    Give me...all of the bliss, and joy in the world
    I'm fastly considering the unemployment way of living. It's great. Wake up at midday, have brekkie, doss about on the internet for a few hours, tea, TV, and update your blog. Now who wouldn't want that?

    Now, for those of you who woke up this morning, read my last post, and thought "Hmmm...I wonder how you pronounce that town name?", well whoopie you! I will attempt to spell it phonetically. But first, a few explinations:-

    1. When you see "Ll"'s prounced in a wierd way, that can only be heard. If you can imagine pronouncing "THL", then that's pretty bloody close. But not perfect. Willy Welsh and the Welsh Language Family will laugh you out of Cardiff if he hears you say it, but for a non-suspecting English speaker who, frankly, doesn't know any better, then it's okay.
    2. "Ch" is also a bit freaky. Imagine a cross between hocking up a greenie, and saying "Loch" (as in "Loch Ness"), and you're there.

    I'll be writing "Ll" as the "Thl" equivalent, and "Ch" as "Ch". Remember these rules.

    Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. The bugger of a town name that was surely made to take the piss, Phonetically!

    Welsh: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.
    English (wanting to sound Welsh): Thlan-vire-pothl-gwin-gilth-gol-ger-uwch-chwin-drob-width-thlan-tiss-silly-oh-goh-goh-goch.
    English (wanting to sound like a twat): Lan-fire-poof-gwin-gith-gol-ger-ich-win-drob-width-lan-tiss-silly-oh-gore-gore-gorch.

    Now for those of you who don't understand it, tough. Try the first phonetic first, then the second (it's slightly easier, as all the "Ll"s are replaced with "L"s. However, walk into Wales and start pronouncing "Ll" like "L", and you will get a kicking).

    Let me leave you with this thought: Why is "Phonetically" spelt with a "Ph", when it should really be spelt with an "F"?

    Keep the Faith


    Wednesday, January 15, 2003

    A World Record!
    I'll sneak this in and give it the coverage it deserves before Punclox includes it in one of it's infamous link lists. Basically, sometime (fairly recently) a company called set a world record by registering the world's longest domain. The Welsh town,

    For those of you who don't know LLPG (as it's commonly, and sensibly shortened to) is a town on the Isle Of Anglesey, not a million miles away from yours truly. It's a really nice place. Even though it's not the longest website in the world (some file hosted on Geocities took that), it's the longest domain, and that's what really matters.

    So, begs the question, can I say that, being Welsh. Now, behind "Do you shag sheep?", "Can you say that place name?" is probably the most common question I get asked for being Welsh. The answer is, quite simply, yes. It's like riding a bike, you do it in bits, and once you are there, you'll never forget. It gives you something to talk about down the pub (when you are REALLY struggling), and it rolls off the tongue easily, despite what anybody says.

    Keep the Faith


    My unloved child...believe me, there are very few images on Tobal #1 online!
    Rhys' sexier, better, but still a bit bitty post
    Hello! I'm now experiencing the greatest emotion of them all. Twenty-thousand times better than sex (although I'm a bleeding fine one to talk about that) and ten times greater than winning the FA Cup, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. It's the feeling that, until Sunday, I don't have to do anything. That's right. I call this emotion "Un-Stressed".....for lack of a better name. However, the true experience of "Unstressed" will undoubtably occur when my wrist will stop aching from the "astronomical for an engineering student that types out all his essays" amount of writing I had to carry out.

    No jokes please.

    For those of you who cannot be arsed reading the previous post, I had an exam today. While I thought that it would be bitchier than a room full of Jerry Springer guests, it was actually nowhere near as bad as I thought it was. Using every drop of my half-shot glass of Wafflability, I should of done okay. Goodie.

    After the exams, I did a bit of retail therapy. After selling a couple of items, I had the most unusual thing for a student, money to burn. Not wanting to experience this for much longer, I plumped a visit to gamestation, where I bought a copy of Tobal #1. Unless you've been reading this site religiously since the mid summer (not many people, that is), you will be unaware of the fact that I love it. The only problems are that nobody else does, as it's very ameteurish in it's look (very unlike Square). However, like Square, it's incredibly deep once you get to grips with it. It's full of chain moves etc., and the quest mode is excellent. As previously mentioned, it's looks like a pile of poo, but it's well worth searching out.

    Feeder just seems to be getting better and better. It has been announced that "Semi Alright Band" Hell is for Heroes will be supporting them. This makes a change from the usual bands as, usually, I haven't heard of them. These I have (they headlined Liverpool a few months back) heard of. Top notch support type situation there!

    Finally, those of you who are interested, I did get a lemonade. It was 7up. It tasted like crap.

    Keep the faith


    Obey your thirst....
  • I am currently about three and a half hours away from my last exam. Multimedia - Concepts And Practice. It's an exam from the "Looks easy, but I bet you'd fuck it up" school of examinations. It's just full of things like "What is Raytracing?" and the like, so I should be just about okay. Also, rumours are going around that it's multiple choice. This will be fantastic, as I am as good at waffling as Christopher Consise of the Consise Club of Consise Writing, on the most Consise day of his life, with an electric Consise Machine, although some of your regular readers will be inclined to disagree.
  • Regarding the "Write in if you are Remotely Famous Project", current entries are thin on the ground, as suspected. However, I suppose I could add that on the Panacea Site there was a guy who claimed to be the bassist of The Hives. Now the fact that he claimed to be the bassist of a band that is big, but not huge, makes me believe that it is true. I'd like to believe it anyway.
  • If anybody is born to market goods, it's Max of A Teenager Blogs. I was reading his post on why he hasn't update (tip: don't bother, nobody really cares if you miss an update. Well they don't here.) and reading this:-
    "Lying out on a sunbed, glass of lemonade to my left, a beautiful tanned brunette girl in a bikini to the right."
    I immediately thought "Hmmmm....I want a glass of lemonade". Top marketing of other people's products!
  • There will be a bigger, better and sexier update later tonight, I'm just posting to let you know that I still care about this blog.
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    Sunday, January 12, 2003

    Up in my lonely room, where I'm dreaming of you....
    I have a cunning plan....
    I have been thinking a lot within the last 24 hours, mostly during that pants film that I refused to watch last night. It was one of those "Oooh, I've been originally banned, that makes me hard and scary" type situation. "The Burning". In all fairness, it wasn't scary, just sick. In any rate, I didn't watch it, and thought about this site a lot (yes, I am sad, sue me), and mainly about the last post I posted, more specifically the bit right at the end, last few paragraphs.

    Is this you?
    You see, I have been thinking a lot about that bloke from Star Trek (not that way, pervert), and from what I can gather he seems like a nice bloke. He is also, famous of some sorts, despite me never hearing of him before. Anyway, there is no doubt that he is probably the most famous person to put together a blog of some sorts. Unless I am recognised (hopefully) as the (rightful) undisputed lord master of the known universe, that fact will remain, and I will never beat it.

    Or maybe Pat 'The Mullet' Sharp?
    However, while there's no denying he is the most famous blog writer, just who is the most famous blog READER? Ah, see what I've done there? You see, sometime within the last two weeks, I broke the 4000 mark. Now, discounting the fact that 3000 are regular readers, me, family and Sibley, that (for all you mathmeticians) leaves just over 1000 visitors, who just so happen to stumble onto this site. Using the process of elimination, some of them are BOUND to be famous, right?

    Then, it struck me. With the Know My Brother Project seemingly run it's course (though it will never die) I needed a new project. A new idea to (hopefully) generate intrest in this small corner of the web. I needed a project.

    And so, whilst some poor child actor was getting nicely toasted by some even worst actor stroke pyromaniac, the "Write in if Even Remotely Famous Reader" was born!

    Of course, it'd be cool if Avril read this....but I seriously doubt it.
    Right, this is either going to be a resounding success or a dismal failure (and the more I think of it, it's leaning towards the latter), and if you are remotely famous, you E-Mail Me saying who you are. Obviously there's going to be people out there who think they are famous when they are not (like someone who was convinced that he was Ben Affleck, despite looking nothing like him), and I will like to have some proof. Though not essential.

    So what qualifies as being famous? Well, anything really. If you had a walk in part in Corrie, write in! If you appeared in panto, write in! If you played footie for East Fife, write in! However, some "celebrities" will get more kudos than others. You cannot compare the legend formally known as Timmy Mallett with someone like Jamie Congleton, former Colwyn Bay player who was shite. Currently, there is no way to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff, but there's nothing we can do about it.

    Also, nobody write in saying they are Issac Newton. Cos he's dead.

    Keep The Faith


    Saturday, January 11, 2003

    I'm going out for a while, so I can get high with my friends....
    I don't want to drag you down, hold you down, because you're a friend
    I guess I should mention this, as this gives me something remotely interesting to talk about. February. Thursday 27. Team Wynne, along with my brother, will be going to see the great "Feeder". And I cannot fucking wait.

    For One True Voice fans, Feeder are a great practitioner in Indie (or, as Team Wynne would say, good) music. I hope they play a lot of their old stuff, but to be honest, I wouldn't care if it's just the new album. They're great, I'm going, you're jealous!

    Team Wynne's brace is currently getting better! I'm still having trouble eating (especially apples, being my current bane) and it still tingles (IT TASTES FUNNY MAM!!! IT REALLY DOES!!) but it doesn't feel like I've given a blowjob to a mountain bike, and had brake cables caught in my teeth.

    The winner of every single weblog award ever.
    After nearly half a week since first placed the link about the weblog awards, I've finally made my choice. So who did I vote for? Not telling. Here's a clue: it's not that bloke from Star Trek, that's for bloody sure. Despite being the only person in the known blogging universe not to vote for him. Does that make me a pioneer? Yes. Does that make me controversial? Of course. Does it really make any difference? Absolutely not.

    Am I bitter? Only time will tell...

    |EDITED BIT THAT WAS ADDED ON| Special Congratulations, as he reads this site (I think). Imperial Doughnut, he may not know yet, but there is a (fairly) lengthly piece on it in the latest edition of Web User. Top mainstream media penetration type situation.

    Keep the faith


    Thursday, January 09, 2003

    Cue Manical Laughter Type Situtation
    Every day, somewhere located in the mire of Nigeria Scams, useful e-mails, eirias e-mails, goldfish sex and people selling me crap, there my Daily Comics. Horror of horror, these are actually mailing lists that I actually like being on, as they are usually hillarious. Todays was by far the best ever.


    Just thought I'd share that with you all.

    Keep the Faith.


    BOVed on my own accord.... makes a change.
    Scruitiny (Random Thoughts)
  • See that graphic on the right? In the classic "The Art of Rhys-isms" tabelly thing, is a small "Unique Icon" that basically says my sites been BOVed. BOVing is the unique name given to reviews given by Bloggy Opinions. Before you write in and say "Rhys! Don't you hate people criticising your site, as you are very spineless?". I'd say "Yes". However, I cannot resist it. I like getting a third opinion (the second being my mum or Sibley) from someone who I have never me before. Plonking a high speed computer in front of someone with my webpage/game and say "Is it good or bad?" is quite a popular fantasy of mine. Anyway, somebody did it, and you can read the review here. It's actually pretty nice. For once.
  • I'm back in Liverpool and yesterday was my first exam. I felt I did okay in Digital Electronics (could of been much worse). However, my performance was severely dented by the cold snap we are currently experiencing. Like the Geordies, I don't feel the cold. I would walk to the North Pole in T-Shirt and Shorts if it wasn't for the fact that I look crap in shorts. Anyway, the only thing that remotely hurts during cold weather is I get awfully chapped lips. Being to stingy to buy a chapstick, I decided to go without. They were an annoyance during the exam, so much so that I've now bought a chapstick.
  • Finally, I have quite literally joined a game/management simulation/topic of interest called Nationstates. For those of you not in the know, it's sort of govern small island and become biggest small island type situation. For those of you who wish to marvel at the beauty of Wynneland, you may do so here. For those of you too poor to afford anything above 56k, you may like to forego this link, as the server is pants.
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    Tuesday, January 07, 2003

    Angus Deyton: Famous for being in bed in a bad way, good way.
    I'm back...and I'm better than ever
    Hello everybody. Yes I'm back (not like most of you noticed, or indeed cared) from my absence. So. Where was I? Well, for most of the last week, and indeed technically 2003, I was tucked up in bed in a bad way. When I say "In a bad way" I don't mean "In a bad way, good way" as in hungover or experiencing the kind of orgies that'd put the Romans to shame. Oh no. I'm talking about "in a bad way, bad way", as in a very tempremental stomach (and not as a result of any Indian cuisine, I wouldn't touch the stuff). The good news is now my brace is not bothering me at all (still feels wierd it being there, but beggars cannot be choosers eh?) and I have had plenty of sleep. So I should be ready to rain down my dry sarcastic "wit" (hey, someone else's words, not mine) on the world again.

    No. Well. Not for a few days at least. You see, today, indeed as I write this, I am litterally 15 minutes away from beginning a journey that'll take me back to university. There won't be no sob story like last time, but nevertheless, due to lack of internet connection, dodgy version of Frontpage and the reliability of floppy disks akin to David Seaman's saving skills, the chances of me updating over the next few days is a bit hit and miss. Sorry chaps!

    Also, I kinda have important exams coming up soon (starting tomorrow in fact). Due to the fact that I have actually done very little revision so far in the subject means I could be in trouble. However, I'm not too heartstoppingly worried, as I think I've got the basic jist of the subject first time around. All in all is that this blog, for the time being, is not my most pressured concern.

    Also finally, the weblogs of the year awards are beginning. Despite the fact that the calander year is only 7 days old, someone had the bright idea of starting an awards ceremony. Being the egomaniac that I am. I am encouraging all of you who visit this site to vote for it. Otherwise I'll beat you with a stick.

    Keep the faith


    Thursday, January 02, 2003

    Donkey Kong: Thankfully not lost forever.
    Help Needed
    Six months ago, my hard drive grinded to an unrecovering halt, costing me just over a years worth of porn important data. Unfortunately, in this digital equivalent of the bastard child of nuclear holocaust and a big foot standing on London, I lost all my Visual Pinball tables. Sure, some of them are easy to find (Donkey Kong is really easy to find, and a few more are on this site). However, despite searching on all major search engines, and looking through countless forums, fansites and download sites, one table remains lost for all eternity.

    Sporting Champs.

    Have you seen this?
    I've tried searching for it online, but no luck. Nothing. Not one iota. To be honest, I can understand why, it was a dire first attempt at a difficult medium. I well and truly crashed and burned, and nobodys now got a copy of it. However, in my opinion, it's an unloved child. Only I can see it's beauty for what it is. I've only had one voice of compliment for it, and even then it was slightly sarcastic. Still, it's gone. Lost for all eternity.

    To be honest it's a damn shame. It's very very frustrating working towards something, then releasing it into the public domain, only for a couple of errors, which cannot be avoided, causing the whole shebang to crash down, losing something I've worked hard at, forever.

    Anyway, this is where you come in

    Should anybody have a copy of this table, please e-mail me with the link to it, or let me know so I can get it.

    Thanks in advance

    Keep the Faith


    Wednesday, January 01, 2003

    WWF Mid 90's Midcarder and supposed Dentist. Issac Yankem DDS. Thankfully not my Dentist
    Brace Yourself!
    I have had a number of IM's and e-mails (What? Zero is a number!) asking me about my dental operation. Well, it went well overall. I was quite suprised by it. TV and Movie Dentists always seem to be psychotic when it comes to taking teeth out, and when they out, they hold it proudly aloft over their heads. Mine wasn't. He just calmly got on with it, and the tooth just popped out, and rolled somewhere on the floor. There was only one problem with the whole thing, the brace.

    Normally, I don't mind pain. I've had no fractures, no breakages, only bruises and sprains. I'm not too bothered, and don't complain much. However, the first few hours when I wore my brace were hell on earth. While the pain has now eased, it's still uncomfortable, especially when I put it on/take it off and when I'm eating. It sort of put a damper on my New Years Eve celebrations as well.

    Oh well, I suppose it'll be worth it.

    Keep the Faith


    Awards for 2002
    Happy New Year everybody! We've made it through! (actually, come to think of it, I cannot remember a new years like the one just passed whereby religious nuts haven't forseen 'the end of the world'. That's nice). I'll post a little bit more later about the night, but first, here are the awards for the year. I've shortened it a bit, and removed a few catagories on the advice that some people actually care about these awards, and labelling them 'Sinner of the year' would likely to get me have my teeth broken. Oh well.

    Album of the Year: Avril Lavigne - Let Go
    As a big Indie Rock fan, people might question my choice, as it's a hybrid of pop and punk. The fact is that this album is the best album from both genre's in a long, long time. An album for me has to be one where I love as many tracks as possible. As far as this album goes, I love nearly all of them. From the very rocky "Sk8er Boi" to the melanconhic "I'm With You", to the pop-undertones of "Mobile", to the almost metallic "Unwanted, this album deserves a place in any decent music fan's collection. People complain that "Complicated", probably the anthem of teenagers the world over, has been overplayed. The reason it has is that it's bloody fantastic. I find very few people who don't like Avril, and those that do need their ears looking at. She's new, she's gorgeous, she's my age, and she's here to stay.
    Runners Up: Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to The Head proves that Coldplay are here now, and they want the world. This came a close second place. Oasis - Heathen Chemistry despite panned for being 'more of the same', it's no big deal when 'the same' is so very, very good. Creed - Weathered is this years sleeper album. Not many people will pick it up, but those who do will be in for a treat. Finally, Feeder - Comfort in Sound proves that a band does continue. After the tragic loss of John Boy from the band, nobody knew where Feeder would go from then. They came and released a very different, but a very enjoyable album.

    New People of the Year: F Block + Associates
    This is the only personal catagory in this awards batch, as I cannot offend anybody with this. Going to university was hard. It was made harder when, after 8 weeks, I wanted another room, or out of the university. People warned me that this was just part of university life, and wherever you moved, you'd have trouble settling. I moved into F92 on November 5th 2002, not knowing anybody in the block. I was soon put to rest by some of the nicest, down to earth and brilliant people I have met in my entire life. They took me in, and made me feel wanted. They did take the piss out of me, no dobut, but knew when to stop. I can talk to almost everybody in that block about anything. They are brilliant.
    Runners Up: R + G Hall's People These helped me out immensly in the first few weeks, and I spent more time in their halls than in mine in the first few weeks. The only reason these finish second is that it's quite a walk to their block. M Block people despite contrary reports, I do have some friends in M Block. These were also very supportive.

    Website of the Year: Blitzcoder
    Despite being very specialised (you need the software to use this) this website is probably one of the nicest messageboards on the internet. No elitism, no snobbery, and everybody helps everybody else. Should anybody ever get Blitz Basic, then it's the perfect place to start. I was honoured to be voted in the top 30 members earlier this year, despite not actually helping much with the programming side of things. Also special note to the moderators, who are fantastic.
    Runners Up: Mainly consisting of blogs Scaryduck for being absolutely the most constant funniest read I have ever come across. Imperial Doughnut for an almost an encyclopedic knowledge on video games (only matched by own), cartoons, and urinals (no shit). Darkside / Lightside. I actually have no idea why I like this site, I just enjoy reading about him. for being a massive WWE fan's only free source of WWE video since ITV Digital went bust. And finally, This site, just because it was written by me.

    Okay, that's it. I cannot be bothered to do any more.

    Keep the Faith


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