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Saturday, August 31, 2002

Another Friday....another night out.
Yesterday (the reason I didn't update) was that I went to Llandudno Weathers and then Boulie. It was fun, if unspectacular. I've also decided that, due to the average age of people out on Fridays is 12, I think Saturday will be more fun and enjoyable, due to people being more our age. Nevertheless, it was good and it right the wrong that was last Saturday.

Today in work I am absolutely dreading. We are having a "fun day", to celebrate the shop's re-doing, there's going to be children's entertainers and the like. So it's going to be packed out all day long.

Sorry if there isn't much to write, but my life is boring at the moment.


Thursday, August 29, 2002

Dunno what's with Thursdays, but today I am really, really tired. I have done nothing, slept until 11 o clock this morning and went to bed early last night, but I am having major trouble keeping awake. Maybe it's because I have done nothing, that's my theory anyway. It sounds weird, but I need to keep busy in order to keep awake, otherwise my brain goes numb, and all sorts. I was feeling awake late afternoon (I always am my most awake there), but by early evening, I am yawning, and in the end, I just want to go to bed. Last few times I have been out, I do the same, yawn over my pint etc. so that makes the alcohol have a little more effect than usual. Tomorrow I should do something unoridary, but I don't know what.

Speaking on the subject of future events. I am dreading work on Saturday. There is going to be a "fun day" opening the new shop where I work, which does look pretty snazzy. While it'll be different, and with chocolate samples, balloon making and a bouncy castle, it does mean for the second week in a row I have to work incredibly hard for my £18. Couple that with the fact that Rick's walking around in new shoes all tonight, gloating over their price, and how he can afford them, it's making me a little jealous. Least I'll have a job next Saturday, unlike him. Once A Levels hit, social life (yes.....even for him) will go through the roof, and he'll have only himself to blame.

People may say I'm being a little harsh, but he doesn't mind. He reads this (that makes 2 regular visitors then!) and we dig each other so much, and while I've stopped in real life, I can still take jibs on this blog!

See you all soon...


A public place, a private plea....
I know you'll read this, and I was quite shocked to find it, but....Sibley.....did you by any chance write this?

David Sibley: A pretty good episode. Definitely better than most from this season and the last. I hate to see Maude, or anyone from the show, die like this, but they couldn't give her the Dr. Marvin Monroe treatment. I thought that the episode handled the subject rather well. It was serious but still contained plenty of humor. It had wackiness that I like without going into the completely unrealistic kind that has been prevalent the last couple of seasons. The "Written by Ian Maxtone-Graham" part and the entire funeral scene were great. (A)

Probably isn't, but it's just a shot....

To see the original Sibley, go to and search for your name


June is busting out all over
Another interesting day. Went to visit my Gran and was doing up the P75 a little more, and that was my highlight of my day. However, what I want to talk about is a buxom wench currently polluting the air waves at the moment.

Currently, ITV has overtaken in my opinion, Channel 5 in terms of decency. Two programs I sight are "Elimidate" and "Britain's Sexiest". Both programs are fronted by "Ex-Atomic Kitten" Kelly McFadden. To be honest, I first saw her on T4 and thought "Hell, she's got out of a terrible group with a smidgen of her reputation, let her start her own life", how wrong could I be. She is hosting the two shows mentioned above, and she is terrible. Imagine Denise Van Outen about 5 or 6 years ago, treble it, and you're coming close. At least with Denise Van Outen, she's pulled her reputation up quite a bit since her smutty days between Big Breakfast and her Broadway debut. But sure enough, Mrs. McFadden bounds on TV with her FF breasts, and pollutes the world. I don't know what to say about it, but Rhys no like.

Anyway, little rant. I'm off until tomorrow, or today, or whenever.....


Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Mornin' All
Hello everybody, it appears that the dental surgery was minor after all, in fact, it didn't even take place. Yesterday, after waiting nearly 40 minutes while the new dentist (who I like, much nicer than "previous high school bitchy headmistress" and "dentist making more work for himself so he can get more money with dodgy degree from the Philippines") had a word with Aled as what to do with his teeth, as they are in a worse state than mine. I sat down in the "chair" and had a bib put on me, and was lowered into position. The dentist was asking about Liverpool, and I was relaxed, more relaxed than any other time I've been to the dentist. Immediately, he looked at it and said that he doesn't want to pull it out, but he'll get a second opinion from a much more experienced dentist. It looks like I probably won't get any teeth taken out, but Christmas will be the earliest.

Also, I went out with Tom, Goz, Sibley and the returning Dimps. We went to watch the 5-0 thrashing of Zallerwhatsitcalled by Man U (get in!), elevating us into the biggest competition in Europe, the Champions League. Although it was a fine performance, we were wishing that calamity Diego Forlan would get his first goal for the Red Devils, and he was so cruelly robbed by a bent, Portuguese linesman. After the match, we went to the much cheaper Weatherspoons, and after onto Ayadin's, a kebab shop in Colwyn Bay.

Also, we got our first hit off Google! Apparently, if you type in "Llandudno Night Out" in it, you'll be advised to visit this site. Happy days!


Tuesday, August 27, 2002

More plugs than B&Q
Shameless plug time again, with a couple of websites I find interesting.

Firstly, and quickly, it's this site with a very interesting game called Soldat. For those of you who know "Liero", it's a bit like that, but it's mixed in with the best bits of counter strike and Quake. All in 2D, and free. I've been playing it all morning, and I love it.

Secondly is this site full of reviews and viewpoints of classic arcade games, toys and other crap to do with the past, and it is Most impressive is the article on Street Fighter, which I remember so fondly in my youth. Here is an article (slightly edited) from my old site I wrote about Street Fighter. The original article is available here.

There are good games, there are great games, and then there is Street Fighter 2. Definitely the most important game in the history of the beat-em-up genre, and probably one of the most important games period. Street Fighter 2 redefined a genre in 1992.

Previously, fight simulations had been exactly that. Simulations of Fighting. While some of them were good (IK+ and Way Of The Exploding Fist), it was just like real fighting, one punch and you're down. Only so many times can this be done without it becoming extensively repetitive. Some featured an primitive energy bar, one of which was a game by a Japanese company called Capcom. That game? Street Fighter.

In 1992 though, Capcom released Street Fighter 2, and it's immediate impact was incredible. Firstly, it featured 12 fighters each (with the exception of Ken and Ryu) were completely different from each other. Each had it's own speed, own power, own moves and own fighting style. And because of this, when you played it, you had to alter your style because of it. A person playing as the very fast, very agile Chun Li would play very differently from someone who plays the game as the sluggish but powerful and tough Zangief. Also in Street Fighter 2, it was the first game that didn't follow reality. All of the fighters had 'Special Moves', moves executed by finger acrobatics on the joystick or joypad in order to pull out a particularly amazing move. Many of these couldn't possibly exist in real life, as these moves were fireballs, spinning pile drivers, flash kicks and torpedo lunges. However, many of these moves came at a price, they usually had one counter or more, which when learned would usually stop the moves dead in their tracks. This was helpful for new and experienced players alike, and it encouraged replay value.

The game was hugely playable, fast, brightly coloured sprites were kicking crap out of each other, the sound was good, music was memorable, and the game featured synthesised speech, a rarity for a game at this time. Soon, people were asking, when will Street Fighter 3 be out? The answer, not for another 7 years. You see, Capcom knew they had a winner. So came along was more and more sequels of the Street Fighter 2 franchise. Soon came Championship Edition, which included the 'boss' characters unplayable in the first version, and in the Japanese version was group battle. Then game the fast "Turbo", with more moves even the bootleggers didn't think of (namely the Dhalsim teleport and Blanka's vertical roll). After that came Super Street Fighter 2, which featured four new characters (Dee Jay, T. Hawk, Cammy and Fei Long). Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2 and 3 and finally Street Fighter 3 also followed. As well as the official games, there was a wrestling style game called Saturday Night Slam Masters which featured some SF characters, various games involving the X-Men vs. Street Fighters, a movie, a cartoon series and various other merchandise.

However, it was the earlier Street Fighters that were the best, and it rejuvenated an entire genre. Also, people my age fondly remember the early days of 1992. Going to the arcade near the beach on warm summer nights, playing Street Fighter for hours non-stop in the arcades, the hysteria in the United States which culminated with a tournament with cash prices in excess of $10000, switching on the TV and watching critics praise the game, magazines printing endless strategy guides. Every bit of the year long love affair makes me smile. Even now, when I talk about it, I'll usually look up into the sky, and sigh.

Thank you Street Fighter, thanks for the memories.

So there you have it.

I'll post up my days events later today, but it's just something I wanted to say....


Monday, August 26, 2002

Under the knife....
Today we went to Llandudno for a bank holiday, and it was a fun, if uneventful day. I bought a snooker cue for £7 from a sports shop. The cue is endorsed by Jimmy White, no less. Such a shame I am not Jimmy White mind, because if I was, not only would I be rich, an excellent snooker player and still a symbol of "pub-cool" (I just made that word up just now by the way), but I would also haven't to go through the painstaking task of engraving or otherwise marking my new snooker cue with my name, so that if it gets pinched in Liverpool, it can be returned to it's rightful owner.

Tomorrow, I probably have my worst "operation" of my life, I'm having a tooth out. Now, I have been told that because the root is quite deep, the anesthetic they have to give doesn't "fully" wear off for a couple of days. The physical signs go but it still remain. I've been told also that the physical signs of the anesthetic will come again if I take alcohol, so I've been told to lay off it for the week. Plus the appointment is at 9:30 tomorrow morning, and today I got up a whole two hours after that. Man, it's going to be hell tomorrow.

Finally, interesting fact, off this TV show on Channel 4: Every second, someone, somewhere, is dancing the "Agadoo".

Make of it what you will


Blatant Plug time!
Hello, recently I have been playing the most fun game online. Freeciv is an almost exact copy of Civilisation for Linux and Windows (originally developed for Linux, but most people who play it are using windows). The main advantage over the Sid Meier's version is that you can play online. Which is fun. Not only do people represent their own countries, but you REALLY have to have good diplomacy skills in order to affect people's decisions and actions. For more information, visit

I'll post up my main post on the days events later tonight.

Six Seconds Magic.....


Sunday, August 25, 2002

If It happens...
Yesterday, through no fault of my own was my worst day in a long time. The reasons for this are below.

  • Work: To be honest, it's a great job. However, it is a job and yesterday was quite a hectic day for all of us. The shop's been recently re-done, and looks fantastic, but stock is everywhere! Never the less, my boss was very appreciative when she left at 5.
  • Work again: This time a little later, and the person who was serving on the till next to me got a mouthful from some local drunk. Not nice.

In any rate, in a huge mistake, I was ready to go out, when my mother (yes, I do take fashion constructive criticism off my mother still. Doesn't mean I listen) said "those shoes are worn, get your trainers...". I was wearing trainers for a night out.

We hit Weathers in Llandudno, and sure enough I got in. "Don't worry lads about my trainers, I've got in before with white ones on" was what I was confidently exclaiming for most of the night. Soon the guys who give away free tickets to the Boulevard came around, and now that I was £5 up, I celebrated the only way I know how, with a beer.

10:15 came around, and off we toddled to Boulie. Suddenly I heard a large guy in a black tie exclaim "You're wearing trainers, you're not coming in". After a really quite pathetic excuse of "I've hurt my foot", I trundled off heartbroken. My evening ended there.

Or so I thought. On the bus home, I got speaking to this drunken ex-Eirias 24 year old. Who said a string of words that changed my evening....

"Don't let some big bouncer bald headed bastard ruin your evening."

I thought about this, and when I got off at the Central, I saw some of my work colleagues out in a big group of people. We spoke, and they said "We're off to the Litten Tree, want to come?". I accepted, although I sorta was ominous, Litten Tree was stricter than the Boulie. However, somehow I managed to get in okay, and my evening was up again.

It was soon after midnight that I noticed some girl was dancing next to me, astonishing I know, but it happened. She was fairly short (her top of her head was about as high as my nose) with brown black hair in crimples (I think that's what's the girls call it) and was wearing glasses. We started talking (don't ask what about, I can't remember), and sure enough, we seem to hit it off. While I was in the Litten tree I was in contact with the ones who got in the Boulie, notably Simon and John. While there, Goz rang me on his phone. It is with this point I unveil my first ever "Tip for Pulling":-

  1. When trying to pull or already pulled, either switch your mobile off or get a better ringtone. As I can guarantee, she will NOT be impressed with your Final Fantasy VII ringtone.

Right, that will also be my last tip for pulling, at least for some time.....

Speak to you all soon.


Saturday, August 24, 2002

Once again....
Yesterday, I went out. Yes, I'm ashamed to admit it (ha! No I'm not). Just down the Kayliegh to watch the Man Utd. v. Chelsea match. It was a good match. Plenty of goals both ends and it was fair the final score (2-2). Afterwards we went on to Llandudno Weathers. It was a nice atmosphere there, although one big downer was somehow year 11's bluffed their way in. They were also talking about my brother, about how "he doesn't get out much". I thought about doing something but I didn't care. To be honest I'm not bothered about what Richard does. Liz (Simon's sister) was there, and Goz made sure we sat well away from her. Rick was happy playing sudden strike, and it would be a little awkward if me and him BOTH ended up in Llandudno Weathers, so everybody's happy.

Speaking of Rick, we played Pitch + Putt yesterday up the Great Orme. It was good fun. My putting was fantastic, and such I ended on par for the course. Rick won it mind with -2. BASTARD!!

Tonight, I'm off to Llandudno once again. This time to Weathers then Broadway. Now I'll probably get asked for ID, but I don't really care. I like showing it, now that I paid £5 for it. Also I've got work in little over an hour.....

No rest for the wicked.


Thursday, August 22, 2002

For those who study Janetics....
Found this article. Particularly of interest to me, Fletch, and especially Mole, who is going to study Janet-ics hopefully :)

Zzzzzzzz....Another alcohol fuelled night.
Another very interesting day has taken place for me. I'm being sarcastic. I haven't done anything really major.

I tell a lie! Today, I uploaded my entry for the competition at, for the "Stupidest Game Competition". I made a game called "Lizzie's Jubilee Manager", and to be brutally honest, it hasn't got a chance. While I'd love to think it would get at least a top 3, which is possible, to win it is just too far fetched. I certainly think however that it will NOT finish last, as there are games that don't even work that are uploaded. I just don't think, when it's all said and done, it will win the competition. However, I enjoyed making it mind!

Weathers was fun, if unspectacular, yesterday. I drunk, as usual, more than I said I would. I wasn't drunk mind. Also, one disturbing fact, I am only 8 doors away from Goz at Liverpool! AH! Oh well, he's buggering off to North America year after next. (Joking Goz!)

Also, some guy by the name of Matthew has knocked Sibley off the top of the Wormhole high scores! What's that Sibz? Beaten by a 9 year old!?!? (I'll shut up, I'm crap at Wormhole!).

Finally, Richard got his GCSE's today, and whilst he got an A*, and I didn't, he got a wider range of marks (E equivalent in GNVQ ICT is it?). Harsh! He's in Llandudno at the moment, probably in Weathers, against his will. "No I will NOT drink!". Oh well.

I won ANOTHER 50p on bananalotto last night! I now have £1 off a CD! I'm going to have to wait until I get 18 then I can get a FREE CD!

No wait, bloody typical terms + conditions isn't it?

Oh well, such is life.


Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Minor Crisis 2: Early Stages
Where the bleeding hell has my title pic gone?

Alroit Skip! (AKA Inappropriate title's #1)
Yesterday was very productive for me regarding my computer for university. You see, I recently acquired a P75 souped up to the extreme, but lacking a decent monitor. Anyway I managed to sort out most of the problems, but the monitor still remains a problem. Should sort that out soon. At the moment, I'm installing most programs (ie. Windows, Internet Explorer etc.), by using a second monitor borrowed from my Gran's PC. Should get it sorted mind pretty soon.

Speaking of university, I got my accommodation form through today. I will be staying in the Derby + Rathbone's Hall, along with Gozzard. Hell of a lot of forms to fill in mind. I hate filling in forms, I have such messy handwriting.

Yesterday I went to a friends house for just a chance to go out. It was fun, if unspectacular.

Finally, I won 50p on Bananalotto! Majorly chuffed. Although it isn't much, it's free and already done better than on the main lottery.

Tonight I'm off to Weathers, so I probably wont update tonight.


Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Minor crisis: The Early Stages
Where the bleeding hell has my commenting box gone?

Monday, August 19, 2002

Hello (pt 2)
Still bored, so I'll speak about university.

I am so looking forward to it now! Don't know why, as I'll probably get homesick the first few weeks, but I am kinda cannot wait to go. Although leaving all but a few of my friends, leaving my family, and also the area which, on the whole, is a nice area of the country to live in. I mean, my mum always comments on how happy I am coming home off holiday. Often the reason is we come home to a genuinely nice place (bar some of Colwyn Bay, which ARE dumps), and we are not going back to inner city Birmingham, or Salford, or Oldham, or Rochdale, or inner city Sheffield. While I'm not slagging off those places, they pale in comparison to the rolling Welsh country that is a stone's throw away from my front door.

But Liverpool is a nice city. I've been there many times and, despite the football teams :D, I like it there.

Oh Christ, hit a creative block. I'll stop now.



I haven't got anything to talk about today, so I'll probably post up a rant tomorrow. I honestly haven't done anything today!


Sunday, August 18, 2002

Oh What a Night!
Yesterday, late yesterday, we hired a mini bus and went to Chester for a night out. Now I've never seen Chester at night, and boy does it come alive! It's quite an incredible nightlife scene, better than Llandudno, and, on the whole, cheaper than Llandudno. We hit the usual Weatherspoons and got as much alcohol we could down us before going onto the much more expensive club. One thing that annoyed me quite a bit was the over 21's for nightclubs. But we did find a nice pub/nightclub that was over 18's (although the bouncer DID take a good hard look at my ID), and overall we had a good night, and three different girls pinched my bum (yes, they were girls), and one of which commented on it being 'firm'. Little did she realise my wallet was in my back pocket....oh well.

Today, I went to Llandudno and had a look around, didn't do too much though.

I'll write more if I can remember anything more about Chester.


Saturday, August 17, 2002

Hello everybody. The last few days have been nothing short of busy. Thursday was probably the worst, and also the best day for quite some time. It was very emotional. Firstly, as previously mentioned, I needed BCC to get into Liverpool. I obtained BCD. Needless to say, I was "properly gutted". I went to see Ms. Dutton, head of 6th form, and I was at the back of a long queue, which, rather ominously was moving far too slowly for my liking. In any rate I reached the front...

"What happened with Biology Rhys?"
"Yeah, I thought I nailed it, but it turned out I didn't."
"Doesn't matter Rhys, you're still going to Liverpool."

Needless to say, I was ecstatic. Big thanks to Ms. Dutton for weaving her magic.

As any self-respecting 18 year old would do, after the results, I went out and got pissed. Not as bad as some mind, but good enough. After that, we went to Clare's house as she hired a bouncy castle :). I've forgotten how fun they really are! Although I was a bit hurting after, I still had a blast. By this time I sobered up, so I didn't make TOO much of an idiot of myself, unlike some....

Yesterday, I went to a Chris' house, as it was his birthday. Now I said I was going to have only a short time out, I left at 1:30am :(. Still enjoyed myself though, so that was okay. Also watched a little of Snatch, which was excellent (what I saw of it anyway).

The reason why I wanted to leave early is because there is a very good chance of me being up until about half 3 tonight (tomorrow morning) as I'm off to Chester for a special night out. Looking forward to it mind, and I'll write details about it tomorrow or whenever.


Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Judgment Day is upon us....
12 hours, 12 measly hours. In 12 hours time I will know what my actions last June had on the rest of my life. In 12 hours time a large proportion of my life will be settled. In 12 hours time, I will know my A Level exam results, and I'm shitting buckets.

I have run through every possible implication in my head a thousand times. What if I pass? What if I fail? What if I do well, but not well enough? What if I get BCD? What if I get straight A's? (very unlikely by the way). It's quite scary, but I've got a plan of action for almost every possible outcome, although admittedly most of them are the same. However, come 9:30 tomorrow morning, I can see every single one of them falling pathetically out of the window. It's going to be mayhem tomorrow.

To reiterate. I need BCC to take my seat at the Computer and Multimedia Systems course at Liverpool University. Although I've received a letter from Liverpool stating that "even if your results weren't quite what you expected, we may still be able to accommodate you on the course.". While it is reassuring to know that, I wouldn't be happy until my arse is on a seat in my lecture hall. It's quite World Cup in it's execution. The way I'm saying "I need at least a BCC to qualify for Liverpool" etc.

Another thing people are doing during the exams is counting up all the marks they got and the total they'll need. To be honest, I hate that. It's a pointless waste of time, and people who do that always, ALWAYS end up worse off.

But the worst thing? Someone, somewhere knows. Someone knows my fate, my future, and my life. Although I'll know it tomorrow, it is so frustrating and incredibly nerve-racking.

Sorry if you missed the usual crap that I post about me, and what I did during the day. But to be honest, I don't think anybody did.

Oh well, tomorrow I'll either be very happy, very relieved, or inconsolable.


I'm on a roll
Yesterday, I had a very very productive day. I got a lot of work done on my game, Windows media player is working again and also I found my silly hat! Lost for about a week, I have found it once again.

Onto important matters, besides that yesterday, I have another moody panic attack over my A Levels. I cannot wait until tomorrow, where no matter what my results are, I'm free to enjoy my holiday.

I'll write another short piece tonight.


Monday, August 12, 2002

Gas Panic!
This morning, and late last night, I had a huge panic attack about university. I just suddenly thought what hard work it is and will be. Not really the course, but all the living by yourself for the first year. Yes, I will have 2 square meals a day for the first year. But, I can barely use a washing machine! Plus, I have about £160 saved up, on top of my student loan, and I don't think it'll last me a week. Oh well, I'm sure I'll survive.

University baffles me. Some days I wake up and think, "I want to go! I want the social life, meet new people, and study something for once in my life I'll enjoy.", whereas some days I'll wake up and fret over the cost, and other sacrifices I will make, such as leaving home. However, I have been told you have 5 months off in the summer!?!? Then again, what am I worrying about? I'm going to a city I like, and I'm going there with about 5 or 6 friends. And I've got family. Hell, I might not even get there.

Went down to the Bay today also. One place that (bar the football team), I am fairly glad to see the back of. Of course, if it wasn't for my family, and all my friends, and Eirias Park, and Weathers. But apart from that, I wouldn't miss it too much. Llandudno I'd miss, Bangor I'd miss, but the Bay? Nuh huh.

I'll speak to you tomorrow, where something interesting is BOUND to happen.

Here's hoping.

(Current rating: 5.872 [NO CHANGE])

Sunday, August 11, 2002

In the almost microscopic chance that Chris Martin or any other of Coldplay are reading this, I must congratulate them on the excellent single "In My Place", that reached #2 in the UK charts. Only held off by probably-the-most-talented-out-of-pop-idol-but-still-way-out-of-his-depth Darius, the single is bloody fantastic. As I've nothing better to do, here is a rant.

The UK Music scene, bar a select few (Oasis, 'Phonics, Coldplay, Muse, Manics and Feeder immediately spring to mind, but there are more) is crap. Bullshit is being fed to youth in the form of namby pamby spineless boy and girl bands or artists with one hit wonders and people with about as much talent as a tadpole. They re-hash classic records and label them as their own. Very few (which is why Darius is more talented than most of them) write themselves. They get given a sheet of paper and say "sing that". Then big marketing firms wheel out brainwashing all the little kids out there saying "You must buy this record". The song gets to #1. Everybody is happy. Follow up song reaches #14, "album" flops. Group gets fired. Repeat until people get sense.

Which is what's happening now. People, like me, are beginning to get sick of the same songs at number one over and over again, and a backlash is beginning to start. Oasis have been to number one already this year, and Coldplay, Badly Drawn Boy and Red Hot Chillis have come close, Nickelback have been huge. And all those artists as well as a few others have dominated the album charts. Over the pond, in America, Coldplay have been huge, and Oasis are big everywhere. Bands like S Club Juniors would be laughed into the Atlantic if they went over there, and that's not me being harsh that's me being truthful, as would the entire "UK Garage" scene, which is desperately trying to emulate the success of Eminem and Dr. Dre, and failing pathetically. Now, I just wait for the album charts, as the singles (with the possible exception of this week, whereby I DID listen to it, just to see how Coldplay did) is just the same each and every week.

End of Rant.

(Current rating: 5.872 [NO CHANGE])

Recently (within the last 24 hours) my physical condition has got a lot worse, and I don't know why. I can trace where my badly bruised and grazed elbow came from (last night at Clare's, when playing sardines, I grazed it against a wall), but as far as my left arm feeling numb and also my right underarm area (don't want to call it a 'pit', too graphic) is swollen and has come out in a very itchy rash. Mum said it was pollen, but the weather hasn't been too brilliant, so it cannot be.

I'll let you know if anything remotely interesting happens (I'm so bored, I'm going into chat rooms, for Christie's sakes!)

(Current rating: 5.872 [NO CHANGE])

Weekend Events
Hello, as I haven't been posting for a couple of days, here is what has happened in the last two days.

Friday 9th August
As previously mentioned, I went to Sibley's house, for his 18th birthday bash. It was a good night no doubt. Ended up quite drunk (again), although I disguised it pretty well I thought, just sat down in front of the TV and kept quiet. Nothing much else happened that day.

Saturday 10th August
Went to Llandudno, Richard SO wanted a PS2, but unfortunately my youngest brother talked him out of it (the bastard). I know he'll get one soon though! Nothing else really spectacular happened in Llandudno, just looked around the usual shops, and had butties on the front. I hate having butties on the front. It's not because of the quality of M+S sarnies (which are excellent by the way), but it's because of the bloody seagulls. I HATE THEM! They swoop, and pinch your butties (they didn't yesterday, but it's happened before, and it'll probably happen again. Also went around to Clare's house, although it was a good night and I enjoyed it, I can't really say anything much happened, not that anything is incriminating, just that the average Tom, Dick or indeed Harry wouldn't understand half the stuff that happened. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Also, yesterday was my first alcohol-less day in about 2 weeks! Yes, Saturday was my first clean + sober day in a long, long time. Which always helps. By the way, that's not me saying I've been pissed all that time, just that I've had an alcohol beverage sometime in a period of 24 hours. Which is helpful.

Do you know what I hate, and it's happened before, a phenomenon called "Blanket Voting". It's a process where some boring, ignorant morons vote on your blog, or your programming, and without even reading, or trying it, give it a 1 out of 10, or whatever the lowest value is. It's so annoying. Luckily, it hasn't really happened much on this piece of writing (I know this is shite anyway, I just enjoy doing it). If I catch anybody Blanket Voting I'll come around and give you a Chinese burn.

And I'm not afraid to do it.

(Current ranking 5.872 [UP 0.265])

Friday, August 09, 2002

Hiya, and an apology
Hello everybody. Sorry for not updating last night. That was because I went down the pub with my mates. (Yeah, so sue me).

Last night, as previously mentioned, I went down the pub, as a sort of gathering/Sibley's birthday bash (although his BBQ is tonight). It was a pretty good night. Sibley was drunk, I was going onto drunk, and Wiz was quite merry (although he won £16 out of a machine, jammy get!). Nothing spectacular happened, although I did enjoy it.

I do believe my phone has the quietest ring tone in the world. Nokia 3210, and Simon rang me up about 2 or 3 times and I couldn't hear it. I was playing on my Ninty Sixty Four though, but even so that wasn't very loud. I know he definitely phoned, because I got missed calls. Oh well, I worry too much.

Finally, you may of noticed that the tag-board isn't working. WHY OH WHY!?!?! It's so annoying. (by the way, that's my way of saying "I don't know")

I'll probably include tonight's update tomorrow, due to my going out tomorrow.

I hope the rain stops, I don't know how successful barbecues are indoors.

C'yall around.

(Current rating: 5.607 [DOWN 0.893])

Thursday, August 08, 2002

A Little Picture
Hope you like it.

Don't I just?
Courtesy of (don't ask)

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Public Enemy #1
I think someone up there doesn't like me. Recently I have been having problems with a certain aspect of the North Wales and South Devon ecosystem, and they are seagulls. I haven't eaten any seagulls eggs or pissed off as far as I know, but they have been dive-bombing me along one particular stretch of road and desperately attempting to empty their bowels onto my head. Also, they circle over my head screeching loudly, while trying to attract their seagull buddies. I think it is the same one, as he distinctly recognises me, I am sure.

Ahhhh crap, WHY DO PEOPLE HATE ME AT THE MOMENT. Public Enemy #2, MSN. It messenger doesn't like my computer, especially when that pane appears at the bottom corner, telling me if someone's speaking 2 me or if I have mail, and the computer crashes! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I'm not one of those Bill Gates "F00k M1CR0$0FT" people. I admire what he's done, and on the whole compared to trouble I've had with mobile phones, the ISP, VCR's, TV's and Digital Recievers etc. computers, on the whole, have been fairly trustworthy.

Ah well, c'est la vie, see you all 2morrow.

(Current rating: 6.500/10 [Up 0.750])

You know, I think I might just do it.
I reckon I could just beat the record 2 posts per day set by this blog, with a mind blowing 3rd one later tonight. This is just a post saying I'm bored, and nothing really much is happening. My wood staining of a gate at Penfordd Deg will have to be put off to another day, as it's raining bucket loads. I'm quite suprised Richard hasn't come back from working in the sweet shop in the zoo, as it's pretty bad.

Today has been pretty uneventful on the whole. Got details about the trip to Chester back late last night, and also watch a program called Brainteaser, on Channel 5 (or Channel Filth, as the Daily Mail so humoursly titles it).

Oh well, speak to you all later.

(Current Rating: 5.750/10 [NO CHANGE])

I never thought it was possible
Me, filling up the two sides of this blog with crap is actually very difficult. So, please, if anybody has got any sort of crap I can use to fill up the right side of the blog; links, pictures, useless javascripts, quotes etc. please let me know, as I'm all out of ideas.

I'll put the proper post up this afternoon or evening, entailing the days *events*.

(Current rating: 5.750/10 [UP 2.803])

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

I feel like shite.....
Only one thing interesting happened to my today, and that was I received a promotional call asking me if I'd like "Free Insurance for 20 at £5 a month". Woah. Sorry for not jumping out of my seat with my credit card waving in the air, but insurance doesn't really raise my heart rate above the norm. The worst thing was this poor chap (who works for the same company as my mum, and I understand therefore how difficult it is to deal with people like me) constantly referred to me as Mr. "Wine", rather than Mr. "Win" (spelt phonetically, really spelt "Wynne"). Do I look like a cheap £3 Chardonnay Plonk from Tesco? I don't think so. Also, he asked if I'd "Knowingly Fathered any Children", as if that's gonna make a difference. Why do people think that as soon as you are 18 you get thrown out of home on your arse and are expected to live by yourself? Hell, that comes in a month time, not now.

Finally, I must comment on the painting of the gate outside Penfordd Deg, bloody marvellous £10 job done by me, and there's more tomorrow.

Until next time

Rhys "Wine"
(Current Face the Jury rating: 3.667/10)

Monday, August 05, 2002

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Should really stop typing that now. Why? Well, the "I" key on my computer is REALLY screwed up at the moment. A more than excessive amount of force is required to push it down in order for an I to show up on screen. Very annoying.

Oh well, I speak crap. I really don't care. You don't have to listen.

(Current Rating on Face the Jury: N/A)

If Someone wants me.
Hello everybody here are a couple of thoughts I've experienced over the past few days.

Firstly, after random web surfing, I cam across, where people get valuated. I took it today and I was worth $1,686,422.00. OH MY GOD! I'm worth over 4% of what Rio Ferdinand is, result! So as a little bit of vainness which I'll probably regret, I registered to, see if someone in this world's mad enough to fancy me. Which is probably bollocks to be honest.

I went to Llandudno today. Llandudno is the sort of place that makes me realise that we actually really do live in a bloody nice place compared to some areas of the country. Sun was out, sea was blue, and people were fishing. Ah, what a life I live.

I've spent the morning changing my blog's look. You better bloody like it, as it took me ages!

Also, I was watching Scooby Doo this morning, and Daphne, Thelma and the guy in the white shirt must go down as the most cleverest people that ever existed. How the hell can they solve those mysteries? Par example:-

"We found a pineapple in the water outside the Library on St Peters Avenue, when we put it together with the Vacuum Cleaner and the March 1976 edition of Playboy, we instantly knew that the butler used the equipment to create a ghost like image of a stripper, scaring half the town's population into leaving, leaving the Butler and his accomplice, Mrs. Beechams, ready to raid the old mansion."

Okay, slight exaggeration, but you get what I'm saying. I'm not suprised if Hanna Barbera sue me now for deformation of character. Shame really, I would of got away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids.


Sunday, August 04, 2002

Oh drink, teacher, mother, secret lover....

Hello everybody, hope you like the piccy. Made me laugh anyway. Anyway onto other matters. 24 hours back home and it's been pretty good. So, as a little game, how about we play "Guess what Rhys did last night™" did he.

  1. Stay in, and get an early nights kip with a glass of warm milk?
  2. Go out, only to play football or watch a movie?
  3. Go out with my mates on a massive pub crawl?

No help from the audience Goz, Sibley and Mole......


Yes, I should of been in, or having a quiet night out. However I got pissed. Pissed as something that gets pissed a lot, and I am paying for it today. That's not saying I didn't have a good night. I did, and made a change from the constant "Yeah, but you dick sheep" crap I've had for the past week, but I really shouldn't of drunk quite as much. Oh well, I'll know next time.

Apart from that, today's been pretty uneventful. Which is nice (for a change), and also inexpensive. For someone who doesn't know who he's working for next, and when, it is nice.

Anyway, speak to you all tomorrow


heh heh heh

Saturday, August 03, 2002

The Annual "The Art of Rhys-isms" Awards

Hello again! Sorry if the last post was quite scarily short, although this post will be significantly bigger, and I probably wont get it finished in one sitting. This post will talk about the best, worst, and strangely mediocre bits of my two weeks in Devon.

Best Bits

  1. Tekken 4: OH MY FUCKING GOD! Sorry, but when I saw this in Paignton, I knew I had to beg, steal, borrow, sell, or do cheap sexual favours for a go of this. However, luckily enough, I did have a spare 50p, so I sat down and played it, and it's incredible! I was playing and was screaming "Oh my god! Look at Paul's hair!", "Oh my god! Jin's got a hoodie!", "Oh my god! King's got the People's Elbow!", "Oh my god, look at that ring, it's got people around it!" and "OH MY GOD! YOU CAN KNOCK THOSE PEOPLE DOWN!" etc etc. I was slightly disappointed with Tekken 3 (T2 was fantastic), this is so much better.
  2. Dancing Stage 5th Mix: If it wasn't for Tekken 4, this would be the best bit of the holiday. Infinitely more songs than I've ever seen (including Shooting Star, the greatest dance song in the last few years), and it's really good fun.

Worst Bits

  1. Sheep Shagger: Okay, this wasn't everybody I must admit, and this isn't trying to promote racism, but a few people at the site thought it was funny constantly calling me a sheep shagger. Okay, it doesn't hurt, or insult, or humiliate me, it's fucking annoying. Sorry about my language, but it really annoyed me the mentality of some people who thought that I was different because I come from a land with a fair amount of sheep. Anyway, if you are reading this those people, I am Welsh, get fucking over it.

But apart from that, the holiday was fantastic, and I really enjoyed it.

Speak to you all soon


The Return.....

Hello everybody! I am back! This is just a quick post to let you in on that. I will go into more detail into my hols at a later date. However, it was a bit of a bender.


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