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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Java Wars
Java lectures for, a former programmer of Blitz Basic games, a bit repetitive. I am not being arrogant but I know already quite a lot of it, and making programs that are little more than computerised pencil holders doesn't quite set the imagination on fire. However, it is beginning to pick up a bit, and I'm loving it.

Again, not being arrogant, but me and this guy who sits next to me (who's name I couldn't tell you well, cos I don't know it...) regularly have "Java Wars", in which, we see who can advance our standard exercises as much or complete the exercise in the quickest time. As this weeks was "Drawing Vector's in Java", we opted for the first method.

Now that's just plain...

The task was to draw a simple house (shown on the right) using the standard commands. To call it a simple house would be an understatement. Not even Colwyn Bay's resident tramp Oscar would consider living in a building looking like that. No, it was ugly, and something that Liverpool's resident Java Interior Decorator Mr. Rhys A. Wynne would have to put a stop to.

Now that's just plain showing off.....

On the left is the new version of the house, as designed by yours truly. Notice the following features that come as standard. Sun; Blue Skies; car lookey-like thingy; extended tree trunk; apples; hill backdrop; roof; painted house, door, windows; chimney with smoke and a path! As you can see by the jovial fellow on the front lawn, he's pleased with his results. As would you be.

I (think) I got straight full marks for this, I cannot really remember. However all I know that the guy sitting next to me was still there at the end, making a fence, dog, filling in the roof, adding some sun rays and a few flower beds around the house.

But that's just pathetic, isn't it?

Keep the faith


That's Dyer (boom boom!)

November 31st, 2002. The end of what's been a pretty shite month for me. A lot has happened in the last 31 days. My workload has increased, and I've changed rooms in university. However, since about the 10th, I just really haven't been too arsed with much, and it's been Bruce, Kieron and Alex Dyer. Roll on December, and Christmas.

Needless to say, tomorrow begins Advent. The time where children all around the world open one of 24 doors, and consume the chocolate inside, depending on the number (or not, if you really cannot be arsed). In any rate, as a student, I shouldn't let my age stop me from consuming chocolate. After all, it's a nice little sustenance in the morning (or, when I'm hung over, my only sustenance), so what if the little scallies in Colwyn Bay think I look like an overgrown baby, who's going to me more successful eh?

Now, one thing was a very nice surprise with the calendars was the Mars one. Usually, this calendar has a special treat on the 21st, 23rd and 24th of a standard "fun size" Mars bar. While I do not complain about this, I do think that it's not spread out much over the whole month. Not any more! Yes, they have well and truly spread it out like melting butter on warm toast. A Mars bar on the 4th, 14th and 24th. Result!

Keep the faith


Thursday, November 28, 2002

You've made a mortal enemy
Who ever searched for this let assure you, I know where you live!. Believe me, you'll be getting a brick/egg/stone/old lady/cow through your window in the near future!



Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I have switched to Weekly archives, they seem to behave better than monthly. Also, I have removed the first week of September's posts in order to keep the site looking the part


What's happenning?
What's with the sudden surge in popularity?!

I'm loved!
And before anybody says it, NO I haven't got 4 instances of my website open.

Keep The Faith


Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Another Problem
Why is the September Archive still for the old design?!

Also, does anybody know where I can find forums for Weblogs? I hate having to answer questions like this

Keep the faith


Cambridge's Best DJ?

Thanks to Roland the background works! Happy days to be ensured for all!

Anyway, if you are in the Cambridge area, tune into 1350AM at 11am tomorrow for "The Tom and Alex Show". This originally titled show is all about idle banter, half-arsed features, chat, humour and raw, vintage rock 'n' roll! So why am I plugging it? I cannot listen to it mind, even on their internet site. Well, the Tom is the former lead singer of Panacea, a band whose website I use to master (that make sense), plus he's a good friend of mine. So tune in, and experience Tom's well trained angelic vocal chords!

Keep the faith


Monday, November 25, 2002

Asleep in the background
As previously stated (and indeed, noticed) I have redesigned the look of this site, overall, yeah, I'm well chuffed at the new look, as it looks ace. However, there is only one problem, and I haven't got a clue how to get it fixed.

You see, I spent a fair part of yesterday making this background image to include for the background, and, as you may of noticed, it isn't exactly working. Below is the HTML code: -

< body background="" bgcolor="#99CCFF" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" link="#336699" vlink="#003366" alink="#FF0000" >

Now, logically, that really should work. However, it doesn't, and in style. Sure, this site looks the part normally, but I want it extra special, you know, like the proverbial cherry on a Bakewell Tart. The image, hosted on my Freeserve account, is located below.

Now, surely as the image is displaying, it should be able to tile itself over the screen, but oh no. Anybody got any ideas? I have got a <style> tag in the header, with information about the body's appearance, maybe I have to include the URL in there? But what's the command for doing so? Sorry if half of you haven't got a clue what I'm talking about, but this has got me stumped.

Keep the faith


Storm over Gift

i had my niche.
intelligent. creative. or artistic.
what kind of child were you?
(brought you by april)
See, I am incredibly gifted. As I thought I was. No more people telling me I was 'special'. I have a gift, and that proves it. All now that I can complain about is where in the bleeding hell was I in this? Admittedly I didn't stop the threat of Nazi Germany, or came up with the three laws of motion, or build owt, or spread a message of peace around the world, but surely, if Robbie Williams is in there, then so should I.

Keep the faith


Sunday, November 24, 2002

I was never meant to cause you trouble. But I still did....
Some things to me are like unloved trouble. Geocities, trains etc. Everybody can pick faults in them, except me. I see the beauty behind their harsh exterior. However, my love usually comes back and hits me in the face, with Geocities kicking out FTP support, and the trains hurting me this Friday....

I have had few arguments with the trains. Sure, late by five minutes, but that's about it. I haven't really had any problems to lose sleep over. So, when we were passing Shotton on the way home from a hard weeks 'study' at The University of Liverpool. This guy was sitting next to me, and he thought everything was 'fendigegig' (Welsh for "Excellent", in case you'd like to know). No problems, until the ticket master came round.

For those of you who haven't traveled on the UK Rail Network, the ticket masters are a bit like cardboard nuclear missiles, they look imposing, but are spineless. Usually they are rail fanatics, who wanted it for a job. Either way, this cardboard nuclear missile took my ticket, and instead of just stamping it, proceeded to examine it.

"This ticket is out of date...". Success, he has a voice.

"I....errr...". Dammit, he knew my one weakness. Cardboard nuclear missiles.

At which point, Mr. Fendigegig got semi-orgasmic, shouting "Oooooh!" a lot.

I gathered my thoughts, and came back with a riposte that would make Zorro proud.

"I was told on the phone by the National Rail Helpline that if I bought my ticket on Wednesday, it will be valid for 30 days. Seeing as I had already paid for it, I shouldn't have to pay for it again."

"Hmm...", he was taken aback, "When's your return date."


"Well, I'll let you go. But don't do it again."

I shut up then. However, I wasn't too pleased. Don't do it again? What did I do wrong? Save myself a couple of minutes by buying my ticket beforehand? The train was nowhere near full, The 16:19 Manchester Piccadilly - Llandudno never is, so I'd thought they appreciate my business.

I am in two minds what to do this week, so I think I'll avoid the confrontation by buying the ticket on Friday. Quite petty, I think.

Oh well, Keep the faith

The King of the World


Oh Fluffy Sheep...

Oh, That's IS Disappointing
We should of known better, first weekend (I think) of the new Bond Movie. Saturday night. Honestly, there was more chance of Colwyn Bay winning the FA Cup next year than us getting tickets. It was packed, and a peak time. So, after one game of "Dancing Stage", we decided to put the second part of the evening into practice, Weatherspoons.

Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with the details on what's happening, so, skip a few hours forward, and look towards what's happening now. Me, sitting in front of the TV., Saturday night, and, guess what's on? "Popstars: The Rivals"

Now, I've been making it quite explicitly clear what I think of shows in that vein, but if you've missed it, please let me show a quote by one of my friends:-

"Popstars is the bastard child of Pete Waterman and his only purpose in life is to fill as much area of the media with his filthy spunk in order to get rich, it is manufactured, teenie boppy, sickening, crappy bullshit"

Okay, maybe I wouldn't use such harsh language, but I can (sorta) agree with him. As I so famously quoted "Popstars, for all it's worth, is crap. Crap crap crap crap crap.". In any rate, it was the boys final. It got down to the last two, a blonde guy and a brunette guy. The brunette won. At which point the blonde grabbed the brunette in both hands and said "Well done, mate, listen, well done, you're in the band".


Sorry, but if I was auditioning for Oasis, and I had beaten everybody but one, I would be a bit miffed. Maybe because the TV cameras were on them, maybe that he was a bit spineless, but I expected more. I wanted blood. In that case, here are infinitely better theories for those of you disappointed with the result last night.

Funnier Things That Could Of Happened At The End Of Popstars
By Rhys Wynne 1st year Bsc.

  • "You're in the band. Well done, see you on the dole queue in a year!"
  • When grabbed by the ears, the brunette head butt the blonde guy.
  • "You are a fooking bastard!"

That would of made the evening complete in my mind.

Keep the faith


Saturday, November 23, 2002

Lick of Paint
Unless you are totally blind (or it's your first time here), you will probably notice we have changed a lot around. Not being one who takes criticism well, I have been busy messing around with designs, and I've finally settled with this design. What do you think? If you have been on this site this afternoon, and it looking screwy, I'm sorry. Now it shouldn't be so bad.

It's not finished by a long shot. I still have a few things to do, these are: -

  • I could use a new title picture
  • Integrate Chompster Productions site more. The things like the high score tables, Square Game packs, etc.
  • I'd like a background image. See what I can find.

Anyway, I'm off to see Bond in a few minutes, so I'll write more later

Keep the Faith


Thursday, November 21, 2002

One Sentance Posting Time Again
Need I say any more?


Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Well it looks like I wasn't the first ever Welsh language post. This guy's been doing it for ages. Plus his Welsh is infinitely more better than mine.


Saturday was the long awaited (by me) "Shag-dig". For those of you who didn't know, it was an Austin Powers/70's themed night at the "Time Tunnel", which is a special night at The Liverpool Guild of Students. Naturally, 99% of people took the easy way out, and got some cheap 70's gear from Help The Aged, or somewhere. Needless to say, as Greenday once sang "I want to be in the minority", and went about making myself the best looking Dr. Evil as humanly possible without:-

  1. Spending more than a fiver.
  2. Shaving my head.

Sure enough, I did manage it. Although I looked like I had a condom on my head, I looked the fucking part. Okay, the couple of pieces of Scotch tape maybe could give it away. But only when close. Could it?

Well, yes. Unfortnately, and in a fact unbenowst to me, Sticky Tape shows up under UV light. So, whilst I was having a time of my life, my Dr. Evil cossie was good, except on the dance floor, where it looked like my I had a couple of sunbeds surgically implanted into my cheekbones. Bugger. I also didn't know about this until Debs pointed out to me today. Needless to say, I was a bit miffed.

Apart from that, it was a brilliant night. I will look in a typical Fl*tcher way at the "Mutual Costs and Benefits", or whatever he calls it in his Mickey Mouse subject.

Mutual Benefits (ie. Good Points)

  • I had no trouble getting the opposite sex to notice me, even if they were laughing. This is often a major stumbling block for yours truly.
  • I acquired two tops. One which is white, and says "I'm Hard" across it, the other was a top which some girl took off and gave to me, for seemingly no apparrent reason.*
  • I drunk quite a lot.

Mutual Costs (ie. Crap Points)

  • The opposite sex noticing me were not 'noticing me', just the fact that my wig (£1.50, Rainbow Promotions, Colwyn Bay) resembled a condom.
  • I had that said wig/condom stolen about an hour from the end, just lifted clean off my head. I had put up with a UV face for seemingly no apparent reason.
  • I was drunk. Couple this with my "I'm Hard" T-Shirt, I did pick on a boxer. Not a good idea.
  • I had The Mother of All Hangovers™.

However, it was a brilliant night, and well worth staying the weekend. Next themed night, I will be staying.

In other news, I won the fiver! Yes I spent all of 5 minutes Saturday emailing Sibley working it out. For those of you who emailed me, and wish to know the answer. Here, curteosy of Sibley, is the answer. So should your engineering teacher post a similar problem, you've got it covered.

  1. i=e(i*Pi)/2 .
  2. ii=e((i*Pi)/2)*i . Therefore ii=e(i*i)*(Pi/2)
  3. Since i2 = -1: ii=e(-Pi/2) = 0.20788.

Simple once you know how. Big thanks to all who helped me, but Sibley gets the pint.

Keep the faith


*I know certain people will believe me about this, but I don't really care. It wasn't really like a T-Shirt or owt, more of a cardigan mind.

Nobody says it was easy. No one ever said it would be this hard...
Java's pissing me off today, I have to be writing the world's most useless programs at the moment (finding pi to some ridiculous number of digits), and using the world's most useless language, Java. If it could do basic calculations, fine. But somehow I seem to get upto infinity to equal a negative number. Come again? Sorry, but there is no way in this universe that that occurs. Maybe there's a fault in my program, but there are a lot of people suffering the same problem. Sorry to rant, but it's driving me around the bend.

In other news, there is a Ice Cream van parked outside my window, and it's taunting me. I hate it. I want to spend all my university days spending my student loan eating ice cream, rather than Java. I will work hard, get a degree, get a job, get a lovely girlfriend, get a good income and settle down. But the second I do, the very nanosecond I do, I am buying myself a fridgeful of Magnums. So help me god.

By the way, I'm not sure how long everybody takes writing these posts out (speaking to fellow bloggers there), but I take ages. So much so, that this post has taken me 2 hours, just thinking what to write. Of course, a lot of things have happenned in those two hours, and one of those things is that I've fixed my Java program. So what was once evil Java is now mildly irritating Java.

Simon Davies. Another one of Wales' brightest hopes.
Tomorrow, is the big game. Wales vs. Azarbaijain (or however you spell it). Should we beat them (I'll reffer to them as the "Azzies" from now on), then we will have 5 points on Italy (meaning we can afford to get hammered in the San Siro, which most people are expecting). Craig "The Reincarnation of Christ...Again" Bellamy is out, as is Robbie Savage. However, apart from that we've got a full strength squad, and Rob Earnshaw and (I think) Ceri Hughes is coming in to replace them. Midfield is most definitely our strong area. We should do okay.

But that's what some other people thought, didn't they?

Keep the faith


Saturday, November 16, 2002

Stating the Obvious
Don't you love it when your CGI script screws up? This is a proper 3rd eye moment.


Keep the faith


Friday, November 15, 2002

Fun link: (ie. I cannot think of a fun title)
What's great about blogging is that it is an increasing in size field. They have got past the stage of Marylin Manson worshipping people and bored lesbians, and normal people have begun posting (such as myself, I think).

In any rate, people will start making blogs, about blogs, such as this one. Search requests begs and pleads people to put up requests they have recieved from Google. Not being one to back down from the challenge, I put my most ridiculous one up, for the world to see....

artists and their annoying work which bloody bog me off they are the most annoyingest so tell them to bog off ang don't forget my stinking brother
A clear winner? I think so!

Keep the faith


I look forward to every release of Mame with baited breath. I love the program. When an email dropped into my box announcing version 0.62, I was proper chuffed, and the first thing I did was check out the new games on offer. Here are a few of my picks.

Lucky And Wild
Firstly is Lucky and Wild, one of the most original and well thought out games ever. Consider the scene. Early 1990's, and the arcade is awash with games like 'Mad Dog McGree' and 'Who Shot Johnny Rock', high budget, Laserdisc shooting games, which look great, but aren't much cop. Up steps a (still at this time) relatively small company (remember, this is long after pacman, and long before Tekken) who take the shooting game styles of games like 'Alien Gun' and 'Terminator', who concentrate on holding down the trigger aiming at sprites, and take it to a whole new level. Making it two player, and making it driving.

One player plays Lucky, who is the driver of the team. His main job is to keep his car on the road and dodge petrol bombs, tires, tacks, etc. thrown down from the cars in front. The other player plays Wild, who is the offensive of the two. He has a pistol, with unlimited ammo. In one player mode, Lucky also has a gun, but in two (which is really something else), it is generally better to give Lucky's gun to wild, as then he can just concentrate on the driving. This game is very Startsky and Hutch esque, and has some great diologue between L+W. I hope that should an arcade revival occur, then Namco will do this up as a combination between Ridge Racer and Time Crisis. Now that would be impressive.

Prop Cycle
The second game to catch my attention was Prop Cycle. Again made my Namco (no coincidence there I may add. Their games are amongst the best) this game's story is about a town in the middle of some magical kingdom that has had a spell cast upon, thus levitating it a few hundred meters into the air. You play a boy who's job it is to return the town to solid ground by using his aviating bike

The game is remembered more than the actual game itself by the whopping great big yellow bike you used to play it. It was Namco's time for attatching all sorts of contraptions (ie. bikes, skis, snowboards, jetskis, oars etc.) to their machines, and entwining a game in it. Prop Cycle was (to the best of my knowledge) the only one with any kind of story behind it, and was pretty fun.

Aqua Jet: An absolute joy to play
However, what is so much more important than the game itself is that Namco's hardware is able to run on mame. As of now, I don't know what the intricacies of Namco's hardware is, what systems they use and how many games use the same systems. But surely now, someone can go and crack Aqua Jet now please? If only for the music, but that would be pretty amazing. Aqua Jet is Namco's Jetski game, and it has a jetski attached to the front of it. It's probably one of Namco's most famous games from that era, but isn't as big as Tekken, Time Crisis, or Ridge Racer. It still has brilliant graphics, great music, and is a dream to play. However, this could lead to a bit of a downfall

These games were meant to be played in arcades. I have had the pleasure, before the recent slump, to have played many games first in the arcades. While there is no doubt that games like Tekken and Ridge Racer make great home conversions, some games need to be experienced in the arcades. I haven't yet played Prop Cycle on Mame, but if it's anything like Sonic Blast Man, then I will be heavily disappointed. It's such a shame that many younger people won't experience what Aqua Jet's air conditioning and great music; Ridge Racer in a full size car; racing 8 player Daytona leading as you enter the home straight, the voice screaming 'The White flag is out, this, is the final lap'; Dancing Stage's sheer addictiveness and the beauty of Tekken with two skilled players. All these memories come flooding past whenever I see an arcade, and when ever I'm on holiday, I check out the games in many arcades. When kids today walk past the arcade in their town, they look in and see the local mob, fags in hand, wasting their money away, while they go into WHSmith, purchase a PS2 Magazine, with the brand new FIFA and Harry Potter games on the demo disc.

Such a shame

Keep the faith


Help, I need somebody, Help, Not just anybody (someone with a Mathematics Degree preferably)
In Engineering today, we got this question:-

Show that (i)i= 0.20788

For the uninitiated, i is an "Imaginary number". If you don't know what one of those are, then give up right away. If you do, and you can prove it. Please e-mail the proof. Cheers.

Why do I need to know it? Well, the first person to get the answer wins a cool £5 note. As a poor student. I NEED THAT FIVER! Should you help me, and you are in the Liverpool area, I'll buy you a drink at the Student bar or summit.

Mucho's Gracias Gang

Keep the Faith


Av it!
A half apology
I would like to apologize for all you non Welsh speaking readers of this site, as you missed all of the last post. All I can say about the review (which even Stevie Wonder could see which review I was talking about) is that the person, after re-reading it, I don't think checked half the site, and it isn't very well written (what the bleeding hell does "While the colors aren't combination" mean?). Probably if I got 5 out of 5, I'd of let it rest. So. Cross? yes!

However, unlike John Smiths, I am not bitter, honestly.

I really don't have much to write about at the moment, life's a bit dull for me at the moment. I am spending the weekend in Liverpool. For the first time ever. So that should be cool.

Oh well, after that last paragraph I now get why I only got 2. Never mind

Keep the faith


Thursday, November 14, 2002

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi
What does it mean?
I mewn hyn bost, dwi'n esiau siarad am yr erthyl sydd yn y "Weblog Review", ac beth dwi'n meddwl am fi cael dwy. Felly, achos dwi'n yn mwd, ac dwi'n ddim yn teimlo reit dda, dwi'n siarad yn Cymraeg, achos dwi'n ddim yn eisiau bobl sydd darllen ac dallt o. Achos, mae pawb yn gwybod, bobl sydd siarad Cymraeg sydd mwy smert neu pobl Lloegr ac pobl sydd dod dros y Atlantic.

I ddechrau, mae y erthygl yn ddweud hyn: -

"This weblog is the art of Rhys-isms, which according to the author’s definition The Art of 'rhys-ism' is the ability to say stupid, meaningless things. That is certainly an accurate overall description of the weblog."
Beth sydd hyn? Sori, ond mae pobl fel fi sydd gweithiau galed ac prifysgol ddim gael y amser i meddwl am problemmau yn y byd. dwi'n ddim yn gofalu am Irac, ac Amerig, am George W. Bush, am dym byth y byd. dwi'n gofalu am problemmau efo fi, am cwrw, gweith, ac fy ffrindiau ac y teulu. Pobl syd gofalu gormod am problemmau yn y byd, pwy nhw gwneud ddim byth I helpu, ac ddim gormod am problemmau efo hyn. Sori, ond dwi'n cael fy amser y byd yn prifysgol, ac dwi'n eisiau ran i i'r pawb. Ac mae 'na pobl sydd darllen fy blog i bob dydd.

Nesa, mae y erthygl yn ddweud hyn: -

" of recent movies..."
Lle dwi'n dweud am ffilmiau? Dwy waith! Un am "Lord of the Rings", un am "Star Wars: Episode 2". Mwy waith dwi'n siarad am gemau cyfrifadur, ac siarad am restlo yn Amerig. Ffilmau. dwi'n yn meddwl mae Wendy ddim yn wedi darllen fy blog ni.

Un problemmau arrall sydd hyn: -

"However, it’s a difficult when all I can think of is how thrown together and tacky the design looks."
Sori, ond dwi'n meddwl bod mae sydd edrych am reit iawn. Pobl fel fi ddim cael amser i cyboli efo HTML, efo "Flash". Pobl fel fi ysgrifennu beth dwi'n teimlo, ac dym byth hefyd.

Felly, dwi'n eisiau cwestynnau beth cwmwysterau Saesneg mae hi gael. dwi'n ddim yn meddwl ddim byth....

"While the colors aren’t combination...
Beth sydd hyn? dwi'n ddim gallu dallt o.

I gorfen, dwi'n eisiau siarad am ty. Pobl sydd darllen fy blog ni. Diolch it ti pleidleisio am fy blog ni ac yn dweud i adolygwr fy blog me ddim yn hanner ddrwg.

Cadw'r eich choel


NB for English Readers: Sorry if you didn't understand it, sorry if it was over your head like the ball is over Seaman's so many times. But it was something I needed to say, and share with a few of you. By the way, don't even bother looking for Welsh translators, as firstly, they are few and far between, and secondly, the above post is North Welsh, and many translators only translate South Welsh. You may get the jist of it, but not the whole meaning. Hell, I may post my real thoughts someday. Until then, this is the first Welsh post, probably ever, in a blog. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it!

Going to need some Medication....
Last night I went to a club in Liverpool called Medication. I had heard a lot about this club as everybody was talking it's the place to be on a Wednesday Night. Methinks also it's where Cream used to be in Liverpool. If it is, then I'm a bit disappointed. I was expecting Cream to be like proper good quality club, with rose scented carpets, waiters serving you bottles of beer, and virgins feeding you grapes. Okay, maybe not, but the way people kept going on about it, I could be forgiven. However, it was in like a barracks shaped building, and I do believe some of the barns up and Penfordd Deg have more amenities. Plus it was a whopping £4.50 entrance fee. However, once we were in, the drinks were only a £1 a bottle, which I took serious advantage over.

Not that sort of Cookie....moron.
One thing I noted was there was a live band playing in the "Cheese" room (there were 3 rooms, "R+B" (for those who actually don't think that the British R+B scene is not complete tosh), "Dance" (For people who like "Boom boom crap"), and the already mentioned "Cheese" room). Okay, so this live band was called "Cookie" or "Dookie", hell I was pissed, I can't remember. In any rate, they were not bad, and since they did the rounds before hitting the big time, unlike Billy Young and Gazza Gates, they earned my respect. The DJ refferred to the fact that they would be huge, so if they are, remember, you heard it here first! (Or, unless you were at Medication last night, in which case you heard it here second).

Come to think of it, I was dead sure one of the dancers (male) was eyeing me up. Now, he probably (and hopefully) wasn't, but he winked (yes, winked, don't be immature) in my general direction. In any rate, I was eying up the black haired girl in the band, and lets, for arguements sake, say the black haired girl was eying up the dancer, oooooh, major love triangle!

Today I am in university until at the latest 5, so I am going to be knackered. Plus my hangover as well, it's not going to be a good day I think.

Keep the faith


Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Rhys: Not a poodle
Say the word "student" to absolutely anybody, and about 20% of them will reply with "Pot Noodles". Yes, the heavily processed snack forms the staple diet for many lazy late teens with a low budget. Not being one to destroy that stereotype, I have had my fair share of Pot Noodles myself. Well, not actually Pot Noodles, as due to my excrutiatingly stingy nature, I only by Asda's Smartprice (ie. even more processed and even more cheaper) "Noodle Snack", which despite not being as tasty a snack than it's less processed and more expensive and famous cousin, is still a staple part of my diet. As a write this, my room smells of chicken and mushroom, which is the most evil flavour of the Asda's quartet (along with Beef + Toms, Spicy Curry and another one that slips my mind at this time), it's very bland. "So why do you eat them?" I hear you say. Well, I'm a cheapo. I get breakfast and tea which, despite what anybody says, aren't always that bad (keep away from the cooked breakfast mind, unless you have a taste for Spam at 8am. I don't have a taste for Spam at anytime especially in the morning), and I usually eat out.

Yesterday was Kareoke, and once again my formula is holding fast. Last night I was shite. Instead of doing whiny depressing shite Thom Yorke songs which I can sing okay, I decided to try my hand at whiny happy excellent Kelly Jones songs which I cannot sing at all. Dammit. I screwed up majorly there. Still, there's always next week, but I have a sneaking sickly feeling that my theory will come crashing down on it's own foundations next week.

Today I did a bit of alcoretailtherapy (in other words, went to the bar at lunch then shopping). And that was it, bought an album. God my life is exciting, isn't it?

R.V.D.! R.V.D.! R.V.D.!
No wait, I did see something I thought was cool. Smackdown 4: Shut Your Mouth was running on a PS2 in HMV. I am a massive WWE fan, and you could have a crap, give the turd a WWE license, and I'd still buy it. Well, maybe not buy it, but certainly pick it up and look at it. Smackdown 4 doesn't look like a turd mind, it looks incredible. First of all, everybody looks exactly as they should. No ifs, no buts. It was just like watching it on TV, it was that good. All the mannerisms are there (Rock's punches, Hogan's flexes, Taker's demonic biker look, Brock's sheer awesomeness) and it sounds absolutely excellent. I'll be honest, when THQ took over the WWE/WWF licence I was very apprehensive. Acclaim did some excellent work with "Warzone" and "Attitude", while THQ with the WCW licence produced the unbelievably pathetic "Nitro" and "Thunder" (though their N64 "WCW/NWO" and "WCW/NWO: Revenge" were pretty cool"). But when "WWF Smackdown" first came out, my fears were laid to rest. The sequel added to it immensely (now two years old, can you believe it?) and it must of gone down as my most played Playstation game for me. I must of continued playing it for a year and a half, filling the 10 CAW slots with whoever joined since the game's release. RVD, Mysterio, Booker T, Goldust, Lesnar, Hogan. You name them, I made them. Smackdown 4's got me excited, and I don't even have a PS2.

Finally, my short lived reign as the best blog on The Weblog Review is over, as now I'm a respectable 3.375/5. Nevermind.

Keep the faith

The former "People's Champion"


Back of the Net
Last night, for the first time ever, I watched "I'm Alan Partridge", and it was quite honestly the funniest thing I've seen in ages (though I missed the entire season of The Office), some quality catchphrases said, and Steve Coogan is brilliant.

Tonight is, once again, as regular readers will know, is Kareoke night. While I've had ups and downs for kareoke, I'm probably going to be a down. As I have proven with this mathematical formula: -

Qn = (Qn-1)-1

So basically, the quality of the night Q at week n will be the inverse of the previous weeks perfomances. As I (and a few other people) thought I did well last week, I am going to bomb this week.

At this moment I'm listening to Chris Moyles on Radio 1, and they've got some people from Fame Acadamy on it. Now, I've made quite clear what I think of Popstars stylee programs, but one thing intrigues me of this program. Why are they shut off from the world? Okay, I think being shut off from the world with people who are just creatively inept will be better than the brain dead vegetables in Big Brother (all except Brian Dowling), but why are they? Are the makers afraid that they may just catch a note (and I use it in the lamest sense of the word) of a Here'sy (remember them?!) record and think "Oh, I'm much better than this, I'm going to be a chartered surveyor" or summit like that. Back of the net.

Right, I have decided to take a word of advice from that review (the only piece I may add), and I will shortly within the next few weeks redesigning this site.

Keep the faith


Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Unwanted Attention
No, I am not going to talk about being stalked again, no. Just about me, and some idiot out there.

I'll be honest, I don't take much pride in this weblog. I couldn't really care if anybody reads this or not. I know a few people do, and yes, it does make me feel a little better that someone, somewhere is hanging on every word I say. However, it's not a huge weblog, jus' a little bit of me on the web.

In any rate, I like to be known, but there comes a limit. Somebody submitted this site to The Weblog Review and they ended up giving it a less than average review.

Hell, I don't blame them. I know this isn't exactly the greatest weblog in the world (No, this is a tribute :D). Somebody has taken time out of whatever their schedule is and critically, but fairly, reviewed this site, and I respect that. I just am slightly miffed that somebody just submitted this site with my e-mail. I would of preferred it if someone just e-mailed me and said "Oh hi Rhys, I visit your site [insert levels of praise/condemnation here], and I have seen a site called The Weblog Review, as I think your site is good/shit/indifferently average enough to merit a review, ta, Mr. Joe Q. Public.

End Rant


EDIT:Oh well, maybe I was being a little harsh. Someone has voted for this site 5 out of 5. Cheers Rick/Sibley/Fl*tch/Roland/mum/whoever!

World's Most Eligble Bachelor?
Yeah right, me? Actually, I have been the subject of female attention recently (scarily, last night at dinner, where some girl was staring at me for literally all of dinner. She was a dog mind, and I'm sure Fl*tcher and Goz'll deny all knowledge. Ah, sod 'em.), but I don't think it's going to break any records or such, or indeed amount to anything. Still, I (suppose) it's quite nice.

Actually yesterday was quite a good day. Although I bet on Brighton to win against Wolves (7/1, worth a quid), I dropped the fruit machine in the studnet bar. £5, lovely!

Last night was one of the best night's sleep I've ever had in University. Midnight to 8am. That's a scary 8 hours! Compared to the 4am-8am last week, it's double. Lovely! I have settled in so much that I am going to take the plunge and stay the weekend. Primarily due to the Austin Powers themed "Shagdig", where I'm going as Dr. Evil, oooh scary! Not sure how it'll turn out. But I bet your ass it's better than my Halloween costume.

Once again I'm feeling festive, probably due to someone playing "The Fairytale of New York" in the bar last night (which is the greatest Christmas song EVER!). Oh, and I'm going to buy an advent calender. Why not eh?

Another weird search that links to this site is this one. It makes you wonder what sort of people use the internet.

Anyway, sorry I didn't post yesterday. But it was Armistice Day, and I wasn't sure how to handle it.

Lest We Forget


Sunday, November 10, 2002

Gervais = God 
I have been a bad little boy. I promised myself after the first series of The Office I would watch rigorously the second series. For those of you who have missed it, you should be shot. It follows a paper manufacturing company with a unbelievably incompetent boss David Brent, his kiss ass spineless "Team Leader" Gareth (his name's slipped my mind), workers Dawn, Tim and a few others and their trials and tribulations. Admittedly, I didn't really sell it on that count, but hell, just watch it. Watch as much as you can, as often as you can.

Which is where I come in. You see, I am TV-less at university, and, when the long-awaited second series of The Office was announced on the day I was leaving for Liverpool, I was properly gutted.

Crook = King (Say it, you know it makes sense!) 

Debut of the new series went passed, missed it. Bugger. This wasn't made any easier by the fact of Mum and Rick ringing me up and saying that it was very funny. Great, my mum a fan of my comedy. Takes the biscuit. Maybe I'll find Alan Titchmarsh attractive in a few days, just to cancel it out. After begging, pleading with Mum on the phone that fateful Tuesday, she did offer to tape all upcoming episodes. Bliss.

After travelling home for the weekend, I reminded Mum to tape The Office, for my viewing the upcoming weekend, she once again agreed. The rest of the week I didn't speak to Mum, and I was waiting in anticipation, waiting, just waiting, to see the new series of the best sitcom since Red Dwarf.

A blank video presented me.

She forgot to tape it. I didn't have no copy. This repeated itself for weeks. In the end, I just gave up. I have missed the entire series of The Office. With both my brother and Mum hooked. I feel left out.

Oh well, never mind. I'll find something to fill my life with.

Live Long and Prosper


If your skin looks like this seek help.

Funny isn't it? Sometimes home is, well, crap. Sometimes where you've moved to is a hell of a lot better for you than where you've spent all your life. Sometimes maybe, just maybe, there are better things for you in other places compared to home. What am I talking about? Broadway.

Sure, I love home, I love coming home, and I love spending time here. However, last night we went out to do the classic Weathers/Broadway combination, and, while I had a good night (I saw a lot of my friends out, and associates I hadn't seen in ages.), Broadway was a little, well, crap. Somehow I have sort of of gone from thinking it is "Actually not that bad" to thinking "It's shite". Probably because of Liverpool and the quality clubs there. Probably because I am not used to paying a fiver to get in anywhere, and probably because it is actually shite.

The music is terrible. Sure, they do a little bit of cheese, and a little bit of pop. However, not enough. The playing if "Boom boom dance crap" (as I call it) overshadows the whole evening. Plus, as previously mentioned, the average age of the people there on a Saturday is much older. Much, much older. Jeez, what ever happened to growing old gracefully? I'm sorry, but going out in nothing wider than a roll of sticky tape covering your privates and your skin shriveled like a raisin in the bath thrusting your head backwards and forwards like a flicking Jibba Jabba is not what I call "Growing Old Gracefully". When I'm 30+, my nights out will involve going to the football, down the pub, then back at 11 (oooooeerrrr, scary!).

Be the envy of your friends...or not

Okay, a couple of things that you can now do on this site. As I am a poor student I am looking for money all the time, be it from parents, friends, work, loans, sexual favours etc. In that case, in the very slight possibility that someone actually loves this site you can now buy some quality merchandise! Yep, we got mugs with our logo on it, and T-Shirts promoting the "Know My Brother" Project, as endorsed by the man himself (Although, he DID say it was a bit sad, ah screw him)! Perfect Christmas gift for everyone!

Okay, I'll shut up now.

I.A.2! I.A.2!

On the slightly more cooler, and cheaper, front. Intruder Alert 2: As You Never Could Get The Last One has had it's first public compiled release. For those of you who loved the first one, this is more of the same (role reversal), but this one has Space Invaders. Also, as I am such a nice guy, I've included the Blitz Basic source code with the release. So you may look at it (I'll be damned if you understand it mind). Also, don't feel bad about the graphics, they are meant to be crap, for it's entered into Blitzcoder's 8 Bit Competition.

To Download it: Click Here

Any comments drop me a comment, or email me.

Keep the faith


Saturday, November 09, 2002

How the updated version of "Intruder Alert 2" begins. Ooooooh baby!

Cashing In
Today has been a little weird. Not because a new series of Robot Wars is started because the last one barely ended, but because, well, for the first time in a long time, I really think I'm teething again. And it kills.

I have no idea how kids go through it's beyond me, but it hurt last night in the comedy club, and this afternoon on my train journey to Chester from Liverpool (which stops at all stations known to man. Surely they can get rid of one or two. Please? Nobody ever gets on at Spital, EVER, same as Bache. Where the flick is that?) I was in agony. Why? Surely I'm passed that stage now. Am I? Any dentists reading this?

Tomorrow is going to be a major night out for a number of reasons: -

  • First time out to Broadway in about 3 months.
  • The Liverpool R+G lot are coming down for a right royal binge up.
  • Sibley, Clare (I think) and Nigel (I think) are also back.
  • Wiz, JB, Sian and Katie are still here.

Now, all those sound cool by themselves, but add them all together, and wo ho, brilliant night ensured by all. Happy days.

For those of you still interested, the new "Intruder Alert" is progressing very nicely for Blitzcoder's "8 Bit" competition. For those of you who don't know. The idea is to program a game as it'd appear on an 8 Bit machine, for example NES, Master System, or C64. Needless to say, the last one is very close to my heart, so I'm coding it so that if it was programmed for the Commodore's finest hour, that'd how it appear. So far I've got the game working, I'm just tarting it up at the mo. Sorry for only releasing the source code, and not the compiled version. Get the demo from Blitz Basic if you are desperate to see it. I'm sure you all are.

Anyway I'd love to get a compiled version out by tomorrow, as I really should write my report on JAVA on Sunday. No rest for the wicked.

Anyway Bloggers screwed at the moment, so while I'll post this tomorrow, I'm off to bed now.

Keep true


Friday, November 08, 2002

JJ72: Mark (center), Hilary (right, duh!) and Fergal (left) who rocked my world (on Monday anyway)

Credit where Credit's Due: Every day I use my Formulae
Sometimes you don't appreciate things which really you should. Sometimes you need a comparison to what normal or crap is to make the excellent things to seem excellent. Sometimes you need reminding. As previously mentioned I was at JJ72 on Monday night, and, while incredible, my post didn't really reflect that (hell, I'm going through bloggers block, or should that be blog block, or bloggers blog?). I can see this post, now that I've started it, ending up in exactly the same way, so what, I don't care. Not like half of you read this, anyway. You come here searching for all sorts of crap*, and get none of it, well...GOOD ON YA! Ahem.

Back to my JJ72 post. What the gig contained was: -

  • Mark's haunting voice, especially during an excellent version of "Improv" (which, could now be my favourite JJ72 song).
  • Moshing during the most inappropriate songs (Oxygen mainly)
  • Some bastard holding up "Marry Me Hillary" (yes, spelt wrong if you are a proper fan) sign above my head.
  • "Wanton Destruction" Simon complaining that Mark didn't smash his guitar.
  • So many great songs I cannot remember them all.
  • And one of the most incredible nights of my life.

Focus on the last point, if you will. I cannot describe the feeling I got, but it was weird. Not only at the gig, but also at the aftermath, when I played their self-titled first album again to myself. Remember, I was still in my bastard old room, so I turned it up a few notches. Lying on my bed, listening to it once again, was incredible. They sounded just like they did on the album. I know this is going to be a really lame post looking back in a few months (years?) time, but what the hell, it's my blog, and it's now or never. I aint going to live forever. (sorry, lame-o point again).

So anyway, I always hold JJ72 close to my heart. Not only does it remind me of a happy time of my life (my trip on holiday to Torquay in the summer of 2000, whilst the summer is heavily documented by me as being miserable, that week in my mind was what "The Summer of 1 Love" was all about) but also I bought both their albums, and also the first two songs I learnt on my guitar was "Oxygen" and "October Swimmer". By seeing them it was a bit of a pilgrimage for me. Although my brother would of loved it just as much, and I wished he was there, it was excellent without him. In the small chance that maybe, just maybe, someone associated with the band is reading this, thank you for such a great night.


*Speaking on gay links, why the heck does Google access my site when you type in this?

Thursday, November 07, 2002

2 Things I hate about you
I hate doing some stuff, some things every week I cannot comprehend how boring they are. These are:-

  • JAVA
  • Researching off the internet
  • I don't actually mind Java, just some of the programs we are writing at the moment aren't really setting the world alight. And I don't like researching off the internet as I am usually distracted by other quality websites. AHHHHH!!!

    Edit: Sod it, I'm going home


    Wednesday, November 06, 2002

    It's quite true, some things that are important in my life I sometimes don't talk about on my blog. I usually talk about stories that are funny, major for me, or something that you will know something about. I don't talk about boring stuff (much) now, and all unhappy, miserable times of my life are not mentioned at all. The reasons being: -

    • I'm not usually that miserable.
    • You wouldn't really care much about it, to be honest.

    Anyway, I keep these miserable times to myself and a few other people. Anybody who knows me however would know I have had one problem about uni life. Sleep. And lack thereof.

    Sure, I know that being university, you may be kept awake more than at home. But there's a limit. Four in the morning, every morning is a problem. A problem I had to do something about. I swapped rooms.

    My new room (F92) is a lot worse amenities wise, but I got a good 7 hours sleep last night. Which is a lot for me (at university). The guys who I share with are really nice, and all are non smokers. Only minor problem is that I'm miles away from Goz and associates. But that can be a blessing! (Only joking!)

    Anyway, we (as F Block) won the karaoke last night. I did two songs. First was Ocean Colour Scene's "Better Day", second was Radiohead's "No Suprises". Now, after last weeks dismal performance, I actually felt I didn't do too bad. Somehow, my whiny, grainy, gritty voice somehow fits Thom Yorke's way of singing. Somehow :D.

    This weekend I'm heading home mind. While I am now settled at uni, I still get homesick. Plus I have the added attraction of Debs bringing home all the Liverpool posse and us going out to Broadway. Also, Sibley, Elfo and Clare are coming home also. They'll find out the sorts of people I hang around with.

    Right I'm off. I have so much work to do it's unbelievable. I'll speak to you soon.

    With Arms Wide Open


    Tuesday, November 05, 2002

    Spring Dies, Summer Arrives
    Oh. My. God. Last night was JJ72. After nearly about 3 months of waiting, it was finally here. I was suprised that it didn't sell out. But I didn't really care. I haven't seen too many bands (literally All Saints, Aurora, Victoria Beckham and about 12 or so local bands that you wouldn't know anything about. That's it.) and no indie/rock bands. Because of this, I didn't know what to expect. Would they play their old stuff? Would everybody just stand around? How would Mark, Hillary and Fergal interact with the crowd? All these questions were answered within the first 15 minutes in the way I wanted.

    They played a lot of their old stuff. All the big songs. "Oxygen", "Formulae", "October Swimmer", "Snow", "Long Way South", "Algeria". You name it, they played it. They were absoltely incredible. Mark, quite suprisingly (according to Goz) interacted with the crowd quite a bit, and people did sing, mosh and do go mental as you would in a gig.

    The crowd wasn't massive. Big enough, so it felt quite intimate. However, they were on form tonight. And one last thing, Mark sings exactly like he does on the CD's.

    Special mention must go to Melaton, the support act. They were pretty good themselves, and I hope we see more of them. I'm ordering their free CD off the internet today, as they were excellent for support.

    Anyway, I'm already late for lectures, so I'd better run.

    Keep the faith.


    Friday, November 01, 2002

    So Fucking Sore
    My throat is so dry, I am in so much fucking pain it's terrible. My head shudders when I swallow or laugh or even speak. I have so many stories to tell, but I cannot tell anybody because it hurts so much.

    Also, pardon my language. I have been watching too much TV, and, like a three year old kid, I just pick it up. Also, my potty-mouth is also partly a product of my throat being sore.

    Finally, I am seeing JJ72 on Monday! I can hardly wait.

    Right, I'm off to bed


    Avril Lavigne - A mainstay on the TMF channel on my new cable! (Hey, am I complaining?) 

    Telly Addict
    Back home for the weekend once again. Sorry about the lack of "Alls Hallow's Eve" post. It's currently on my "Internet Skills" disc (nice to see what my priorities are. Javascript or Blogging? :D). In any rate it'll be up in a few days. If I can be arsed.

    Oh well, nothing really new to report. I just have been watching television profusely. I don't know why, either because I go without TV (bar The Simpsons) for 4 days a week, or because we got some new channels today! Nothing major (bar Sky Sports News...get in!), but it's nice getting something for free and not having to do nothing. Bliss.

    Razer! Razer! Razer!

    Anyway, for the first time in about 3 years I watched Robot Wars. I used to be glued to it, due to my geeky nature, but it got a bit samey. Nevertheless, the final was pretty good, where perennial loser Razer (who always seemed to lose, but look fabby) won it all. Good for them. Plus, one of their team has such a cool name. Vincent Blood. What a name!

    Anyway, looking at the website, and a few links off it, it looks a lot like some of the stuff that we do in uni? Digital Electronics anybody? That'd be cool, of course, any robot involved with me would either kick ass or get ass kicked. Probably the latter.

    Speaking (more) about TV, a dilemma has occurred. Osbourne's has started on C4 tonight. Should I watch it (I love Ozzy, I think he's great), or Have I Got News For You? Oh, decisions, decisions. No real point in taping one, as I wont end up watching it.

    Anyway, I am REALLY struggling of things to say....bugger

    Speak to you in more interesting times.


    P.S. The Coral Fucking Rule!

    Oh....and the new Nirvana album is brilliant!

    I have removed the tag board due to the average age of the people using it (Fletcher....HA! Said your name on my blog, ya bastard.) is about 12......

    Also, I had a big long post on the week's events, but I've lost it.

    Roger charlie + out


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