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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Hello again!

Hiya. After over a month of not posting, I'm back again. Ready to rain down Rhysisms on the world..... 


Wrong! I am off tomorrow for a week and a bit to Torquay, for a family holiday. What am I going to do there? I don't know. Who will I meet? I don't know. All I know is that it's gonna be fun. So what have I been upto in my months absence? Well, mainly my A Levels. This time last month I was in the week of hell, 7 exams in 5 days, every single one (with the possible exception of the completely pointless General Studies papers) was important to what I do, who I become, and what I'll get in the future. How did I think I do? Not bad. if it was a good week then I should of done enough. However I hate predicting results. Also, it's been a busy month as I have been promoting two of my games: Graffiti and Penalty Prize. The latter of which is currently being considered for publication. Wish me luck! As this has never happened before, it would be kinda nice. Also, I have been enjoying the beauty of my proof of age card, which came through the post a few Saturdays back. However, the card means that now I am no longer asked for ID! Bloody typical eh? I'm just going to show it to anybody who will look, whether they want to see it or not. However, it's only about two weeks to go until Sibley is 18, and that'll be a big bonus, as then he won't get refused when going out on the tiles/pull etc. Dimpy is later than Sibley, however, he looks over 18. So therefore he should be okay. I have been thinking about traveling, which is a bit of a bugger, because I hate it. Yesterday I went to Chester, the journey back massacred me, as far as I'm concerned. When I left the car I was in a right state! I was "I DON'T WANNA GO ON HOLIDAY! IT SUCKS!", and with a rotten headache, who can blame me? I however am dreading the 6 hour (including stops) trip to Minehead tomorrow, as that will absolutely destroy me. I WONT FEEL LIKE DRINKING TOMORROW! Which will be an absolute tragedy. If I have a headache when I arrive there will be fucking murder also, as Minehead has one huge arcade, with dirt cheap games. Sorry, I'm rambling again. I always seem to do this when I have nothing to do. Oh well, cest la vie. Anyway, enough of that, onto the important stuff. 

Important Tacky items I will get on holiday  
1. One of those shirts with samuries/sami/samuri/whatever the plural of samuri is on it. 
2. One of those £5 for 20 games "Mega Joy II" consoles (bonus if it has Street Fighter 2 on it). 
3. A Greenday Album (okay, not tacky, but I still want it!) 

Important things I will do on holiday  
1. Get Drunk or Try a Sidekick 
2. Play Dancing Stage Euromix, Aquajet, Final Furlong (bonus with 2+ players), Daytona USA, Point Blank, Street Fighter, Time Crisis AND anything else that takes my fancy. 
3. Find an internet cafe, to check on  
4. Get Richard Drunk. (2 Points difficulty) 
5. Eat a Chinese (meal). 
6. Get my Dad Drunk. (5 Points difficulty) 
7. Sleep. 
8. Get my Mum Drunk. (0 Points difficulty) 
9. Sleep. 
10. Get Aled Drunk. (3.5 Points difficulty) And there you have it, my holiday checklist! Right, I am off to go pack (yes I know, I'm lazy etc.), and I'll see you on August 3rd! 


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